Doctor Behind “America’s Frontline Doctors” Fired…But Plans To Hit Back…Hard

(Tea Party 247) – The Los Angeles-based physician behind America’s Frontline Doctors revealed on Thursday night that she was terminated from her job for sharing her medical opinion.

Speaking with Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Dr. Simone Gold of Monday’s “White Coat Summit” told host Tucker Carlson confirmed she’d been fired.

Gold and her colleagues received a flurry of attacks for boldly touting the use of hydroxychloroquine to treat COVID-19 patients.

“I’m a board-certified emergency physician for 20 years, and in fact, it seems like until five minutes ago I was considered a hero and people would be clapping and glad that I was doing what I was doing, and then the video came out and I was summarily fired for appearing in what was told to me is an embarrassing video,” Gold explained.

Video of the press conference was swiftly censored by Twitter, Facebook, Google, and Google-owned YouTube. The mainstream media attacked the doctors for promoting “unproven conspiracy theories.”

In the video, Gold urged the public to understand that “the American people have not heard from all of the expertise that’s out there all across our country” in regards to the coronavirus.

BizPac Review explains:

According to, Dr. Gold is an emergency medicine specialist with more than 31 years of experience in the medical field, and is (or was) affiliated with Centinela Hospital Medical Center.

Graduating from Chicago Medical School in 1989, Gold completed her residency in emergency medicine at Stony Brook University Hospital in New York.

Carlson rightly noted during their conversation that the message the video contained “would hurt the Joe Biden for President campaign and so they pulled it off the internet and banned anyone from sharing it.”

Gold said that the video was entirely unrelated to her work.

“I’m very well-liked liked, well-regarded. Thankfully I have a wonderful reputation with the patients, with my staff and with colleagues, and I actually enjoy what I do,” she said.

“We came to Washington because we are so distressed,” Gold said. “Frontline doctors like myself, we’re seeing patients not get what they need, we’re seeing doctor-patient relationships being completely eroded and governors are empowering pharmacies to overrule doctors who’ve had conversations with their patients. It’s really something that Americans should all be alarmed about.”

Gold also revealed that her website for America’s Frontline Doctors was also taken down.

She explained in a tweet that the site host, Squarespace, “completely and arbitrarily shout down our website, claiming a violation of their terms of service.”

The video, Gold explained, was just a small part of Monday’s events. The summit spanned seven hours during which doctors explained in great detail “everything” associated with treating the coronavirus.

A new website has been set up for all this information at:

“I don’t want anyone just to believe me because I’m saying it,” Gold told Carlson. “We have put together a white paper that has all the science — it’s utterly irrefutable that hydroxychloroquine is safe.”

As the drug is FDA approved, Gold noted that it’s “strange” that we’re still talking about it.

“It’s been around for 65 years. It’s been around since long before George Washington gave it to his troops. It’s kinda strange,” she said.

Gold, in conclusion, asked people to “please stop saying negative things about me. I’m a board-certified emergency physician, I take good care of patients.”

She also revealed that she has hired celebrity attorney Lin Wood, who just secured Kentucky high school student Nick Sandmann a massive settlement in their case against the Washington Post.

“We hired Lin Wood to help me in this matter and I hope that puts to rest anything that people might want to say that’s defamatory,” Gold said.

Sounds like this certainly is not the last we’ve heard of Gold.


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  7. The left is catering to Big Pharma. How can Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci peddle the mythological vaccine if there is an abundant, affordable, effective and safe treatment already in existence. Oh yeah, they can’t very well do that to an informed public. Thank GOD, there are physicians and nurses out there that put human beings before politics.

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  9. It is not just Doctor Gold, but hundreds of doctors across the Nation and the world have spoken out about success in treating this virus with Hydroxychloroquine. Doctor Lozano, in Dallas, fighting the Lefties, and getting great success in her Urgent care clinic, all with no notable side effects. What does the left have to offer? NOTHING at all.

  10. Just the facts people. Fact Checkers, especially those enlisted by the deep state, are not obligated to present all of the facts about any given subject. “Hydroxychloroquine is not a cure for COVID-19”. This is a true statement, just the same as Chemo therapy or Surgery is not a cure for Cancer. However, a prescribed regiment of Hydroxychloroquine and Azithromycin have proven to be a VERY EFFECTIVE TREATMENT for COVID-19. When administered properly, this treatment stops the progression of the virus in it’s tracks and 92% of patients, many of whom were intubated, fully recover without any negative effects from the treatment itself. I praise Madonna and all of the genuine doctors at this “White Coat Summit” for honoring their oath to heal and ease the suffering of all.
    These fact checkers have about as much credibility as the “lyin’ Leftists” that employ them. The hysteria is strictly political. Sensationalized by the deep state media and proven unnecessary and dangerously FALSE, day in and day out by the front line workers like these doctors and nurses. I doubt that any of those countless patients saved by this good, abundant, economical, effective TREATMENT are suing for mal-practice.
    You smellin’ what I’m steppin’ in?

  11. Good. Now she will SUE THE SHIT out of the Hospital that fired her for sharing her Medical opinion, which is backed by 31 years of clinical experience, and then she can SUE THE SHIT out of squarespace for denying her her first amendment rights.

    I am planning to get a website and squarespace was one one of the providers that I WAS looking at. But why the hell would I use someone who wants to limit my first amendment free speech rights? Why would anyone?

    I look forward to hearing about a multi multi million dollar award by a jury which is smart enough to see that this also threatens their first amendment rights.

  12. Here we are in the most free country ever devised by man. We have a constitution that supports our God given rights and codifies some of them in the first amendment. I don’t know Dr. Gold, but from what I am seeing and reading, she is a competent doctor who knows what she is talking about. It is egregious how she is being pilloried by the very media that should be promoting free speech. It is equally egregious that her employers would cave to an irrational fear of what ‘might’ happen to their organization at the hands of these hate mongers. It makes me wonder what we have become as a society. Anyway, I’m betting that she has a good case regarding wrongful termination and hope she is successful in fighting that battle. In the meantime, I hope she keeps pressing her ideas on proper medical practices.

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  14. If you read the legal warnings that come with every drug (Prescription and over the counter) you would not take any of them. They list every possible side effect and potential danger, real or imagined. Understand the Lawyers wrote the warnings trying to cover everything that could possibly go wrong and this is done to prevent law suits, not necessarily for protection or information of the people.

  15. So no one took credit for the tower arms retracting at intervals as the camera flew down the Saturn V? In reality they all retracted together…that was something that really irked me. It did look cool to do it that way but it didn’t happen that

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  17. We as the PEOPLE of the GREATEST country in the World need to take this medical denial extremely serious . This PR campaign to stifle opinion and fact with economic ruin if you don’t follow orders is a tactic that has put every citizen in fear in this country . This tactic is right out of the Marxist playbook and it is yet another effective tool from the progressive left . Along with there latest tools of aiding violent protests under the media coverage of peaceful assembly . There latest move is to take tear gas and other chemical sprays away from the police at political events so there thugs can stoke fear and violence on those that appear with different views , again another communist tactic . In order to STOP this we the people have to send DOJ Director a loud message that those he and Durham are investigating need to be indicted for obvious crimes against our Democracy and our President and this will be the first step in the fight to rid this country of these anarchists .

  18. I live in Nevada, our crummydat governor sissyolak, confiscated ALL the HQC. The only way it can be given is in a hospital setting. I talked to my personal physician and told him that if I were to get the CHINA VIRUS, that HQC, zinc and maybe zithromax would be my specified treatment, HQC as a dosage, according to the transcript, 200 mg I think per week (will have to re-read the transcript), as well as zinc every day. He informed me that he doesn’t have ER privileges so someone else would be my MD. What the governor did, in my thinking is completely UNCONSTITUTIONAL, but he did it anyway. I have one over him though, the POTUS signed the “Right to Try” bill, which gives me a leg up over his unconstitutional acts; and I will be treated as I want, not as he wants.

    • What is your governors back ground. Is he a trained Dr or just a Medical Quack. My big questions with these governors and deciding what medicines and procedures can be taken by Dr. are they practicing Medicine without a license?

  19. I hope and pray America listens to all that is written above. HC is fine. Read what I wrote yesterday. If the drug was harmful as it is now being claimed. Then I and my dad would be dead. He took over 400 doses in 1968-1969. I have taken about the same in a over 40 year career of taking me to all points of the globe. This drug does what it says. There are too many board certified Dr’s using it all over the world with good to great results. My Dr gave me a 30 day supply (not my US Dr) she had no problem with it. I carry it at all times. If I start to get sick, maybe a Cold, Influenza, N1H1, or the CCP Virus, I’m taking it early on!!!!! It is my right it is my body God gave me. F the LEFT. I’ll do what is good for me and mine, not what they want to get their retard elected illegally!!!!!!!

  20. Chris Stigall, on his podcast show dated March 24th, asked Dr. Fauci the following hypothetical question about HCQ. Would you Dr. Fauci give HCQ to a patient? He answered yes. So these doctors are not wrong .

  21. I’ve taken Pacquenil for arthritis and had absolutely no side effects and in fact after my 10 week treatment I asked the Dr. to take me off of it as I saw no benefit in it treating my arthritis.

    This drug seems completely safe. I’m a 64 year old male and other than the arthritis I’m in excellent health.

    I say let’s continue the studies to see if it is effective against Covid-19. Seems pretty low risk approach!

    • The issue with this drug is that it has shown no significant effect in treating CoVid-19, while in those with certain cardiac vulnerabilities it can be fatal. Since those vulnerabilities may be undiagnosed, or, given that the virus itself may attack the heart, it has been determined that it should not be used in treating CoVid. Most persons think that the virus is primarily or exclusively respiratory in nature, which is inaccurate. Initially, MDs were willing to try it for those who might not survive otherwise, with permission, and it did not improve survival rates. Given that those (pre-venting) may have cardiac risk from the virus and that this might further compromise their survival, it makes no sense to take this chance. There are plenty of subtle side effects of pharmaceuticals that are not obvious to patients until the damage is irreparable.

  22. Good luck to Dr. Simone Gold! The hospital that fired her is apparently filled with administrative jesters that don’t know which end is up. Sad. Seems we have an entire world full of people that function out of fear of the truth.

    • Dr Gold is one of the rare medical DRs in the field that actually is saying it the way it is . She has been using this therapeutic drug HQC with some positive results and the all in Globalists Medical elitists are all in to defeat our President , they will go as far as it takes including denying the facts with this therapeutic med at the direst results of having those that are inflicted with this Chinese Virus a tool to defeat it . This dissinformation campaign is the talking points of the progressive ( Communist Party) . There mouth piece Barack Obama just stoked racial tensions at Congressman Lewis’s funeral in a church with NO social distancing . You see if you loose a love one you can’t have a proper funeral if you want to go to church you can’t unless you social distance or No more that 10-50 people this is how the elitists rule 2 sets of rules one for them and one for everyone else.

  23. Dr Fauci George Soros and Bill Gates are in bed together with Pelosi and her puppets and they are using this virus to keep President Trump from being re-elected. They have tried other things and failed and they are trying to say you need a special vaccine to cure this virus One they make up instead of hydroxcholoquine ( I misspelled it) which has been proven to save lives from the Coronavirus. The Democrats don’t want our country completely opened back up. They want us to be a socialist country where they completely control everyone

  24. Hahaha! LOL!! She hired the lawyer who just won two lawsuits out of eight (that are still pending) for Nick Sandman who has to be one of the richest 18 year olds out there. Good for you Dr. Gold! I hope you prevail for the sake of all of us and we can finally get rid of the stupid mask and all the corona socialism behind it!

  25. People know in their gut when something isn’t right. These frontline doctors know too. There is only so much deception people can take. It’s all about Humanity and the heart energy In the end, we choose love, and you cannot fake that. We are all watching and listening to the events being covered up and remaining vigilant. This is not just a vaccine push, political fight or possible bio warfare it is a digital vs. data nightmare.

  26. So now google is sentencing Doctors, I’m sorry I meant censoring. Is this a lesson on “How to takeover America without firing a shot ?

  27. Interesting that Bob would denigrate someone he doesn’t know and insinuate a connection to POTUS. The liberal bias is so idiotic. The doctor has 31 years of experience. The critic has none.

  28. Just another instance of the current Nazi movement: not the “imagined” Nazi movement in the false rhetoric of the Left. BUT, the left’s Nazis that are doing what Nazis do best: they are suppressing truth and fact in favor of their systemic corruption of government, academia, the press, the media and the in their minds “the last frontier” of free speech hi tech and social media sites like this one, @Squarespace. It is interesting to note that Nicole of Squarespace (wonder if the L. stands for Leftist to the extreme?) blatantly violates the intent of Section 230 of FCC guidelines and specific SCOTUS rulings that require free and unfettered speech under the First Amendment; this is why the government is having reviews of big tech monopoly and misuse of power hearings in Congress and has requested review and changes to section 230 to curtail big techs abuse of the provision. It is blatantly obvious the Nazi left is suppressing any fact, truth, science, or view that does not fall in line with their corrupt and self-serving rhetoric—-like shutting down anything that reflects truth that may show their election manipulation through dis-information and forcing a definitively easily manipulated and proven to be flawed mail-in vote system (28 million mishandled ballots in the last 10 years and that is just those that were discovered). Fathom this, they the Nazi left are “setting” up the conditions whereby they can either: delay the election, invalidate the election, contest the election or corrupt the election ALL resulting in either a Democrat elect or a default Nancy Pelosi usurp of the Presidency. Now they may argue that this is what the right is doing BUT if that were true all these methodologies they claim the right is “forcing” would still result in their favor—-IN OTHER WORDS THEY ARE LYING and again manipulating the perception of the masses. The things they, the Nazi left, refuse to consider are proven and reasonable methods: let the people decide on full information (both sides) who they wish to vote for, have only citizens eligible to vote vote and ensure that by proper voter ID, inhibit obvious methods to corrupt the integrity of the vote by same day registration, motor voter registration, ill-kept voter registration rolls that are promoting the blanket mail in voter demand by the left and the covert inclusion of them in other non-related bills like the stimulus packages, counting non-citizens in the Census and using it to undermine the Electoral College Vote by allocating unfairly those VOTING delegates (remember only citizens are eligible to vote), demanding immediate statehood of territories and Washington D.C. that would shift only to the left all allocations of the House, Senate and Electoral College and the most obvious one of all: defame Trump and Idolize corrupt Biden and his keeper Obama. The ONLY NAZI actions we see currently going on are actions of the Left: information manipulation, information suppression, BLM and AntiFa riots falsely being described as “peaceful”, escalation of the left’s favorite and all time useful Race Card rhetoric to instill fear into the people and silence them or manipulate them to “saving their precious status and notoriety” by submission like NASCAR, NFL and many others and defunding / disabling the police authorities that ensure and defend the standing civil order and rule of law. ANY WAY YOU CUT IT—THE LEFT, AND THEIR ALLIES AND THEIR MOUTHPIECES ARE THE PROBLEM NOT THE SOLUTION.

  29. Dr Gold!
    I’m a retired critical care nurse and stand with you 100%. I’ve had so many questions since the very beginning. Few of any have been answered. This treatment was discussed BEFORE there was any SHUT DOWN in the country. I grieve the unnecessary loss of life since March because some said NO. We’re not doing this treatment. All they want is power, money and sadly, they did want mass death.
    Thank you and your colleagues for standing up to the corruption.
    GOD always said those that tell the TRUTH will be criticized, beaten, threaten, not believed and more. Thank for doing GOD’s work. And TRULY being a DOCTOR FOR THE PEOPLE!!

  30. A pity that leftists can not make logical arguments for their political positions, but must resort to personal (and frequently misspelled) insults. They even fail in their attempts to master the art of vituperation!

  31. So glad you’ve spoken out and are willing to fight the flack. Courage is needed against this oppressive medical coup against the American people. Not just for COVID , but free choice for us period. This exposure is a good start. We are the ones in control of our bodies. We need doctors that support and work with us to achieve good health. They have been bought and sold and I’m DONE with it!

  32. Corona is big threat of the century which effect physically, mentally and financially/ To over come these difficulties and make full use of this hostage period and make online earning for more detail visit the given link >>>>>>>>… W­­w­­w­­.­­e­­a­­­­r­­n­­7­­5­­.­­C­­o­­m

  33. Everyone associated with the socialist left Demoncrats don’t want to hear about any helpful medication like hydroxychloroquine. It’s been around for 65+ years and proven effective against all kinds of diseases even COVID-19. That would weaken the fear in people over this socialist made up pandemic and they would start loosing control. Which would be another failed attack against Trump. And they don’t want that.

  34. Thank you Dr. Gold for having the nerves to stand for what is right. Hanging in there, the truth shall prevail!
    God bless you!
    God bless America!
    God bless Corona virus patients and their families!

  35. If this isn’t proof that those damn liberals and Democrats do not want a cure for the covid, at least not until after the Nov. election, how much more proof do you need?! The Dems have weaponized this virus against America, and they will you try to use it to their advantage! The Dems are total azzholes, and I would love to tell each one of them that to their ugly faces!

  36. Thank you for putting this info out there. I don’t do any kind of of social media such as Facebook, Twitter,etc. for this reason. The idea they can make a decision on what I can hear,see,or read is unconstitutional. I personally feel the govt. is going to have to come down hard on these big tech companies. I commend you and the other
    Doctors for standing up and telling us public about this important issue. Keep it up a lot of us out here is listening.

  37. For a group of Science believers, the media and Big Tech clowns sure have gone out of their way to prove themselves otherwise. Our leftist friends have never been pro-science or pro-humanity. All they are is pro=power and money and will resort to any lengths to seize the power and money they feel they deserve and are entitled to. It is past time the Silent Majority stand up to these anti-freedom, anti-rights zealots.

  38. I will always support you Dr. Golden. I am most thankful for you and the other doctors. Please, I would like to follow you and stay advised of all.

  39. Google, Facebook and twitter should be penalized severely for interfering with American politics and violating our 1st amendment rights. Who is doing more damage to our elections, Russia or the social media and main stream media threads?

    • Remember what happened to ” MAMA BELL” in the 1980’s under Reagan? They were broken up in to regional phone companies. If these ” companies ” kept going with this ” A No One Has The Balls To Stop Us ” attitude sooner or late Congress will break them up

  40. Dr Gold , sue for everything you can get!!! Thank you for speaking up! We dispensed Chloriquine in Vietnam for malaria with no known side effects for all the boots that where on the ground ! That’s a lot of troops and civilian personnel for all the years we where in country! Good luck and God Speed!

  41. These doctors should all be commended for their courage to fight the unfair treatment they’ve gotten from the major search engines. Their freedom of speech has definitely been violated, while at the same time, the actions of violent rioters are promoted.

  42. Promoting an unproven medicine for coronavirus is not helpful. Not saying she should have been fired, just that ullng the video is appropriate.

    • There are 59 world wide studies that support it for treating COVID 19 and countless doctors. What are your qualifications for calling it unproven?



    • You’re missing the point Bruce. Social media platforms should be allowed to have all opinions or none. That “inconvenient” amendment of the Constitution called Freedom of Speech. Heard about it? Are you implying that everything on social media is the absolute truth and should be followed 100%? Then you definitely should be listening to these doctors because they are in the hospital treating COVID patients. Not CNN and Fauci is a desk guy that hasn’t treated a patient in decades. Who would you want to treat you on your dying bed? CNN’s Acosta?
      Secondly they said the drug is safe and since front line soldiers are still required to take it to this day it’s true. They didn’t say it’s a miracle Drug. They said it worked for their patients. Does one antibiotic works for all? No. This is no different.

    • This Doctor is the one who is treating her patients with these drugs and seeing the results so it cannot be unproven, The earlier this drug is given the more effective it is. We should throw every drug at this Covid 19 and not worry about it being safe Covid is not safe. This drug is being used over 65 years. We should not make medications or treatment political Covid is no respector of Political parties it is just looking for a suseptable host to replicate and stay alive.

    • if you were really sick with that virus would you take it. Many many people have been given that medicine for a lot of different illnesses with no side effects

    • OK. guess what? All the demonrats and their sycophants should refrain from taking HCQ and Z-Pack and Zinc since they are afraid or don’t believe they work and leave it to all Republicans and friends who want to take it. No one will force a libtard to take those drugs so leave them for us. Deal ? And don’t come back and weep !

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    • Interesting that you say the Chicago Medical School is a quack university. Considering that this is a highly rated place, I’m sure that the powers that be will be quite impressed with your bias just because Trump is slightly involved indirectly. I don’t agree with everything the man does, but your comments are childish and irrational.


    • Yeah. Bob when you’re sick….please don’t take Hydroxychloroquine OK ? Leave it all for us. Thanks.

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