Eye Roll: Here’s What Happens When Rachel Maddow And Kamala Harris Get To Talking About “Rights”

(Tea Party 247) – The Democrats really have a fundamentally flawed understanding of the Constitution and the way our democracy works. They still have not accepted the fact that they lost the election in 2016 and failed to take control of the Senate in the 2018 midterm elections. They act as though they are the only ones allowed to have a political agenda and political opinions. They really truly believe that they are the voice of America and they speak for all of us.

Obviously, you don’t need me to tell you they don’t speak for conservatives and even they know that, so they just pretend like we don’t exist. We, apparently, aren’t part of their America. If we were they certainly wouldn’t assert their beliefs and agendas as something that “America” wants, as we are seeing throughout the Senate confirmation hearings of Judge Amy Coney Barrett.

During the hearings, their political grandstanding is truly nauseating. They have framed Barrett to be the “anti-Democrat” essentially. All the policies and legislation that Democrats hold near and dear to their hearts are at risk if Judge Barrett is confirmed to the Supreme Court.

They accuse Republicans of “having an agenda” but it is them who have the clear agenda. They also say that if Barrett sits on the Supreme Court our “rights” will literally be at risk. This is complete nonsense but, of course, we know if Joe Biden and Kamala Harris manage to steal the election and end up in the White House, conservatives have very real reasons to be afraid for our rights.

The Democrats are the party of hypocrisy and they are gas-lighting America in a massive way.

Wednesday, Kamala Harris appeared on MSNBC for a one-on-one interview with Rachel Maddow in which Maddow dramatically listed all of the nonsense ways Judge Barrett would take away American’s rights if she makes it to the Supreme Court; you know, the usual, healthcare, abortion, gay marriage, etc… Maddow also accused Judge Barrett of having a lifetime full of “activism” which is untrue but, apparently, Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s lifetime of activism was heroic.


The most unsettling part of the interview with Harris, however, was Harris herself. In her trademark smug, nasally voice Harris not only confirmed all of the outlandish fears that Maddow presented but went further encouraging Americans to continue to protest and even shout “when necessary.”

“People are scared,” Harris said, as if she actually talks to real Americans, ever.

“You’re right. Civil rights are on the line. Workers’ rights are on the line. Consumer rights are on the line. Health care is on the line. These — all of these things are at stake.” How? Exactly how are all of these rights on the line, Kamala? Anybody can make these kinds of assertions but they mean nothing without evidence. Of course, lock-step liberal supporters don’t need evidence. They don’t like to think critically. All they hear is that their rights are “on the line” and it stirs up fear, anger, hatred, and panic within them that they have no control over.

Harris goes, “And the only point that I can make to hopefully relieve some of that righteous fear is, we have an election coming up.” Some of the “righteous” fear? Oh, please.

She then highlights exactly why President Trump’s nomination is likely to be confirmed while Barack Obama’s was not in 2016, “And it’s not only about the White House. It’s about the Senate. And, you know, I’ve been in the United States Senate for three and a half years. And I’m going to tell you something, I’ve been serving on this Judiciary Committee for a little while…” (insert smug tone and smirk here) “…The Senate makes decisions about who will be in these lifetime positions on these courts.”

She is right about that but despite maintaining Senate majority in 2018, Democrats treat conservatives and the GOP like enemies of the state. The frustrating part is when they lose the House and get beat in the Senate and President Trump wins reelection by a landslide this November, they’ll still act like they are the voice of Americans. They just don’t get it.

She then went on to babble about all of the “rights” Americans stand to lose with a Senate confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett and once again accused Trump of failing to nominate any black judges before she wrapped it up with this, “So there is one thing we can do among the many things, well, let’s not stop protesting. Let’s not stop being active. Let’s not stop speaking up and shouting when necessary. And let’s vote. And let’s vote, guys. Let’s vote.”

She either really believes that she and Biden actually stand a chance or she is just that wildly out-of-touch. Or, maybe both.

Nonetheless, she’s encouraging her supporters to continue to be ignorant and protest the actual Constitution which gives President Trump and the Senate the right to move forward with filling the SCOTUS seat. She’s also encouraging them to continue to protest our very democracy which has had room for political discourse and opposing views for over 150 years, until 21st century woke America, that is.

Video: Senator Kamala Harris, Democratic V.P. Nominee, Talks With Rachel Maddow

Featured image credit: Gage Skidmore – flickr.com/photos/gageskidmore/47687321882

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  10. These kids have a rude awakening. Someone had to pay someway. There is no free lunch and if they think the 1 per cent will they are sadly mistaken. They will just move to Canada or the camens

  11. Ok, I’m being moderated…

    All of the “rights” the left is afraid Judge Bennett will take away are not rights at all – READ THE CONSTITUTION.

    The left harps on “republicans will take away your health care!”. What the republicans want to do away with is the mandated purchasing of a product – namely, health INSURANCE. Health insurance is NOT health care – they are separate industries. And neither is a RIGHT.

    • What’s interesting is that the left harps on and on about “rights” – but when it comes to REAL rights – those guaranteed by the Constitution – the left wants to do away with these, including firearm ownership, free speech, freedom to peaceably assemble, freedom from malicious persecution, freedom of religion, etc..

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  14. It’s a foregone conclusion that the majority of voters who cast in-person ballots on Election Day will vote Republican, while the general assumption is that the mail-in vote will be overwhelmingly Democrat. In spite of the President’s major economic accomplishments and diplomatic successes, the possibility of a Biden-Harris election victory confronts us daily, at least until the final results are announced! If the Democrats are successful in rigging/stealing this election, it would simply mean that those who voted Democrat are either blind, deaf, ignorant, mentally deranged, deceased, convicted felons, illegal aliens/other non-citizens, or any combination thereof!

  15. Dregs of the democrat party. Who in their right mind would listen to Madcow or an also ran from the bottom of leftist politics.

    • Doug, Democrats would listen. We now have the first complete generation eligible to vote who spent their years in the education system being brainwashed by rabid Socialists. Kindergarten through college, they were well and truly brainwashed. They now think that under a Socialist government everything, housing, food, medical care, paychecks, and everything else will be “free”. Cradle to grave, a “free” lifetime. What they fail to understand is that there’s no such thing as a free lunch. And under Socialism, no freedom. And they want to drag the rest of us along. I’m not going. My country has the Constitution, that they want to destroy. They will try to destroy it at their own peril.

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