Farmers Slam Biden’s Debt Relief Which Doles Out Billions To Non-Whites

(Tea Party 247) – On Monday, Fox News’ Sean Hannity aired an exclusive report from Sara Carter who had interviewed American farmers who are angry at President Joe Biden over the Democrats’ COVID-19 relief package that doles out billions to farmers of color—yet leaves white farmers in the dust.

The farmers call the $1.9 trillion package Biden signed last week “divisive,” as it offers relief based on race.

This is understandable.

“I’m sorry, but I was raised to not see color and not to see race, but to see the character and the person’s heart,” Tennesse farmer Kelly Griggs explained to Carter of his confusion over the race-based relief. “That’s how I was raised, that’s how the farming community sees each other.”

“The government has basically said ‘OK, this is what we are doing, whether you like it or not,’” she angrily pointed out. “Because farmers throughout the years, that’s what we’ve had to take.”

“They’ve made policies for us without even stepping foot on our farm, without even asking us anything… and [they] make our lives even worse or divide us even more like they are doing now,” he continued.

In the package, $4 billion is earmarked to pay off up to 120% of black, Asian, Hispanic, or Native American farmers’ debt.

The loans are slated to include “USDA Farm Service Agency direct farm loans, USDA guaranteed loans, and Commodity Credit Corporation farm storage loans, among others. The additional 20% is intended to pay off the taxes associated with the amount of the direct payment related to the outstanding debt.”

Roughly $1 billion is designated to improve access to land, equity commissions, agricultural training, and other forms of assistance.

“If you go into a bank, if you go into any place that loans you money, they are not going to look at who you are by color or race, they are going to look at your numbers on a piece of paper and if you don’t meet that criteria and you don’t meet that rule, you don’t get that money,” Griggs asserted.

“I think this bill could not only divide — promote division in the farming community,” Matt Griggs pointed out, “[but also] just in people in general.”

In 1920, up to one-sixths of the total farmers in the U.S. were black.

However, by 2017, fewer than 2% of farms were black-owned, according to the USDA and reported by BizPac Review.

The outlet also notes that this new upset is not new. The USDA has been accused of discrimination for years.

In 1999, the Pigford lawsuit secured $1.25 billion to help farmers of color who had claimed to be discriminated against for loans and other assistance.

“White farmers were getting their debts written off, or getting loan amortization and rescheduled payments,” John Boyd Jr., the founder and president of the National Black Farmers Association, said. Boyd has a farm in Virginia close to the border with neighboring North Carolina.

“They weren’t offering any of that to blacks. The USDA hasn’t been friendly to black farmers.” Boyd helped write the provision in the federal relief bill. The section was originally taken from the Emergency Relief for Farmers of Color Act.

Video: Covid Relief Bill Discriminates Against White Farmers

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  1. Don’t blame Biden for this matter; his brain isn’t functioning now, and besides – he is more racially prejudiced than any elected official. The Democrat Party is afraid they are going to lose the black and brown votes, so they will go to any extreme to get the blacks to believe the Democrats will treat them better than whites. Look at the Democrat history for the past 70 years and you will see the Damned Democrats have done nothing but make shitty lip movement to do anything for people of color. When it becomes “ball cutting” time to make decisions for people of color, you can bet your ass it will be only to coerce the people of color to vote for the Democrats. After they get the votes, the Democrat Party will turn away from the people of color and say, “tough shit.” As embarrassing as it is for me, I was a Democrat until 1950 – until I came to my senses and became a Republican. Try to name something of value that the Democrats have done for the people of color unless they are assured of getting the votes. After they get the votes, the Democrat attitude is “UP YOURS!”

    • Biden has nothing to do with this, he is to far gone! This is all done by Obama, Pelosi, Schumer and Harris! Now don’t you think this is against whites and is racist?

  2. It’s all about blacks taking all and to hell with the whites that invented everything and made this country, now give it all to the blacks, the democRats are going along with this to get all their votes when the corrupted dems get total control over the system, these games their temporally playing will change with the illegals and black will have a reverse effect. Mean while they will have buried are country in huge dept. it’s all about dems wealth/power.

  3. The vast majority of all taxpayer money doled out by the federal government over the last 60 years has been unconstitutional no matter to who it went to. It’s main effect has been promotion of dependence on government and growth of government power.


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