FBI Drops Bombshell On Terror Links Of Pensacola Navy Air Station Shooter

(Tea Party 247) – On Monday, top law enforcement officials announced that the FBI has uncovered links between the Saudi Air Force cadet who committed a jihad attack on a Pensacola Naval Air Station in Florida and an al-Qaeda operative.

The shooter, a Saudi national killed three sailors and wounded eight others in the ideologically-driven attack.

Attorney General William Barr and FBI Director Chris Wray revealed the findings at a press conference where they praised the “relentless efforts and ingenuity of FBI technicians” in seeking key leads from the killer’s locked cell phones.

Just The News reports that, in spite of court-authorized search warrants, Apple had refused to unlock the shooter’s iPhones, as Barr and Wray noted, so the FBI was left to their own devices.

After months, they managed to crack the codes.

Investigators found that Saudi Air Force cadet who was training with the Navy, Mohammed Saeed Alshamrani, had been radicalized in 2015.

The young radical carried out his attacks on the morning of December 6, 2019, opening fire on his classmates at the Pensacola station. At the time, local sheriffs reported that 911 calls reporting an active shooter came in at 6:51 am.

Deputies from the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office killed the attacker.

Officials revealed on Monday that at one point during the incident, Alshamrani ceased shooting his classmates to shoot one of his cellphones.

“It was clear at the time that the phones were likely to contain very important information,” Barr said.

Alshamrani had planned the attack for years, Wray told reporters at the virtual presser.

“He brought his plot here to America,” Wray said, going on to explain that, according to evidence on his iPhone, he had hatched a meticulous plan.

Just The News notes:

Alshamrani took pocket cam videos of classrooms, and wrote a will, Wray said. “He was helping the organization make the most it could of his murders.”

Now, the two law enforcement officials said, U.S. authorities are making use of what they found on the unlocked phones.

Investigators are continuing to “exploit evidence” contained in the phones, Wray said.


  1. When those cowardly thugs do something like that and they get killed in the commission of their crime; everyone thinks that that is all there is to do. I assert a genuine NO!! Their bodies, or what is left, should be covered in pigs blood and shipped back to their country of origin. Anyone who might be ok with what they did will get the message. No raghead heaven, no 72 virgins.

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  3. They need to find who in Saudi Arabia backed him. Follow the money! President trump should expel every Saudi without citizenship until their government finds who backed this guy. Other than Saudi hates Iran which we like, we don’t really need Saudi any longer, we have all the oil we need. Cut ties with them and let them go it alone against Iran. My the worst of two evils win.

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    • You ‘re totally misguided.
      Compare to Bible, prophets and archaeology…..
      There is a God, Spirit, Son. Read Ian Hutchison MIT, cosmologist.Science proving God. The late Stephen Hawking said ” there is something beyond space and time…………yes it’s God.
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  5. Just wondering why Barr couldn’t issue a warrant to Apple to unlock the phone of a terrorist. Why would Apple protect him, his rights? He committed abysmal crimes and they’re protecting him. Our government doesn’t have the authority to make them.
    ? Isn’t that why we have warrants?

    • Consider the following: A deceased person has no rights to anything. This is a fact of life for its domain is life.

      People of Islam from certain areas have openly declared America its enemy. Other areas Islam was an alternative Abrahamic religion similar to Judeo principals if you or your family were excommunicated or exiled.

      Islam “used” as a collective consciousness & emotional cultural ID wouldn’t be as dangerous as the fanatic literalists who rape, murder & destroy for their own self evidence over others.

      Islamic immigrants would not eligible for immigration because of ignored existing laws.

      Then they were mass trafficked into the US by Obama era facists proclaiming constitutional equality would apply to all regardless of waging war on the US. Perhaps because Obama was said to be a practicing Islamic however obviously not a literalist in the public view. Many see this as “White Wash Puppeteering”. And it appears so now in the wake of it.

      All immigrants shouldn’t be granted total US liberties such as privacy such as what happened here. They shouldn’t be allowed to own hand guns or employment to critical infrastructures for transparent reasons such as these.

      Islam seduces a person’s spirit into a passionate conviction of identifiers. It has no peace other than self evidence & fails to regulate itself as a whole. This is what we have learned for them & if given a free hall pass they will continue the nonsense.

      Islam would have to be totally erased from history & anyone who was found to have knowledge of it will have to be censored permanently inorder to stop this sort of ideological dissonance. But that probably won’t happen because people are so naive to welcome diversity even if it kills them.

      But governments pay a lot of $ to technology companies that would have global views on liberty as capital. If the US could investigate anyone outside judicial process then any other country could spy on their adversaries the same way.

      But the material fact of the matter is that a deceased person has no rights.

      A terror investigation also would exceed constitutional protections because of the National Security Administration interest in the matter. Post attack is way more administrative.

      Right now Obama era operatives are going to be processed for suspected spying on Trump & causing interference to the 2016 election. Corporations & businesses very soon will lose their influence to corrupt elections. The Deep State has alot to worry about now.

    • Apple has built iPhones and IOS so secure that even Apple doesn’t have a back door. Because if there is a back door for someone, then it not secure for anyone. It would be impressive if the FBI “cracked” the codes, as they say, but I am dubious about what they actually retrieved from the phone, and what they may have discovered through other means. I am happy they got their information through whatever channels, and I hope we are all a little safer for it.

  6. Funny how they can find all this crap on this guy! But on Obama and Biden or Hillary after they were given all the proof on the planet! They can’t find their ass! I wonder how long it will be before the people just deport these losers? I am sure Rudy is wondering why Barr can’t find the very proof he gave Barr.of Biden lining his pockets

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