Dystopian BBC Drama Pours Gasoline On The Fire That Is Modern Race Relations

(Tea Party 247) – The BBC is releasing a new drama series depicting a modern-day London where blacks are slavemasters and white people are slaves.


The show, Noughts & Crosses, features “woke” rapper Stormzy and is based on a series of dystopian novels by Malorie Blackman.

The plot is described as “an alternative history in which African people had gained a technological and organisational advantage over the European people, rather than the other way around.”

In the fictional setting for the show, slavery has been legally abolished but segregation remains. “Crosses,” the black people, are forbidden from having relationships with “noughts,” the white people.

Summit News explains that “White characters are subservient to and serve black characters, white characters have their names mispronounced and band aids are all brown colored.”

Naturally, while this could be a really interesting and insightful look at race relations that could help Westerners work through a lot of today’s tension around race, it appears to be just more of the same virtue-signaling propaganda we can expect from an outlet like the BBC.

“At this point why don’t Netflix and the BBC and all the other leftist media outlets simply make a film or series called ” we hate white people”. It would be so much more honest,” one cynical user noted on YouTube.

In the trailer, white people can be seen as angry mobs. We’re guessing this is not a comment on the violent culture that exists within today’s young black community, but rather more of the same “white people are evil” propaganda.

“The things he [Callum] goes through particularly in school happened to me, like asking my teachers where the black scientists were on the curriculum and being told there weren’t any,” Blackman said. “Or my first time in first class on a train and being accused of stealing the ticket.”

So rather than explore the nature of power and showing that black people are capable of being just as “oppressive” as whites if given the opportunity, it’s just mean to guilt-trip white people.

“This comes at a time when white actors have been increasingly denied roles, historical roles being handed to minorities thus sacrificing authenticity, and with the BBC having been known to discriminate against white job applicants in the past,” reports National File.

The series is also yet another opportunity for the BBC to fulfil diversity quotas by employing a mostly black cast.

This despite the fact that a new survey of the British television industry by Creative Diversity Network found that BAME [Black and Minority Ethnic] on-screen representation stands at 23 per cent, significantly above the 14 per cent BAME population of the United Kingdom.


  1. I don’t cease to be appalled at the leftist rationale! Why do they think that by encouraging films like this one makes them more like able to blacks when in reality is the contrary effects this films or series have! This is nothing but detrimental to the efforts of so many years of apartheid and race relations and it needs to stop already!!!😡 No race, culture or skin color is above another!!! We were all created by the same God with uniqueness and excellence according to His mighty will!!!…. Let’s stop destroying God’s will and creation, we’re all perfect in His sight, therefore we can not out do a master creation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. And they say whites are racist ? Every since Trump been elected the only ones I see continuously Trying to cause race wars are these crazy leftist .

  3. The really sad part is someone was ignorant enough to put the funding forth to pay for this. The rapper has been notorious for his hatred of all races except his own and you have to be suspect about that to try and cause a race war where his own people will end up dying as well.

  4. Take leftist and people who dream up this crap. Regardless of their color, give them their own country. They would be cannibalizing each other. They produce nothing but chaos.


  5. The great land owners in the south were 80% British nobility. In the civil war a British monarch ship was off shore waiting to help the south. Is the British monarchy still trying to blame shift onto the filthy peasants who fought for the north??? The Spanish monarchy brought slavery to Latin America. do research

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