Ever Wonder What The Next World Reserve Currency Will Be? Here’s A Hint: It Won’t Be A National Currency

(Tea Party 247) – If you follow politics and economic issues, you’ve likely seen the following chart at least once:

The purpose of the chart is to illustrate the changeover in world reserve currencies from era to era, and it also corresponds with the rise and fall of various empires throughout world history.

What’s the bottom line lesson we can all take from this? That there’s no such thing as an eternal empire, as each one that rises will eventually fall, taking the value of its world reserve currency into the dirt with it.

However, there’s something a bit off about this chart.

Here’s a piece from the Corbett Report to help straighten it all out:

Technically, this chart is wrong. As Mike Maloney details in a recent video, “the world didn’t have a reserve bank that was doing international settlements or acting as a hub of any type of monetary system until the Bank of England.” Prior to the Bank of England’s establishment (discussed in my documentary Century of Enslavement: The History of the Federal Reserve), there were predominant currencies, but nothing like a “reserve” currency.

Nonetheless, the point stands: Empires do rise and fall, and in the era of world reserve currencies and international settlements, their currency’s status as a world reserve falls with them.

The other implication of this chart stands out like a sore thumb: The American Empire’s time is running out, and the dollar is going to go down with it.

It’s a theme I’ve discussed many times on the podcast, and something I’ve written about in detail over the years. The dollar is dying; everyone knows that.

Here’s the thing though. A world reserve currency doesn’t just vanish into thin air like some sort of cheesy illusion trick by David Copperfield. Something has to replace it. The question we need to be asking is what will replace the currency?

This is why it is pure wisdom to invest your money in something like gold or silver, because these are items that are sought after around the world, regardless of country. If something should happen to America and a total economic collapse happen, these kind of securities can be used as a form of currency in trade to ensure you have the resources needed to ride out the storm.

While there’s much in economics that can seem hard to grasp, it’s critical we all learn about it as much as we can so that we can make solid financial decisions that will guard our futures and prepare us for worst case scenarios. The old saying is that knowledge is power, and that is absolutely true. And with the Internet bringing the whole world to our very fingertips, we have no excuse for being ignorant on these matters.

Educate yourselves, folks. Because if you don’t, things are going to start looking mighty perilous here in the upcoming years, and America won’t survive without wise people managing finances.

Source: corbettreport.com/the-next-world-reserve-currency-will-not-be-a-national-currency/


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