Fascism In America: Google Censors Video Exposing Their Censorship

(Tea Party 247) – Big Tech has become dangerously powerful. If ever there was fascism in American it comes from this industry and their unrestrained efforts to censor any conservative voices and viewpoints. The Big Tech giant Google has been unapologetically censoring political opponents for years and they seem to be plotting ways to prevent Trump from getting reelected. Before you brush that off, consider the immense power, influence, and reach of Google.

They literally control the news stream and what content people are seeing. The next time you Google a news story, look at the sources. You will find that almost all the sources are leftist media outlets and very few, if any, conservative or nonbiased outlets show up. You literally have to search specifically for news stories from conservative outlets. If Google believes they are on the “right side” and are aligned with “truth,” then why such a frantic need to censor any opposing ideas and thoughts?

This is what fascism looks like, folks.

Natural News reports:

On Monday, investigative media organization Project Veritas released an undercover video featuring a Google “insider” whistleblower in which he/she provided details about the company that should make all Americans nervous. The same video featured actual Google employees substantiating what the whistleblower was saying.

“They’re not an objective source of information. They’re a highly biased political machine that is bent on never letting somebody like Donald Trump to come to power again,” the whistleblower can be heard saying in the video. 

Despite the fact that America is a democracy and we have the right to elections to determine who are leader will be, Google has decided it really doesn’t matter what America is supposed to be or what Americans want, they get to decide what is best for all of us. This is seriously scary stuff. The fact that they have already been successful at suppressing conservative viewpoints in their search engine results proves just how determined they are to skew reality for users. Unless you already know which sources are bogus and which aren’t, you can be sure Google is trying to dupe you.

This isn’t just about censoring opposing viewpoints. This level of censorship and information control is literally dictating reality to millions of Americans foolish enough to turn a blind eye to the nefarious practices of Big Tech.

What’s even more disturbing is that once Project Veritas posted their video exposing Google’s propensity for censorship, Google then targeted that video for censorship! No shame in Google’s censorship game, that is for sure. Google-owned YouTube has removed the video.

The video is still available on the Project Veritas website, and we have it on Brighteon.com as well (see below). But it makes perfect sense that Google would censor a video expose focusing on how the company censors political content and ideas about political parties and presidents it doesn’t like. (Natural News)

It’s almost comical except for the fact that it’s so serious. If Trump doesn’t step in and take drastic measures against Big Tech we are going to be living in a completely controlled world where liberals dictate what information we are able to access and even what truth and reality are. That is a terrifying prospect. Contact your federal government representatives and insist they put the pressure on to get this issue under serious investigation.

Check out the Natural News article to read more.


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