Epic: German Farmers Shut Down Hamburg In Protest Of These Fascist Regulations

(Tea Party 247) – Environmental regulations are not only based on questionable science about the future of our planet, they seem to be suspiciously targeted at the global food supply that billions of regular, everyday people who can’t afford to fly around the world in private jets preaching depopulation, depend on.

Well, the people aren’t taking it sitting down or, more specifically, the farmers.

German farmers have been blocking roads in Hamburg with their tractors to protest strict environmental regulation in the latest incident of rural, populist revolt against these globalist policies in Europe.

Last week, 4,000 tractors arrived in Hamburg ina powerful pushback to what the farmers claim are state-sponsored bullying to force them to accept the realities of Green New Deal-type controls.

The occasion for their high-powered protest was a meeting of ministers to discuss the banning of certain weed killers and fertilizers, something which the farmers insist will destroy their ability to make a living.

The farmers posted placards in their vehicles, one of which read, “No farm, no food, no future,” and some farmers expressed their anger at receiving the blame while the role they play in the economy is being completely ignored and ministers refuse to include them in the conversation.

“The rules, which are coming from the German government, are so hard for us that we can’t work on our farms,” Klaus-Peter Lucht, Vice President of the regional Farmers Association, told RT. “We can’t make good crops. We can’t have good fodder for the dairy [cows].”

Infowars notes:

The kilometer long convoys of tractors caused “considerable traffic disruption” across the city, according to authorities.

Hamburg is just the latest site of a rural revolt against globalism that is sweeping Europe.

Last month, thousands of Dutch farmers descended on the Netherlands capital to protest against a government proposal that livestock production be slashed by up to 50% in the name of preventing global warming.

Demonstrators were angry that the same restrictions they may be hit with will not apply to the aviation industry.

The Yellow Vest movement in France, which is set to mark its first anniversary this weekend, also began as a backlash against onerous gas tax hikes and other regulations impacting rural workers.


  1. The one world order billionaires sick one thing communist control over the 99% which is global slavery, along with the elimination of 5 1/2 billion people and they figure they can do this through their scare of climate change that they’ve been brainwashing the children in the Colleges with in the schools for a while! This is nothing but one thing creating a one world order you in the controls all the countries, which they plan to do a mouse see Don and that i this is nothing but one thing creating a one world order you in the controls all the countries, which they plan to do a chairman Mao , And it is Star off 5 1/2 billion people where is Maui at that time he stormed off 60 million of his people through food that he had and we have but they try or now trying to illuminate and trying for global population control hiding behind humanism like a woman’s right to kill a baby with a heartbeat which is no more than Laria 5 1/2 billion people where is Maui at that time he stormed off 60 million of his people through food that he had and we have but they try or now trying to illuminate and trying for global population control hiding behind humanism like a woman’s right to kill a baby with a heartbeat which is no more than Hitlirian!

  2. Farmers around America are looking into Howard Garrett “The Dirt Doctor” way of doing organic farming. And are having better crops, depending on weather conditions. Other people in other nations can do the same as well. Doesn’t have to be just ones guarden!

    • Organic farming can only feed 40 people out of 60. Who will pick the ones who eat? You or the elite rich who don’t give a rats as$?

  3. The earth has been warming since the last ice age ended. Man can do nothing to make it stop as the earth is simply correcting itself after whatever happened to cause the ice age. If people were not so stupid they would realize the climate nazis are nothing more than snake-oil peddlers looking to grift the simple minded idiots. Funny thing is the proof it is a scam is there if people would just use whatever is filling their heads to actually do some simple research to see the truth.

    • You are so correct! Globalism and global warming or, as it now is called, climate change, are the two scourges of our time on earth… Take heart that this, too, shall change.

  4. The placard on the tractor should have read “No insects, no farms, no food”.
    About 1/3 of the crops we eat, from cocoa to blueberries to almonds to squash, plus the alfalfa that beef and dairy farmers depend on, are pollinated by insects. Most insects are actually beneficial to farmers (I do have some insight on that, running a small permaculture and so using no chemical controls of any kind to raise my food), and only a few are harmful. But, the horrifically powerful pesticides used against genuine pests kill indiscriminately and wind up poisoning or starving birds, bats, frogs and fish who consume insects as food. Eventually the pesticides wind up in our drinking water, harming us as well.
    A recent study in Germany, ironically, showed an extremely alarming drop of over 30% in the insect population- IN A PROTECTED NATURE RESERVE!!! A place where spraying is not allowed! How much worse is the problem where intensive spraying is practiced by farmers year in and year out? In the U.S., honeybee farmers are seeing losses of up to 90% of their hives each year, devastating the industry and forcing prices for foods like almonds and citrus through the roof. Have you noticed how much more expensive many foods have become? That’s not all due the Federal Reserve policies, increase in the cost of oil (which has been relatively low for some time) or “corporate greed”. A substantial portion of that increase is due to the higher prices farmers must pay to get bees into their fields to pollinate their crops. Pesticide poisoning, along with widespread use of GMO crops, habitat loss plus the early effects of climate change are taking their toll on the insects who pollinate our crops. The costs to you, the consumer? Higher prices, less food on grocery store shelves, and, eventually, both increases in the cancer rate plus the consequences that come with destruction of basic environmental services that human life depends upon. Not a good bargain for any parties involved. But until the bottom drops out, the giant corporate conglomerates that profit mightily from perpetuating our horribly dysfunctional food production system (companies like Dow, Monsanto/Bayer, ConAgra, Syngenta, Caterpillar, John Deere, the banks that lend to industrial farmers, and all the shipping companies that earn a pretty dollar bringing food from one country to another while locals go wanting for affordable fresh sustenance, will continue to push the narrative that all is well and our current farming system is the only possible way to put food on the world’s tables. They’ll drag out the bogeymen specters of starvation, political unrest, one world government and forced sterilization (ridiculous when you realize that populations all over the world are declining as industrialization advances and men and women are freely choosing to take other options in life than being chained to parenthood), and dangle these shadows in front of the eyes of the “bitter clingers” to scare them into supporting the status quo. While the credulous blindly swallow the narrative, the same people/organizations/commercial institutions who are robbing us and our posterity blind to fatten their corporate wallets and buy our elections, are laughing at the sheeple all the way to the nearest precious metals ETF’s, positive-yielding bond funds and real estate where they’ll jack up prices, stiff their lenders as inflation wipes out their debts, and bleed their victims further all while the conservative, “God-fearing” ignoramuses flock to them to do something to save them from the crises caused by the horrible environmentalists who are ruining society.
    It’s a neat trick to pull and will last until the insectpocalypse occurs. When the insects die, they’ll be taking us all with them. Will be very interesting to see what the farmers and the faithful do when they see that no amount of blanketing the planet with pesticides will bring us enough food to eat. THAT’S when the REAL human population crash will happen, and it won’t be pretty like adults choosing to invest in advancing themselves instead of having kids they don’t want and can’t support.

    • You make a great argument for limiting pesticides, but I’m a small farmer too, and when I see my crops getting eaten to nothing by harmful insects in a week, I will use pesticides. No farmer I know “wants” to use pesticides because they are expensive and potentially harmful, but at times, you have no choice in the matter. There may be a lack of insects where you live, but around here, we’re overloaded with them. Come borrow some of ours, please.

  5. Angela Merkel was raised in East Germany, a country that was Communist. Of course she has backed the Globalist agenda. Time to get her out of the German government …. completely.

  6. Yea, for the German farmers. This is the thing that should be happening all over the world. To start with farmers are the biggest gamblers in the world, they buy equipment, own or rent property, pay taxes, spend the money to put crops and then have to take what is offered for their produce. They need all the help they can get, their are safe herbicides and pesticides and they are badly needed to raise good crops, or animals. Yes I am not a farmer but grew up in a farming community.

  7. German farmers prove that you can’t fix stupid where the government is concerned.

    They never look at the unintended consequences

    Just where are they going to purchase the crops that are displaced by their green policies.

    WHo can afford the cost of food increase
    Certainly the elitists but what about the working man

  8. I support the farmers 100%.
    I can’t wait to see the politicians starve to death in their cold and dark homes while looking out the window at the clean and unpolluted air.

  9. Just another example of government overreach based on faulty science in order to promote idiotic and false policy. I hope those behind this dangerous plan have lots of canned goods stocked up to feed themselves while the rest of the world goes hungry. These practices only serve to plant the seeds of revolt.

  10. Farming life is full of surprises. Now not only do the farmers contend with nature they can’t control, but a mob of bureaucrat know-nothings is running the show. What happens to the price of meat if half is removed from the market by government fiat?

    What happens when nature decides to send drought or frost or floods?

  11. I’m with the farmers. The Globalist climate change agenda is false science designed to benefit and give more control to the elitists and cause us to give up more of our freedoms. Population control of the masses for the benefit of a select few elitists.

  12. If anyone thinks this will be confined to other countries, think
    If you voters are stupid enough to vote for ANY of the socialist
    democrats instead of America First, Donald Trump, you can
    expect the same fascist rules to be instituted against U.S.
    Every rule just clapped on Germans is tyrannical and counter-
    productive to a free society – not to mention, based on fudged
    data, poor computer modeling, and outright lies.
    Vote democratic and you will learn the hard way what anti-
    constitutionality will do to our Country! (The U.N. will love you

  13. Greta Thunberg’s head must be on a tizzy seeing her fellow Europeans committing such travesties. Too bad objective science over climate has been blown out the window by those climate change hysterics wishing to turn us all into vegans and living an Amish lifestyle complete with the horse and buggy. What makes them think that this planet’s climate is going to magically return to ‘normal’ if we adopt austere measures? They don’t think that’s the problem. In 10-20 yrs. when mass extinction doesn’t happen and the sea levels didn’t inundate Miami or London they will feel good about themselves and believe they made a change, even though they didn’t. Eventually, climate change hysteria will die down and the next ‘crisis’ is going to be over water and water resources. That’s going to be the next ‘agenda’.

  14. Since the beginning of time the planet has been going through warming trends than cooling trends. Example what happen at the end of the first Ice age. It is the natural flow of things. The only thing man is responsible for is pollution in our lands and water ways.My thumbs up to the farmers who are taking a stand against unsubstantiated fake science.

  15. I support the German farmers. We, everyday people need to fight back for our rights as citizens… The government of all countries forget they are working for us!!! We pay their salaries !!!

  16. Let the government people go without food for a little while. Make the effort to know where food that is sold is going, and refuse the sale if it is going to go to government agencies. If it works, the government might have enough stomach growl to see that their ideas are harmful. Preventing the farmers from doing their work is harmful to everyone. The governments are obviously forgetting that people need food. Making farmers cut back is no better than Stalin’s actions were, about 70 years ago. Is Europe looking to fill their rivers and oceans with dead bodies?

  17. Any legislator backing a ‘green new deal’, regardless of nation, should be required (by global law) to provide to their citizens daily documentation of their meals eaten, flights taken, road trips, vacations, and all other forms of energy usage, in addition to what they have given back in terms of recycling. When THEY become energy neutral, then they can begin looking at legislation that affects others. Just sayin’!

  18. Even the brainwashed Europeans are waking up to the fact that this climate nonsense is merely a way for politicians to tax higher and to restrict the freedom of the population. That the usually obedient Germans are fighting back is significant. Wait til the idiot Democrats get back into power here That might be the start of a genuine revolution.

  19. This is because of the global warming terrorists using the “crisis” as an excuse for their unseemly profit motive. The alarmists are the crisis.


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