Does Investigating Russia Hoax Put Pundits’ Lives At Risk?

(Tea Party 247) – The August 10th death of pedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein was a chilling reminder of just how ruthless the enemies of justice are in this country.

While Epstein’s death has so far officially been deemed a suicide, the fact that he had the potential to ruin so many powerful people with his illicit child sex ring coupled with the suspicious circumstances surrounding his death have raised many an eyebrow across the political spectrum over the last few weeks.

So what about others who have been working tirelessly to expose the corruption and crime that run at the heart of our republic.

If you are someone who has been rooting out the truth in this time of mass lies, it’s not hard to imagine you might fear for your own safety more than once.

This could be the case with Fox News’ Sean Hannity, who quipped on his program this week that he fears a “bad accident” or a “mid-morning raid” for the relentless coverage he’s given the Russia hoax.

Mediate reported:

Fox News’ Sean Hannity crept into the conspiratorial on Tuesday night by suggesting — albeit with a laugh — that he fears a “mid-morning raid” on his house or “a bad accident in my life.”

As Hannity concluded an interview with Lindsey Graham (R-SC) about Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s upcoming report, the senator complimented the Fox host on how “you’ve been right about most of” the Trump-Russia investigation.

As Graham concluded his gushing, Hannity offered this comment next:

“There’s a bad accident in my life, or some mid-morning raid at my house, that’s not going to be an accident, either. I’d just ask you to bail me out and send me a cake with a file.”

Now, Mediate reports on this to mock Sean Hannity, but clearly they’re not regular viewers of his program over there.

Hannity has been one of the lone hosts on cable news who is willing to pull back the mask on the corrupt underbelly of the Deep State witch hunt into one Donald J. Trump.

He regularly hosts investigative journalists Sarah Carter and John Solomon, as well as spygate authors Greg Jarrett and Dan Bongino, as well as figures like Rep. Devin Nunes (D-CA) and Judicial Watch founder Tom Fitton, all of whom have been exhaustively researching and exposing the many highly suspicious features of the origins of the Russia campaign.

This is the reporting that few others are willing to do.

So is it really that absurd that Hannity would at least joke about having a target on his back? Not really.


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