Ex-Transgender Gives Disturbing Insight Into What Led Him Down Path Of Gender Confusion

(Tea Party 247) – A British man who regrets the surgeries he underwent to attempt to “become a woman” is now warning that exposing children to cross-dressing and transgenderism poses a real danger.

Peter Benjamin, 60, after his third wife died of cancer, decided to become a woman “full-time” after a lifetime of alcoholism and an addiction to cross-dressing, Christian Concern reports.

Benjamin explained that at the root of his addiction “began as a 10-year-old boy, when he was taken to a drag queen show at a cabaret club while on holiday with his family.”

“Today when I see and hear of books being read to children in schools such as ‘10,000 Dresses,'” he said, “I see the same influence that led me to this harmful addiction.”


He urged that more “must be done to protect our children, not to encourage them to pursue the same destructive path that I have had.”

“Children are impressionable, the government can’t see what harm they are doing, and I appeal to them and the Department for Education to halt this influence in schools now,” he explained.

“Parents are now openly allowing their children to be exposed to the transgender agenda as they think if they don’t allow it, their children will be depressed or become mentally ill. It’s not true. When I was 5 or 6, I had no thought of becoming a girl. It wasn’t until I was exposed to men in dresses at cabaret shows that my mind went that way.

“My message from my experience is that the transgender life, even surgery itself, did not solve my problem and led me to misery, suicidal thoughts and depression,” he said.

Benjamin’s warning comes after he experienced a breakdown during the post-operative period when he had been drinking heavily.

At this point, he turned to a local church, where he gave his life to Christ and then returned to life as his true male self.

Andrea Williams, chief executive of the Christian Legal Centre, explains, “It is tragic that such a vulnerable man was given a life-changing, irreversible and ultimately devastating operation without his profound mental health issues being addressed properly.

“His experience represents a deep and disturbing warning for our society as it is told that the answer to deep rooted gender identity confusion is hormone prescription and radical surgery.

“What Peter has been though is catastrophic. Just imagine what we are doing to our young children when we follow the same medical path,” Williams said.

Here in the US, as in the UK, “Drag Queen Story Hour” events at public libraries and disturbing “transition” ceremonies at public schools regularly expose young children to the concept of cross-dressing and transgenderism when they are far too young to properly process what’s going on.

Benjamin’s account is truly disturbing. How many more young children are going to grow up miserable and gender-confused, told that the deep psychological problems that stem from wanting to be a member of the opposite sex can be “cured” with irreversible operations.

This never happens.

Transgender regret is very real because one cannot, no matter what they do to their bodies, truly become a member of the opposite sex.

And yet the left wants to ignore this and continue to push harmful influences on our children with no regard for potential negative repercussions.

How much do we have to psychologically traumatize our children before someone stands up and puts a stop to this madness?


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