Dr. Birx Reveals What Experts “Never, Never Thought” Would Happen With Coronavirus

(Tea Party 247) – While the Democrats and the media will tell you that the reason coronavirus is spreading in our country is because of the perpetual failings of President Donald J. Trump.

This is always their line. Whenever anything happens, good or bad, they’ll find a way to spin it negatively against Trump.

Now, in the midst of a crisis, they’re refusing to pay attention to the harsh reality of how prepared our experts really were for such a crisis.

As coronavirus task force member Dr. Deborah Birx recently admitted during one of the White House’s daily press briefings, no one had ever planned for such a scenario as we are experiencing now, that is, for a respiratory disease to rage across the states in the middle of flu season.

Why, a layperson might ask?

An expert from her comments, made March 23rd:

Q If we could clarify with Dr. Birx. We seem to be talking about different geographical slopes on this; the curve would be changing. And yet, you just said the 20 percent number that is coming out in New York gives an indication that we don’t quite know when the seeds — to use your metaphor — were planted. So how confident are you on the start dates of each curve for each of the geographical areas? The President seems to be indicating we’ll be adjusting the policy for it.

DR. BIRX: So that’s a very good question. So, what we do know is now we can backtrack from people who get very seriously ill to when they probably got infected, which is when they were exposed. And so when you start backing out each of those pieces, when you start seeing hospitalized patients, you know that the virus has probably been there for three to four weeks, substantially circulating within the population. So that’s what we’re looking for.

Now, as all of our testing is improved — and we want to really applaud the group who has worked on it — you know, if you look at the pandemic flu preparedness, all of this was built on a flu platform. It was never, ever thought that you’d have a simultaneous respiratory disease hitting at exactly the same time as your flu hits in the country.

And so when you’re doing all of your flu surveillance, you could have small cases of these pneumonias and flu-like illnesses, characterized as a flu-like illness for the last four to six weeks. And so that’s really a caution to all of us.

And so when we get through all of this, we’ll be looking at each of the pandemic preparedness plans. A long way of saying we know Washington State is a little bit ahead of New York because of the hospitalization records. What we will get to, as a country, with the amount of testing that will be available, is being able to do what the President talked about simultaneously — simultaneously doing containment contract [sic] tracing at the same time you’re doing mitigation.

And I think, right now, we put everything into mitigation. Yet, if we geographically get specific data by zip codes and counties, we’ll be able to approach this in a very laser-focused way, making sure that what we’re doing in each of those areas is absolutely appropriate for where they are in their own little bell-shaped curve.

Clearly, the experts blew it here. But there’s always going to be human error, and right now our whole country needs to pull together to beat this crisis.


  1. Most of mid-America is not experiencing devastating levels of virus. Hot spots deserve huge efforts to reduce mortality with pharma and mechanical ventilators. Companies like Ford and GE are stepping in to produce devices to help save lives. GM and others are on board also. Much like war production the industrial capability of the US is amazing. Retooling that would be months in the usual process has been done in days in some cases. Pharma is going through a major revamp to get production back to the US. We can hope that it stays after the crisis is past.

  2. WHEN another country comes upon a health problem, even if they don’t care about their own people, they DO NOT have the right to endanger other countries. THIS is an act of WAR against all other countries.

  3. It is obvious that the liberals have distortedly inflated the importance of the corona virus for political purposes. The normal seasonal virus has historically affected many more people and many more have died from It than from this Chinese virus. The normal seasonal virus has lost all media coverage to this corona virus because it seems to be more easily transmitted than the normal version. Over 140 countries have become infected because of a lack of restriction on Chinese “tourists”.

    The liberals will continue to push their spin on this development and any future problems that arise in the next eight months so long as it can be propagandized to throw shade on President Trump.

  4. This woman is sharp n well spoken. She’d make a great surgeon generaless. These kind of things are similar to terrorism;. You can Not prepare for every kind! You can only eliminate the Source If Possible or keep it out!

  5. Oh – so there’s really NO connection between Trump axing a very successful Federal program to have an American doctor in China, working with the Chinese medical community, specifically to collect “boots on the ground” info about emerging diseases and epidemics (a program which worked during SARS and MERS), and the American government’s delayed response to the emergence of COVID? NONE at all? Trump’s feeling that his “good buddy” Xi “has things all under control” was as sound of a source of information as an American doctor actually working with Chinese colleagues would have been? And Trump’s blather that “America will be all right” while South Korea and Italy were going under, was as good of a response as telling Americans to prepare for pre-emptive lockdown would have been? Can we say Trump has done a better job of controlling this virus than the South Korean government did? Is the sound of Trump’s voice shouting “All Is Well!” as protective as masks, gloves and social distancing? The fact that there has been NO well-coordinated Federal response to this problem, NO effective planning to get medical personnel all across the country the protective gear they need, and NO real government response to the shortage of masks and ventilators for the rest of us, is evidence of great leadership from Trump? But, hey, I guess when the only standard against which to judge success or failure is a religious fairy tale full of stories of people succumbing to plagues, and their suffering being justified as just sort of the divine “way things are – so don’t ask any questions”, then I guess any response, no matter how lousy, looks good.

    • South Korea as well as Italy had a large portion of Chinese in their nation when the virus struck. They were hit hardest due to that fact and the fact that China hid the crisis from the world, which they could of done with or without an American working with them, Italy had the Chinese helping to build roads as they have the highest ratio of elderly in the world and fewer younger people for their work force. They have socialized medicine and due to not having enough work force to tax and an overly large aging population they ran out of other peoples money to upkeep their hospitals thus many of them are substandard. Now let us take another look at the policies of democrats to keep our borders open. This has introduced H1N1 into our nation, leprosy, drug resistant TB, HIV, chicken pox, and on and on including the Coronavirus. Now look at all the other nations who have the virus. Is it our job as a nation to ensure a disease does not spread worldwide? Are we the worlds keeper? Why are you not blaming them for their lack of working with China? Where was the UN? In fact, just why do you think our nation is responsible for the wrong doings of any other nation period?

  6. The definition of Insanity: Lets pump up to $4 Trillion into the US Economy because we have 26,747 people confirmed to have the virus and 340 died!

    • Yes. But the calculations prove that is probably less than 1/100 of what USA will probably see, N people Are intolerant of death n the unknown!! Soooo we may commit economic suicide… No one wants to deal with that. Consider ALL the Progressives in a few states trying to suck us dry!!! What happened to Being Tough?? // Has anyone considered how many youth die in India n Pakastan because they don’t care to have a sewage system?? Over 100,000 a year. Oh well!

  7. Obviously exposure and severity, and density of population results in different timetables. That is why border closure was important in an unknown disease. The exposure in a nursing home in Washington in a closed community with severe compromised health is only a micro community and NYC is a macro community. The doctors on the President’s team are professionals and all the rules all change when a new disease is injected. Look at the history of polio. When China was withholding health info or WHO failing to warn and people were traveling out of the area, it explains why and how this has developed. No one would have expected this regardless of what Democrats say or try to seed political hysteria.

  8. Thank you Dr. Birx. Rational, thoughtful response is what we need. What is not needed is the irrational hate Trump based reporting from the Press and Democrat party trying to counter everything you and the Task Force and President Trump are doing. And we sure don’t need Joe Biden holding his own CR briefings aimed at (1) trying to convince the American people that your briefings are lies., and (2) justifying the failings of the Obama administration.

  9. DJT sat on his hands for as much as three weeks before smelling the coffee. When it was “go” time he didn’t support the states as requested. Plus, he punishes people that express their thoughts.
    There has been written evidence produced that was warning him of A coming calamity and he ignored them.
    He is a poor CEO and if he worked for me I would dismiss him promptly.

    • And, as a President Trump hater, you were screaming your head off when President Trump stopped flights from China.
      Unzip your fly so you can see the real world!

    • And if you worked for me I would kick you in the nuts just before firing your alarmest ass. Ignorant people need to just stop talking.

    • You don’t recognize President Trump’s brilliant response that has kept the disease away from America for the most part! And if you have a business and would fire someone with President Trump’s great intelligence and talent your business would fail because you obviously don’t have a clue to what is going on around you!!!

    • If you remember he was being impeached you ignorant idiot. All you haters were too focused impeachment.

  10. Clearly the experts did not blow it here. Unless you are God, you do not know what is to come. This has not happened quite like this before. This response is by far better than the H1N1 response and we are going to fare better than the country did with the Spanish flu. According to Johns Hopkins our response and preparedness are better than anyones.

  11. Use COMMON sense, practice (practical) “social isolation”, and ENJOY your LIFE and KIDS! Have a private barbeque with your family, watch a movie in the Living (or family) room, play a BOARD game (remember those?), Maybe ride a BICYCLE (if allowed – LOTS of fun!), and exercise. If your spirit is up, your chances of SURVIVAL skyrockets! It’s hard to beat someone when they are HAPPY and upbeat. Remember who your GOD is . . . He remembers YOU. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  12. Everyone speaks like an expert, even the people who write these comments. No one knows the answers that everyone is seeking. My advice is to isolate and protect your family until we have better information.

  13. Of course, it’s President Trump’s fault that the experts in the field weren’t prepared because.. well… it’s ALWAYS his fault, isn’t it? (For those of you who don’t understand, please note the sarcasm font).

  14. We are dealing with an epidemic. No one can know the when, how or why, nor can they magically cure it with readily available sufficient medical equipment, testing equipment or anecdote to stop it. It has never reared its ugly head before, and it takes considerable time for the medical experts to wrap their expertise around it, to try and find a cure. Sadly, some will die. And the ignorant individuals, who ignore simple common sense, as the “entitled’ youth, who because their age group are at a low risk, will spread the virus to others, who will get sick and die because of their stupidity and childish behavior.

    The Coronavirus will be more deadly, because of human error.

    • Yes. The timing after impeachment failure makes it all suspect. The main stream medias record of outright lying to advance their political agenda makes me wonder what the situation really is. Direct briefing from the Administration and through social media is a big plus in fighting off political spin and seeing the true picture.

  15. Now when no one knows and only expressing opinions, and Dr Birx is not even a pandemic or a disease specialist, those types of persons were let go, when Trump Administration dissolved the Pandemic unit into other departments and let the experts on pandemics go, also pulling the US expert out of China a few months prior to the pandemic because it was not a necessary position.
    Now where is Dr Fauchi the expert or close to it expert on many medical things who disagreed with Trump on almost everything about this virus.

    • Drinking the Soros KoolAid? Wrong on all points. How would Hillary or Joe Biden handle this? Neither one of them ever held a real job.

    • Dr. Birx is more informational than expert Dr. Fauci who’s meandering all over this contagion.
      She’s data based, analytical, on point, terse, direct & rational.
      Let’s trust the task force & recent treatment trials will soon stem & overcome this outbreak.
      POTUS Trump’s competent leadership on this dire epic crisis is heartening, positive, forthright & steadfast to aggressively reverse with daily WH briefings the Dem/media paranoid contrarian propaganda hype which plunged our economy & confidence darkly..

    • Pull your head out of that dark orifice and pay attention to what is really happening! You’ll find that President Trump did not dismantle any “Pandemic unit”, that happened under Obama’s administration! And Obama also depleted the medical supplies in his abismal response to the Pandemic of his administration!!! President Trump’s response is being hailed as the best of any country in the world!!!


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