Fact-Check: Biden Flat-Out Lied About His Opinion On China Travel Ban

(Tea Party 247) – The Democrats have made their bed when it comes to opinions on travel bans.

For the last six months, they have been hammering Trump non-stop for the fact that the coronavirus spread in the United States and that people died as a result.

Of course, they don’t pay any attention to the facts, the swiftness with which the Trump administration responded, the fact that even Dr. Anthony Fauci has long been in agreement with Trump on the recovery process, and that likely hundreds of thousands, if not millions more would have died had it not been for the action of the president.

Nonetheless, erroneously claiming “poor leadership” on Trump’s part has been one of their go-to lines during the election.

There’s only one problem.

Well, several. It was the Democrats who downplayed the threat of the coronavirus when it first began to spread through the Western world.

Nancy Pelosi and Bill de Blasio encouraged citizens to head down to Chinatown in their respective cities, and many others slammed Trump as “xenophobic” for stopping flights from China.

So how can it possibly both be racist to stop flights from a country in which a deadly novel virus is spreading and prudent to shut down our entire country with executive order, or whatever it is they wanted Trump to do, at the same time?

During Tuesday night’s debate, Trump hit this point hard, calling former Vice President Joe Biden out for calling it “xenophobic” to shut down flights from China while Biden was accusing him of having mishandled the pandemic.

He was absolutely correct, too.

“I closed [the country], and you said, ‘He’s xenophobic. He’s a racist, and he’s xenophobic’ because you don’t think I should have closed our country,” Trump said.

“You didn’t think we should have closed our country because … you thought it was terrible. You wouldn’t have closed it for another two months. By my doing it for another two months, Dr. Fauci said, ‘President Trump saved thousands of lives.’”

Fact check? True, Breitbart reports.

During a campaign event on January 31, the day Trump banned travel from China, Biden referred to Trump’s plan as “hysterical xenophobia.”


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  2. They will try in some form or fashion blame Trump that he altered TV recordings and that Twitter responses were forged.” I never said that”. Just like the crap about his son not being a criminal and kick out of the military for drug use. “That has never been proven “. Biden is a joke and a liar. Calls Trump a Clown. Well Biden has been called a clown and joke for 47 years in government service!

  3. The Democrat Party has become so perverse in all their beliefs, that the truth is simply offensive to them and cannot be tolerated!

  4. Biden is a typical LYING Democrat. Biden LIED at least 10 times during debate. The Whopper – seemly trying to blame the riots on Trump supporters!

  5. Trump should have shut down all further debate on the virus by emphasizing that nearly half of all deaths are from 4 Democratically controlled States.

  6. If the Democrats are so goddamn smart, why are Republicans in charge of things (except for the House of Representatives, from whence almost all of our political problems originate)?

  7. You would think Biden would of lost a lot of votes when said I do not support the new green deal then realized what he said then his come back he supports The Biden Climate deal, my Biden deal. Look at the debate 1 hr 23 min 24 seconds,

  8. What else would Briben say on the spot, it’s well known that both Joe and Nancy protested the exact same line in perfect harmony. Worthy of note too is the fact that Briben also not only denied having the Ukraine prosecutor fired that he bragged about on video but also said it was proven false (like it really wasn’t him), before the moderator “rescued him”.

  9. Trump missed the opportunity in the debate to nail biden when he said that Trump didn’t supply the PPE’s and RESPIRATORS needed during this pandemic. Trump should have said that he was starting with ZERO PPE’s and RESPIRATORS bc of the Obama/Biden administration. They never restocked the stock pile the government has after their failed response to H1N1. Biden is a disaster and his response to H1N1 was a disaster, Biden’s chief of staff even said that biden and Obama did everything wrong. There is NO WAY IN HELL biden would have been able to handle this pandemic.

  10. Biden can’t help but believe in trusting China — they paid his son enough money to live like a king. Biden probably got a healthy cut of the payment as well. Biden is so corrupt that he believes he can do anything he wants to do in order to acquire more money – either legally or illegally. His family is infested with dishonesty, ranging from his son, brother, daughter, wife, and most likely many others. A simple question to ask Biden is how he managed to acquire so much money since he first entered politics. For Biden to state that someone is dishonest, he should first look in a mirror. He is a bit insane to even think of running for President of the USA. Biden should have retired after he and Obama finished raping the USA. Instead, he thought he could acquire millions more if he continued his political life. I sincerely hope that Biden loses this election by a magnificent landslide. He deserves to be shunned out of politics.


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