Do Black Lives Really Matter? Not To The Left. Here’s The Proof.

(Tea Party 247) – Do black lives really matter? Of course they do, just not to the left. While the left flaunts their faux morality and concern over black communities, thousands of blacks are murdered every year. Where is the liberal outrage? Why aren’t major news channels flocking to report live from Baltimore or Chicago, where gun violence is claiming the lives of blacks every weekend?

It definitely doesn’t fit their anti-gun narrative which dictates that guns are the problem, not their policies or lack of involvement in the communities they are supposed to be serving. If they showed real concern over gun violence and black lives they wouldn’t be able to ignore what’s happening in inner-cities around the country, especially cities where gun laws are the strictest (We’re looking at you, Chicago).

Democrat politicians have moved on from the black community, believing they have the black vote on lockdown. The said truth is, they do. What really matters now are immigrants, as many as can sneak through the border as possible. They are the Dems new up-and-coming voter base and the left has to protect their interests at all costs. This was blatantly obvious at the Democratic debates this summer. Why aren’t more blacks questioning why the Democrats spent big chunks of their time at the debates discussing rights for illegal aliens instead of improving black communities? I digress.

There is most definitely problems plaguing inner-city communities across America and the Dems don’t seem to care. Just look at the staggering differences in crime stats between whites and blacks, as reported by DC Clothesline:

Back to the Detroit News and one of those solutions: “Sgt. Nicole Kirkwood said: “Of the 30 homicides, 14 started with arguments, because too many people don’t know how to resolve conflicts without resorting to violence.”

Instead of stoking the fires of hatred and resentment, teaching conflict resolution would go a long way towards resolving quarrels that otherwise might end up being settled with violence.

The Democrat Party sees its future in the steady stream of millions of minority immigrants coming into the country, so what’s a few thousand dead black people each year? According to the Violence Policy Center Report, (May 2019): “In 2016 there were 7,756 black homicide victims in the United States. The homicide rate among black victims in the United States was 20.44 per 100,000…For whites, the national homicide rate was 2.96 per 100,000.”

The number of blacks murdered daily (21) is the same as the number of veterans committing suicide.

The Veteran’s administration spends tens of millions each year to treat Depression and Post Traumatic Stress in their patients (by the way this includes conflict management). Hotlines run 24/7. This is an honest and focused attempt to combat a real problem. While politics always plays in the background of the VA budget, it doesn’t dictate clinical solutions to patient problems.

Each year over twice as many black people are murdered than people killed during the 9/11 terrorist attack.

If the Dems actually cared, they would be more concerned with finding solutions that improve black communities instead of spending all their time trying to destroy President Trump. The Democrats have successfully convinced blacks that President Trump is their enemy though, so the very people who are in desperate need of policy reform and community revitalization are too busy looking at the wrong enemy to notice they are being duped.

It’s truly a sad state of affairs. Until blacks come to the light and realize the Dems have been using and manipulating them for decades, all for their votes and giving nothing in return, they will stay stuck in the oppressive, inner-city conditions so many of them live in.


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