FBI Director Wray Climbs Out Of His Hole To Vow Charges Against Those Who “Sieged” The Capitol

(Tea Party 247) – The most frustrating thing about the left and the establishment is how they have blatantly disregarded law and order, the Constitution, the will of the people, and all morality and integrity but then have the audacity and the nerve to lecture the country on these very things.

While they allowed Black Lives Matter and Antifa to burn down American cities and terrorize communities for months during 2020, they turn around and pretend to be utterly indignant about what went down at the Capitol building Wednesday.

They actually have the nerve to lecture us about patriotism and defending our Republic.

FBI Director Christopher Wray is one of the slimiest snakes in the Washington DC swamp and while he has had absolutely nothing to say about Antifa and BLM rioting all summer long and nothing to say in regards to alleged voter fraud, he wasted no time speaking out against the “siege of the Capitol.”

While leftist radicals attempted to literally burn DC to the ground over the summer, Wray was completely silent. Now, he has miraculously found a backbone.

Wray labeled the incident on Wednesday at the Capitol a “blatant and appalling disregard for our institutions of government.” What a rich statement from someone who has been running the FBI to protect the interests of the Deep State rather than the American people.

Wray doesn’t care about investigating anything that runs the risk of exposing the Deep State. He is eager to take action, however, where it would appear that Trump and conservatives will come out on the losing end.

While he made excuses for the violence and destruction caused by Antifa and BLM, which included damage to federal and state buildings as well as physical assaults against law enforcement, he is vowing to hold all those accountable who “participated in yesterday’s siege of the Capitol.”

He actually had the audacity to say, “FBI’s Wray: As we’ve said consistently, we do not tolerate violent agitators and extremists who use the guise of First Amendment-protected activity to incite violence and wreak havoc. Such behavior betrays the values of our democracy.”

Why have Antifa and BLM “agitators and extremists” been allowed to run amok for the better part of 2020? Oh, that’s right, because they share the same agenda. They’re fighting against Orange Man Bad.

Americans aren’t blind and we certainly aren’t stupid. We see the hypocrisy and blatant double standards. We aren’t fooled by the faux indignation.

Everything is all about the radical leftist agenda and bringing down President Trump and the MAGA movement which, make no mistake, includes every single one of us.

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  1. In less than a day the FBI has charges filed and arrested people for the protests in DC. How many arrests has the FBI arrested for the summer of Love riots? I guess his job is to protect the Ruling Class and ignore the American People.

  2. Tell Wray to CLIMB BACK in his HOLE in the SWAMP and let the REAL people do the Work . . .I’m surprised he is STILL collecting his paycheck. Isn’t he fired YET?!? One Enlightened Patriot. team trump and His Allies 2020.

  3. Be sure to get the DEMONCRAPS friends that they support. They were given a free pass to get out of jail when they tore up our country. I am sick of you SORRY ASS DEMONCRAPS. Looks to me they get a pat on the back for what they do—even getting paid for there destruction. WHAT THE FUCK🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻…

  4. Simply bluff and posturing. The FBI can’t possibly even identify all the people that took part in the DC riot let alone bring them all to trial. A few were arrested but that is all that will be charged and I expect those charges will be dropped. i

  5. Everyone knows by now that there are two justices in this country…one for us and one for them…the big picture is that this is just one of many ways the left will shut us down and eliminate any decent against the communist leftist…..this is how china and nkorea shuts down and controls their countries…and now the United States has become 5hem…..the Civil War started a long time ago…now it’s on our front doorsteps….now these communist control our media..our schools..our government our lives…they want to shut us down and control what we think and how we think and destroy America as we know it…

  6. Christopher Wray is a joke as a FBI Director. President Trump should have fired him long ago just like he did James Comey. Wray only shows backbone because he thinks these were Trump supporters who stormed the Capitol. He’s just pathetic!

  7. Yeah, figured come up outta his basement bunker after the elections! Now he wont have to go after Biden and all the real criminals, he can pretend to be a bad-ass fed!

  8. If this communist puppet actually did his job, then we would not have had all the lawless riots of the past two years. He cares nothing for law and order, only the bidding of his communist masters. Like much of the rest of the country, I have lost faith in the FBI’s willingness to actually do their job and stop criminals who threaten this country. If they had truly done their job, the Biden crime family would have been arrested and tried for treason and the rest of their crimes as well as having been extradited to Ukraine to stand trial there for their crimes committed on foreign soil. However, since the FBI is controlled by the Clinton crime family, the Obama crime family, and the Biden crime family, as well as CCP, we can hope to have them do any investigation of these criminals. They will instead perform their Gestapo powers in behalf of the communist party president and start rounding up those of us who demand that the constitution be followed as written.
    We should prepare for the near future of civil war and for the fight that will hopefully rid our great nation of ALL communists.

  9. When you look at the response of the Democrats and a few Republicans to the storming of the Capital one can suspect that this is just another timely event to help their efforts to silence Trump!!! What are they going to do to silence the 74 million people who support Trump and believe in his principles?

    • They were in the Capital. Plenty of pictures and videos. They are not getting arrested or being identified by the media. Communists and the shadow government are in control. Our politicians for the most part are corrupt and compromised. Just my opinion from what I see.

  10. It would appear that the Deep State has won a significant political victory, at least for the time being. No individual has a fighting chance against the Machine any longer, not even President Trump. I had the audacity to hope for a while that Chris Wray would be a definite improvement over his predecessor Jim Comey, but I was only deluding myself. He is just as much a scum-sucking bottom feeder as the rest of the Deep State. I had high hopes for President Trump, but the task of “draining the swamp” was apparently too arduous for one individual to accomplish! Nowadays the only comfort an individual may find rests in his/her faith (or lack thereof on a more humanistic, secular plane). One must now choose which side one is on, and then be prepared to both LIVE and DIE with the consequences of one’s decision!

  11. Washington DC is so full of self centered evil people. Definitely need term limits. There are a few good Republicans who care about the Anerican people. President Trump is one of our best presidents.

    • I disagree. Term limits will not work, as we have voted for them several times and we keep being ignored. We need to completely remove all current positions of government and replace them with all new, regular people who believe in Family, God, And Country. No others will be allowed to run for any office, and no current holders can run again in their lifetimes. Also remove all “retirement” benefits from these people, and if they have a financial worth greater than what their salary would make, then prosecute them for taking bribes.
      The only way to take back our country is to totally remove the disease. We need to put the criminal families that have run and trying to fraudulently take over this country, on trial for treason and execute them.

  12. Well i heard from several people there that the Antifa jerks were there in 4 buss loads hope the FBI goes after them also it will be the first time if they do anything against that terrorist group

  13. I do not believe President Trump had any knowledge of the destruction of anything surrounding the Capital. Furthermore every last person in this Country knows that he did not. I am appalled at the behavior of those who are responsible. The people who are responsible sit in our government and in our Supreme Court. Eventually they will pay the price for their evil activities. And that will start with JOE BIDEN.
    PRESIDENT TRUMP is the best thing that ever happened to this Country. His only problem is he isn’t part of THE SWAMP.

  14. Evil against good. Hopefully the American citizens wake up in time to vote out all the haters and evil doers that our in office for the 2022 elections.God bless America. We the people are the only way to fix our govt. Love and peace to all.

  15. I am a Trump supporter but the action of this group is criminal if not embarassing to Pesident and us supporters. Their actions have placed a mare on the .positive already. Thank you you thugs.Sympathy from others is yok je


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