EU Finally Puts Some Effort Into Protecting Europeans, Gets Slammed For Being “Fascist”

(Tea Party 247) – Native Europeans are under attack as their nations are overwhelmed with foreign nationals who have no interest in assimilating to European culture.

This is largely due to European Union policies that allow for open borders and an ill-fated sense of “multiculturalism” that apologizes for cultures who are antithetical to Western thought and morality and lets these values fall by the wayside without a second thought.

Europe is home to the world’s oldest established nations, but in less than a decade, this is all changing.

Unless major change takes place, the continent will soon be a shell of its former self.

The European Union has, apparently decided to actually try to do something about this, in spite of largely being the culprit for this cultural degradation.

And guess what?

It has earned the scarlet letter label of “fascist.”

So what did the EU do that was so supposedly fascistic?

They created a United Nations role called “Commissioner for Protecting our European Way of Life.”


“The new role which will oversee immigration policy was announced by incoming EU commission president Ursula von der Leyen,” and will be filled by Greece’s EU commissioner, Margaritis Schinas, according to Zero Hedge.

Apparently, protecting the European way of life was too much to handle for triggered cultural Marxists on the left.

“This looks like the portfolio to fight back against the rise of the fascists, but only by adopting their divisive rhetoric around ‘strong borders’,” British Green MEP Molly Scott Cato told The Independent, according to Summit News.

“The very point about the European way of life, is the freedom for individuals to chose their own way of life. We do not need a Commissioner for that, thank you very much,” Liberal Dutch MEP Sophie in ‘t Veld told the same outlet.

She added that the idea that “Europeans need to be protected from external cultures” was “grotesque.”

Veld also claimed that the new rise of populist leaders in Europe was the real threat to “our way of life.”

So the European Union does something sensible for once, and the left is having a meltdown.


There is nothing remotely fascistic about protecting the European way of life. Borders, laws, and culture are what make countries unique and sovereign. Isn’t that true “multiculturalism”? Do the people of Europe not have the right to defend their own borders?


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