Feminists Attack Pro-Life Doctor’s “Cruel And Inhumane” Attempts To Help Women Save Their Unborn Babies

(Tea Party 247) – Feminists in Spain are up in arms over the dastardly work of a pro-life doctor who is giving free ultra-sounds in the hopes that women will decide not to murder their unborn babies. It’s almost too backwards and crazy to believe but alas, it is true.

The Activist Mommy reports:

Dr. Gádor Joya, who also serves in the Madrid city assembly under the center-right Vox party, serves abortion-minded mothers in her city with free ultrasound images of their children as part of the “Life Ambulance Project.” 

“Precisely because I have been doing this, I know what has been hidden from these women,” Joya said, according to Spanish newspaper El País. “Most of them, when they receive the information and hear the heartbeat, decide to go forward with their pregnancies.”

“What I am proudest of as a doctor is having helped many women to become mothers when they were on the point of aborting,” she wrote in a tweet last week (translated from Spanish). “Yes, I have worked for a project aimed at defending the right to life and dignity of all human beings. And I will continue doing it wherever I am.”

In a 2016 promotional video (also in Spanish) for the Life Ambulance Project, Dr. Gádor reported that more than 300 babies are murdered in abortion clinics each day in Spain.

In the video, pro-life gynecologist Dr. Sonsoles Alonso adds, “First, we try to humanize the child they have inside. Second, we get them to understand that once they pass through the doors of [abortion provider] Dator, they will be ending the life within them and its heartbeat.”

Feminists are up-in-arms over Dr. Joya’s efforts to save lives. One Spanish feminist, Cecilia Gomez called Dr. Joya’s work with Life Ambulance “immoral,” saying, “This is purely just an attempt to intimate [women] into not having an abortion. Their tactics are cruel and inhumane. They might think abortion is inhumane but what they are putting those women through – stuffing them in the van – is inhumane.”

It’s hard to believe Gomez is serious. Helping women to understand the gravity of taking their own child’s life in the womb is hardly inhumane. It’s one of the most compassionate things a person can do. Interesting that Gomez can call this inhumane but be support of the vile and violent ways in which babies are aborted every day. Abortion is the very definition of inhumane.

“They want to take us back into a time when women did not have a choice about abortions,” Gomez also said. Since when is it up to any one of us who gets to live and die? That is a completely immoral thought.

The Activist Mommy also reported:

According to LifeSite, Dr. Joya has her share of opponents within the Madrid assembly as well. Mónica García, who represents the leftist Más Madrid party on the city assembly said in a committee hearing, “What we could not have imagined is that there would be people performing ultrasounds on the street. It’s extremely serious.” 

García, shocked at Joya’s benevolence and questioning what possible motive she could have, asked, “To dissuade or to torture them? Because [Joya] says that many women decide not to have an abortion when they hear the heartbeat. How many women is that? And what happens to them? What is the psychological and emotional cost for these women?”

Garcia is clearly insane. The psychological and emotional cost of killing your own baby is far greater and more damaging than that of making the choice to allow your baby to live. How dark must Garcia’s soul be to believe that it is psychologically damaging to a woman to help her decide not to kill her own baby.

It’s hard to even wrap your mind around that kind of depravity.


  1. The God says in the Holly Quran:
    Don’t kill your children fearing how to get food for them,We ( The God)provide foods to yourselves and to them.and He did not allow the adulteration and killing the babies.

  2. The feminists are following the whispers of Satan as they sacrifice their own God-given children to the demon, Molec. Those people will not be allowed into everlasting life, but instead will be forever condemned to where the smoke of torment rises forever.

  3. A Dr that wants to save two lives is the evil in this story. These woman calling out the doctor are ignorant. Why should women not be shown both sides of this issue.

    I assume those berating the Dr are in favor of genocide. Yes Genocide may be a bit strong.


    the deliberate killing of a large group of people, especially those of a particular ethnic group or nation:

    Now I understand babies have no labels on them yet but they are killing them off. There are just limited causalities on these killers but I think it appropriative.

  4. The stupid demonically evil women who follow the communist a.k.a. Democrat party in the believe that it’s a woman’s right to choose, or sending their selves to hell. They are being used by the communist a.k.a. Democrat party and their too stupid to see it,As the Democrats could care less about these women all they care about is the money they’re receiving from the one world order billionaires for population control that’s all they care about. In fact the communist a.k.a. Democrat party or no different than Hitler and these idiots in the antique for the follow them calling conservatives Hitler have an a clue or a brain in their head.

    • Crying yourself to sleep every night for years after an abortion is psychologically damaging. A quarter century later and you wonder almost weekly what your child could be doing right now, what he or she looks like, how tall, what hair color and… hey, is that her at the store, is that him at the shop, or, that woman on TV looks like a cross between me and my ex girlfriend. It’s haunting, consuming, at times debilitating and it lasts forever. And you feel nothing but hatred for all the women involved in the decision. A lifetime of hate is even more self destructive.

  5. God bless you, sir, for allowing these women to realize they are considering killing a living human being!! One of these days, they will thank you!!

  6. If you really want to understand what is going on in our government (our Country), I urge (even beg) you to read Andrew Breibart’s book called “Righteous Indignation” or at least watch Glenn Beck’s recent video called “The Democrat Hydra” on YouTube. Glenn’s video provides factual documents and text messages obtained through the Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) and not conspiracy theory. If you agree Glenn’s information is correct, you can do your part like I am by spreading it around. Yes, I keep posting this in hopes to reach new readers. We need to do something, not just talk about it. This is a well organized strategy and there is proof if you are willing to research it.

  7. My sister in law was at my house the night before she was to have an abortion. I showed her a picture I have of a doctor doing surgery on a baby in the womb. The baby had reached out and was holding onto the doctor’s finger. I told her that her baby was just about that very size. She cried for awhile and did not have the abortion. Her son is now 19 yrs old and a very intelligent, caring human being.
    Liberals are idiots. I cannot believe any woman could have voted for Hillary Clinton after she was the deciding vote on 36 week abortions. My God, that is a FULL TERM baby. My father was a 28 week baby!
    Bill Clinton OK’d partial birth abortion and his horrible wife the 36 week abortion. And she touts how she is so “for the children”. Yeah right!!

  8. My hat’s off for this guy. He’ll have a special place in Heaven someday.
    Oh, and it’s too bad Gomez wasn’t aborted.

  9. What’s going on in the world? New book coming early 2020 titled World Beyond Reason: The Orwellian Factor. Extremely comprehensive. But it. Read it. Non-partisan. To all patriots . Second book coming title: Neither Tolerant Nor Peaceful: The Truth About Islam. 1400 Years of Genocide.

    • Do you know when each of these books will become available?! It seems like two that will be suppressed by the “Echelon” as I like to refer to them as. I can’t believe women would claim helping pregnant women to have healthy babies is “inhumane”. Are we completely backwards now or what?! Orwell predicted the flip-flop on mental and social viewpoints as to what was once unacceptable becomes acceptable and even encouraged while what was normal thought patterns become shunned and looked down upon. Like the traditional family unit of one father, one mother and a few kids is labeled as a male dominated outdated idea and even as white supremacy and there are calls to eliminate it for a new future where the State is mother, father and God, all in one.

  10. Does a woman HAVE to do this? NO! So don’t do it. End of story. Does she want to do it, then let her do it. End of story. This woman Gomez really is a nut job. What IS the problem? A woman can’t even listen to her own babies (I guess I should say fetus, but I don’t want to. I don’t have a problem calling a developing human being a baby. )heartbeat if she wants to, for whatever reason? “Put your hand here. You can feel the fetus moving”……………no.

  11. I have two beautiful adopted children who have added such joy to our lives. They also have lived pretty nice lives. So sad that this option isn’t promoted over abortion.


    I will use treatment to help the sick according to my ability and judgment, but never with a view to injury and wrong-doing. Neither will I administer a poison to anybody when asked to do so, nor will I suggest such a course. Similarly I will not give to a woman a pessary to cause abortion. But I will keep pure and holy both my life and my art. I will not use the knife, not even, verily, on sufferers from stone, but I will give place to such as are craftsmen therein.

    Into whatsoever houses I enter, I will enter to help the sick, and I will abstain from all intentional wrong-doing and harm, especially from abusing the bodies of man or woman, bond or free. And whatsoever I shall see or hear in the course of my profession, as well as outside my profession in my intercourse with men, if it be what should not be published abroad, I will never divulge, holding such things to be holy secrets.

    Now if I carry out this oath, and break it not, may I gain for ever reputation among all men for my life and for my art; but if I break it and forswear myself, may the opposite befall me

  13. Feminists are not women they are cry babies that scream about everything and anything. They are not strong but snow flakes. they can;t handle anything or anyone that disagrees with them and can’t debate anything. That is what is wrong with our kids today. Women used to be strong and could handle anything not now and it is disgusting and makes real women look bad.

  14. Murder most vile of the most helpless, innocent, human beings, by the con sent of that innocent, helpless human beings own mother! When the heart starts beating, the infant is a living human being deserving protection by all and especially by the Laws of ci ilized countries! Hell awaits the abortionists and all who support abortions. Hell awaits the mothers who die infrogivien for murdering their own child in the womb!

  15. God Bless you Dr. Joya! Thank you for saving God’s children! They are blessings from heaven. It is time to awaken your people who still do not understand this and stop the killing.

  16. Not an accident , that’s the way babies are made . If you don’t want to raise it at least give it up for adoption . Why does Tea Party have us check the box that says ” save my name ” when they ignore it .

  17. Its funny that the very same people that fight and protest against capital punishment have no problem with abortion. The unborn baby has committed no crime and yet the child pays with their life. Whats wrong with that picture? I agree with the doctor, that a woman should be fully informed about what she is about to do. After you are fully informed about other medical procedures.

  18. I have never understood how anyone of above average intelligence could possibly believe a fetus is nothing more then a mass of cells when all biology says and proves differently. An abortion has been proven to cause a great deal of psychological upset within the female who gets one. I have known several women who have so opted and they have ended up with so many problems, one was even rendered incapable of ever bearing a children (she became very self destructive).


  20. If you really want to understand what is going on in our government, I urge (even beg) you to read Andrew Breibart’s book called “Righteous Indignation” or at least watch Glenn Beck’s recent video called “The Democrat Hydra” on YouTube. Glenn’s video provides factual documents and text messages obtained through the Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) and not conspiracy theory. If you agree this information is correct, you can do your part like I am by spreading it around. Yes, I keep posting this in hopes to reach new readers. We need to do something, not just talk about it.

    • Garrett: We have to ask ourselves; why has there been billions, if not trillions of dollars invested in lobbying against this genocide with little to no progress. Almost fifty years. WHY? Answer that and you will know why this horror continues unchecked.

  21. Not only have I been a minister for quite some time but I also hold a master’s degree in psychology. There are many things that this Garcia woman states that doesn’t make any sense but one statement really sticks out: “Gomez also said. Since when is it up to anyone of us who gets to live and die? That is a completely immoral thought.” The UltraSound detects the fetuses heartbeat, therefore if there is a heartbeat the fetus MUST be acknowledged as a human being. What else would be inside the mother’s womb with a heartbeat? Come on people, use your head!!

  22. Dr. Joya is a REAL doctor. When did we get so hard of heart and intellectually dead that we even deny human life as it grows in our body? Make no mistake, if your babies pre-born life has not value, neither will yours! What a sad shape our world is in!

  23. These women are not women they are lowlife subhuman creatures with no morals or values. They don’t know what feminism means. Murder of babies is not feminism. It’s no feeling uncaring brain dead selfish Scum who listen to Nazis you want to destroy morals and values of America.

  24. This whole concept that a child in the womb is more like an implanted inhuman alien has been progressively cultivated by the “sick” left. I am not surprised by people like Gomez, I am sickened by her and her ilk. I decry the loss of morality, self responsibility and dignity of society today. Life is precious. With all the free contraceptive methods available today there should be no reason for abortion in the first place!


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