Far-Left Extremists Arrested At G7…Here’s The Disturbing Attack They Were Plotting

(Tea Party 247) – This is the story of the G7 Summit that the American mainstream media does not want you to know about.

According to Breitbart News, five far-left anarchist extremists were arrested in Biarritz France ahead of the G7 Summit for plotting to attack a hotel being used as a temporary barracks for police officers guarding the event.

Four men and one woman aged 24 to 45 were taken into custody last Monday.

They are all known members of the far-left anarchist movement and had been discovered discussing the location of the police hotel on social media by intelligence services, according to BFMTV.

The exact details of the nature of their plot remain unclear, but all five were charged with “criminal conspiracy to commit an offense and destroy property.” Only one of the individuals arrested remained in custody as of Tuesday, however, while the other four were released.

French broadcaster France24 reported that the far-left extremists may have been plotting to attempt to burn down the hotel where the police officers were staying, and claimed that, according to a source, one of those who was arrested has a history of violence during demonstrations.

Ahead of the summit, French Interior Minister Christophe Castaner commented on the security precautions, stating that 13,200 police and gendarmes would be on the site to ensure the event was kept safe.

“The aim is to have maximum security with a minimum of disruption. We will not tolerate any unrest. If it happens, we will respond,” Castaner said, further commenting on the far-left would-be terrorists, “We are particularly attentive to spreading threats to the security of the G7 on social networks.”

Breitbart explains:

Several far-left activist groups have announced demonstrations during the event, including a large protest in the town of Hendaye on Saturday, the same day as the start of the summit.

The arrests come as police were concerned over the prison release of French Antifa leader Antonin Bernanos ahead of the G7, stating that he could organise and motivate large numbers of Antifa extremists.

French authorities also deported a German far-left activist last week who was believed to have been involved at the large-scale violence during the G20 in Hamburg in 2017.

These are the stories the left-wing media will never show you. Clearly, violent far-left extremism is not contained in the streets of Portland. Remember, Antifa was founded in Europe originally!

Nothing like a violent, hateful “anti-” fascist to remind you how violent the left really is.

Featured image credit: g20tohell.blackblogs.org


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