FBI Director Warns How Facebook Messenger Could Enable Child Pornographers

(Tea Party 247) – On Friday, FBI Director Christopher Wray said that Facebook Inc’s proposal to encrypt its popular Messenger app could turn the platform into what he described as “dream come true for predators and child pornographers.”

He also said that law enforcement agencies could lose the ability to find criminals online and bring them to justice as well.

The new encryption would protect communication between users from surveillance and make the content inaccessible by the company, meaning that law enforcement agencies wouldn’t be able to get access even with a warrant.

Wray explained that Facebook’s plan would create a lawless space for child predators to act without reasonable fear of any consequences.

It’s pretty incredible to think that when Facebook gets around to actually caring about privacy, it would enable child pornographers.

“Facebook would transform from the main provider of child exploitation tips to a dream come true for predators and child pornographers,” he stated. “A platform that allows them to find and connect with kids and like minded criminals with little fear of consequences.”

Wray did not make any specific proposal, rather saying that “companies themselves are best placed” to offer a way for law enforcement to circumvent encryption.

“We’re going to lose the ability to find those kids who need to be rescued,” Wray said. “We’re going to lose the ability to find the bad guys.”

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, meanwhile, defended the decision to encrypt messages, saying that his platform will be able to identify child predators by using the same tools it uses to target election interference.

Regardless, Attorney General William Barr and officials from the UK are pushing Facebook to drop its encryption plans.

This is just another reason why Facebook needs to either be held to a much, much higher standard of accountability or simply broken up entirely.

The government has been pussy-footing around actually doing so for too long.


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