Far-Left Members Of Congress Scramble To Try To Stop Imaginary War With Iran

(Tea Party 247) – On January 3, Rep. Ro Khanna (D-CA) and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) introduced legislation “to prohibit any funding for offensive military force in or against Iran without prior congressional authorization.”

“Today, we are seeing a dangerous escalation that brings us closer to another disastrous war in the Middle East. A war with Iran could cost countless lives and trillions more dollars and lead to even more deaths, more conflict, more displacement in that already highly volatile region of the world. War must be the last recourse in our international relations. That is why our Founding Fathers gave the responsibility over war to Congress,” they explained in a joint statement.

“Congressional inaction in the face of the threat of a catastrophic and unconstitutional Middle East conflict is not acceptable. After authorizing a disastrous, $738 billion military budget that placed no restrictions on this president from starting an unauthorized war with Iran, Congress now has an opportunity to change course. Our legislation blocks Pentagon funding for any unilateral actions this president takes to wage war against Iran without Congressional authorization.”

The bipartisan legislation, which was sponsored by Khanna and Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) passed the House last year, but was not included in the final military funding bill which passed just before the Christmas holiday.

On Thursday, Khanna said that if it had, it would have prohibited funding for war with Iran unless approved by Congress.

He claimed that this amendment, along with another from Rep. Barbar Lee (D-CA) that was taken from the final product “could have prevented tonight’s escalation,” he said.

In other words, it could have prevented Trump from taking out a man who had imminent plans to destroy American lives.

Gaetz, meanwhile, is being far more sensible.

As in, he knows Trump isn’t going to war.

“If @potus *wanted* war w Iran there were plenty of opportunities. He didn’t go 2 war over US drones or foreign tankers. He said if Americans were targeted, heads would roll. Obama drew red lines & ignored them. @realDonaldTrump never will, but he doesn’t crave war, nor do I,” he said.


The Epoch Times notes that this isn’t stopping other Democrats from trying to block Trump from protecting Americans:

Sens. Tim Kaine (D-Va.) and Dick Durbin (D-Ill, pictured at top) introduced another measure Friday. They said President Donald Trump doesn’t have the proper authority to declare war against Iran, arguing the 2001 Authorization for Use of Military Force didn’t include the country.

They cited the War Powers Resolution (pdf), which states that ‘‘at any time that United States Armed Forces are engaged in hostilities outside the territory of the United States, its possessions and territories without a declaration of war or specific statutory authorization, such forces shall be removed by the president if the Congress so directs.”

The U.S. military has been introduced into hostilities as defined by the resolution against Iran, the lawmakers said.

“Congress hereby directs the president to remove United States Armed Forces from hostilities against the Islamic Republic of Iran or any part of its government or military, by not later than the date that is 30 days after the date of the enactment of this joint resolution unless explicitly authorized by a declaration of war or specific authorization for use of military force,” the measure stated.


  1. No body wants war. Iran is just Sabre rattling.They know what will happen if they threaten war against us. They seen what happen in Iraq.Iran will do what they always have done and that is support and influence terrorism. These countries must understand that the The United States will no longer stand aside as Americans are being targeted and killed.

  2. This iran mess has been going on for 60 yrs. Trump is a real leader who fights non stop for us. I trust he is doing the right thing for our country and the world. Why cant we all get behind him so he can do the job we elected him to do. If Polosi gang gets their way it will hurt our country. BUT I believe Pelosi will fail for I trust GOD and know he will protect our country. Time to pray folks.

  3. Soleimani planned and lead terrorist attacks on US and allied installations, responsible for the deaths of thousands of US servicemen and women, and responsible for failed plots against targets within the US homeland, including D.C. Not only has the Iranian government not denounced his actions, they praise him and embraced him as an Iranian government official. In other words, these were not actions by an independent terrorist faction. These were direct ACTS OF WAR by a recognized official of the Iranian government. Soleimani (and therefore Iran directly) are responsible for 17% of US Soldier deaths in Iraq since 2003, during two previous administrations. How are we not already at war with Iran? This man commits acts of war as a representative of the Iranian government, yet President Obama hosts him in the White House? Instead of recognizing a declaration of war, Democrats protect Iran from Israel and enable Iran with a path to nuclear arms, and enable more of their terrorist acts with pallets of money? Now the Democrats want to continue to protect Iran by attempting to render our Commander In Chief impotent in responding to further acts of war by Iran through legislation? To me, this is all very fishy and stinks to high treason. I am now very curious just who is in Iran’s pocket; who’s been “paid to play”? Why are we not investigating THESE treasonous shenanigans?

  4. Lets all see the list of polititions bribed by Iran to push thru the nucular deal ,and how much they got.Hillory knows…see Hillorys massive meltdown Oct 18 2016..2016..Hillory-“If that f..king bas…d wins,we all hang from nooses”..available various sources.

  5. I think if the Democrats would send a delegation of their top people (Like Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, Waters and Nadler) in person and presented themselves to the Ayatollah asking for forgiveness, I am sure their plea would be carry great weight and much consideration. Dem’s shouldn’t just talk about it, they ought to try it. A few Hollywood dissidents like DeNiro, Milano, etc, also would add emphasis and show how guilty & sincere we feel. Pelosi likes to take an entourage and travel worldwide expense free via US Air Force anyway. I’m sure President Trump would okay it.

  6. We have a man in the White House not a booty kissing wuss. I would like an accounting of the 11 trillion Obama spent. Where did it go? Whose pockets got filled? Even Obozo and the Mooch couldn’t spend that much on shopping, vacations, and partying. So where is it? Even 4 million to bribe Iran didn’t account for more than a smidgen. Where is it Obama?

  7. Actually it was Iran/Suleimani’ s actions that led to the talk of war not Donald Trump. Sanders and Khanna would sing a different tune if it was one of their children that was killed.

  8. He cannot go against the U.S. Constitution as far as the presidential powers go. This is given to The POTUS as per the U.S. Constitution. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  9. You RATS are in NO position to know what the military on the grounds and embassy are going thru! They are in communications with OUR president and OUR military heads, plus folks who NEED to know. HE DOES NOT MAKE ANY DECISION ON HIS OWN! They have discussions and make a decision based on info from the scene. Then OUR President does have the final say! BUT MANY HAVE AGREED ON THE PLAN to be taking! SOOO stop all the BS blaming TRUMP for every thing! WE have many in charge who DONOT not need any input from you so called house know it All s!

  10. Well said Linda. It’s time we start fighting back instead of paying other Countries off. That is a sign of cowardly greed. We don’t need to send in our men and women to be killed. If we can send in the drones that’s even better. The problem with all countries is there leadership . Unlike Obama who cowardly paid billions by air drop. It’s showed his leadership was sneaky and by hiding it from we the Americans that could use here at home. Just look at California and all the homeless people around the US. I’m glad we have a President that doesn’t just pay people off to keep us all. Hell you could die just walking out your door.

  11. I hope the far-left members of Congress put their heads back in the sand where they have been for years so they don’t make the situation far worse than it is.

  12. Didn’t Obama declare war on ISIS without Congressional approval?Hypocrisy reeks from this decision by Congress.There are troops there, and defending them is the President’s job.Congress, in in complete disarray, is exercising the judgement of a reactive dog.

    • Do they wonder why Trump calls them “do NOTHING democrats”? They could take a vote to do NOTHING.

      Let’s all make sure we rid the USA of these human parasitic worms this year.

    • Exactly! THANK YOU! It is ‘obvious’, that ‘our supposed ‘! It has become so OBVIOUS, that Congress’ would rather have Iran attack us, than ‘defend ourselves~’!t has become SO OBVIOUS-that the, ‘TRAITORS’-in OUR CONGRESS-hate our President-so much, they are ‘Willing to Back Our Enemies’! I believe, THAT is ‘Considered to be-TREASON’! I say that ‘those-hyenas’, in our Congress-would rather witness Armiegedon, than allow OUR PRESIDENT to win-ANYTHING!

    • Molly, you are correct—–Those two idiots in California will not stop our President Trump from doing the right thing….CALIFORNIA IS FULL OF SICK DEMOCRATIC JACKASS.

  13. Yeah, and when Obama did things in Iraq & Iran without any congressional approval, democrats said nothing. Now they want to pass a law. Democrats, destroying America one step at a time.

  14. The Honest Truth: Nothing more or nothing Less!
    Congress is the reason America is in this quagmire. They have delegated the authority and powers away for years. Next they have to argue and disagree to keep America divided for them to keep their jobs and power.
    We need term limits for them so they will quit squabbling and maybe they will try to work together.They are the ones that depend on us to get elected but when they get elected they sell their souls to Special Interest and to hell with the rest of America.
    As far as killing the Iranian Terrorist Trump can trust very few people in either party it appears and I have no doubts the Democrats leak like a sieve and would do anything to destroy Trump,they have already proven that. If we want to save America we had better get ready to take the Democrats on and the never Trumpers because he has interfered with their Gold mines.

  15. The dems can beat their collective chests all they want. None of these Bill’s or amendments to the War Powers Act will pass and, if you notice, all the verbage from them state”this president”. They are only interested in thwarting Mr. Trump only as they believe that they will win all three bodies of governance in 2020.

  16. LOL The Democrats are worse than the story about the sky is falling! The first big contest is to try and cast the man parts. There are so many Democrat stooges to offer the part of Chicken Little!

  17. War is what it takes to TAKE out a BULLY and “bad neighbor” in the NEIGHBORHOOD! It not what we want but if you WANT to, B R I N G it on! . . . Then we’ll see who wins. (Hint: It’s NOT Iran). This has been brewing for DECADES, and COWARDLY leadership is what allowed this MESS to get THIS far. Let’s give IRAN back to IT’S people. Remember WWII. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  18. There is a kid in high school that keeps taking my lunch money. I thought about kicking his ass but I didn’t because I was afraid of pissing him off. But now he wants me to get more money for him to take. I must be a Democrat.

  19. I agree, but praying alone won’t do it VOTE, and vote Reb. and only those that will sport our President and our country.

  20. I hope the “do nothing” Democrats stop quoting our forefathers who are turning over in their grave. They would have wiped out Iran along time ago!

  21. Can you Demonrats stop playing, We Know the Future.
    What war. There probably will be retaliation attempted.
    Kill one of us. We kill ten of you.

    Democrats what would have done? Let me help you NOTHING!

    Salami killed his own people. Children, Women and Men and many Americans. We had a chance to take him out and it was done and so is Salami.

    Have you seen Iranians celebrating Trump and killing that SOB?

  22. Since when is it wrong to engage in hostilities with a hostile armed force that has been engaging in hostile military actions against American citizens for the last 50 or so years? Oh yeah, our treasonous Congress see this as a prime chance to let an aggressively hostile country kill the American people they hate with out consequenses and take down Trump in the process. I get it now.

  23. So…..why do we even have a president? He is NOT allowed to do anything. Congress, especially Pelosi thing they are all President of the United States. They MUST be stopped! Everything has gotten way out of hand. It is time to descend upon Washington DC before it gets any worse. We must stop the evil lawbreakers that call themselves Congressmen and women! Congress libs wand our country to go down. They want lawlessness to start while they protect themselves. Personally, I think they stink and are worthless grubs oozing up from the ground. C’mon everyone, are you going to LET this continue to get worse? This is one reason why they are trying to take away our guns-so we cannot stop them doing their dirt on American citizens. It is almost too late, now, but, there is still a little time left to do SOMETHING about it!

  24. Make you wonder how money the Left has invested in IRAN.
    I saw follow the Money! Someone is cashing in, and I bet it is a Democrat.
    They like to play both sides! And they tend to bet on the Losers.

  25. Don’t these morons (demonrats-communists) realize the iranian government are our sworn enemy! TERM LIMITS, WE SHOULD BAN THESE MORONS FROM CONGRESS, OR AT LEAST EXECUTE THEM FOR TREASON!

  26. So all of our military people that have died so far were just out for a joy ride, no war? We sure have idiots running things. Next time something happens, send a liberal politician, cause they know everything. Military people follow orders given to them. And usually it is an ass wipe in Washington DC that does not have a clue about what they are ordering. They just walk around with their colored feathers showing off that they made a decision and it better be followed or else. Well this is you idiots or else.

  27. As an American citizen , I reject Bernie Sanders and all the leftist Demoncrats in Congress for refusing funding for military wHO WOULD PROTECT US FROM ANY MORE MIDDLE EAST AGGRESSION! And on top of it these altered brain dead Leftists want take our guns away which protects us!!!!?
    NO WAY

    • Iran has always coveted it’s neighbor Iraq & may overrun it if the US leaves the region.
      The Kurds & Sunnis will revolt in continuing conflicts.

    • We are Americans first and Iran has openly declared war on America. An congress needs to start supporting the president and put aside your Petty differences. The war is coming and it’s time to show Iran and the rest of the world we will no longer accept terrorist threats and back door supporting of terrorist. President Trump has done the right thing this general was a dangerous person and has been responsible ordering the killing of Americans soldiers and civilians and you liberal morons DUMOCATICS condemning the president for doing what should have been done by previous administration.

  28. Congress needs to go hide their heads in shame. Too long our country has pretended everything is alright and let other countries dictate their will on us. We have run from the correct path and not established proper goals to be politically correct, even though we have been in continual wars for the wrong reasons. This President is trying to protect our country and our people, NOT TO PROTECT OIL FOR GREED AND TO KISS AROUND OTHER GOVERNMENTS. It’s a breath of fresh to have a LEADER that thinks about us the US CITIZENS and OUR WONDERFUL COUNTRY. BE THANKFUL INSTEAD OF JUDGEMENTAL. IF YOU WANT TO BE HELPFUL (PRAY).

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