Disturbing Leaked Letter Reveals Michigan’s Creepy Plan To Ration Ventilators

(Tea Party 247) – A letter drafted by one of the biggest hospital systems in Michigan has been leaked online, and reveals the disturbing reality of what hospitals may do to ration care for sufferers of the coronavirus.

The letter implements a policy to prioritize care for “patients who have the best chance of getting better” should supplies become limited due to the outbreak.

The letter was drafted by officials at the Henry Ford Health System and addressed to “our patients, families and community.” It details the criteria for which patients will be eligible for care if the hospital is forced to ration supplies.

“Patients who have the best chance of getting better are our first priority. Patients will be evaluated for the best plan of care and dying patients will be provided comfort care,” it reads.

In the event of a shortage of ICU beds and ventilators, “If you (or a family member) becomes ill and your medical doctor believes that you need extra care in an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) or Mechanical Ventilation (breathing machine) you will be assessed for eligibility based only on your specific condition.”

Conditions which may make someone ineligible to receive care are “severe heart, lung, kidney or liver failure; Terminal cancers; Severe trauma or burns.”

In a statement issued Thursday by Dr. Adnan Munkarah, the executive vice president and chief clinical officer of Henry Ford Health System, confirmed the draft letter is accurate, but insisted that it only reflects a “worst case scenario.”

“With a pandemic of this nature, health systems must be prepared for a worst case scenario,” Munkarah said. “Gathering the collective wisdom from across our industry, we carefully crafted our policy to provide critical guidance to healthcare workers for making difficult patient care decisions during an unprecedented emergency.”

He added, “These guidelines are deeply patient focused, intended to be honoring to patients and families. We shared our policy with our colleagues across Michigan to help others develop similar, compassionate approaches. It is our hope we never have to apply them and we will always do everything we can to care for our patients, utilizing every resource we have to make that happen.”

The draft letter was first leaked online on Thursday, when Nicholas Bagley, a law professor from the University of Michigan, tweeted out an image of the letter on what appears to be official hospital letterhead.

The letter was then published by the Detroit Free Press:

To our patients, families and community:

Please know that we care deeply about you and your family’s health and are doing our best to protect and serve you and our community. We currently have a public health emergency that is making our supply of some medical resources hard to find. Because of shortages, we will need to be careful with resources. Patients who have the best chance of getting better are our first priority. Patients will be evaluated for the best plan of care and dying patients will be provided comfort care.

What this means for you and your family:

1. Alert staff during triage of any current medical conditions or if you have a Do Not Resuscitate (DNR)/Do Not Attempt Resuscitation (DNAR) or other important medical information.

2. If you (or a family member) becomes ill and your medical doctor believes that you need extra care in an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) or Mechanical Ventilation (breathing machine) you will be assessed for eligibility based only on your specific condition.

3. Some patients will be extremely sick and very unlikely to survive their illness even with critical treatment. Treating these patients would take away resources for patients who might survive.

4. Patients who are not eligible for ICU or ventilator care will receive treatment for pain control and comfort measures. Some conditions that are likely to may [sic] make you not eligible include:

  • Severe heart, lung, kidney or liver failure
  • Terminal cancers
  • Severe trauma or burns

5. Patients who have ventilator or ICU care withdrawn will receive pain control and comfort measures.

6. Patients who are treated with a ventilator or ICU care may have these treatments stopped if they do not improve over time. If they do not improve this means that the patient has a poor chance of surviving the illness — even if the care was continued. This decision will be based on medical condition and likelihood of getting better. It will not be based on other reasons such as race, gender, health insurance status, ability to pay for care, sexual orientation, employment status or immigration status. All patients are evaluated for survival using the same measures.

7. If the treatment team has determined that you or your family members does not meet criteria to receive critical care or that ICU treatments will be stopped, talk to your doctor. Your doctor can ask for a review by a team of medical experts (a Clinical Review Committee evaluation.)

Featured image credit: Quinn Dombrowski – flickr.com/photos/quinnanya/5646118244


  1. This sounds like what Blooming Idiot wanted as his healthcare policy. It is also what Democraps have wanted in America since the 1960’s.

  2. I can only picture this as fare if the ENTIRE muslim race in Michigan are the ones being excluded from ventilator use!

  3. I guess MI is joining NY so far on bringing on the “Death Squad”, I guess if you are a senior citizen “you die” automatically, how downright distressing for we the senior citizens of this nation. Probably an “illegal” will get a respirator before one of us a US senior citizen.

    • Probably? If the democrats have anything to do with it they will. They will also look at your voting record and all conservatives will be deemed “un-treatable”

  4. Although this may be what no person in healthcare ever wants to happen, it has always been a plan for disaster medicine. Because the philosophy is to do the greatest good for the most possible, using the supplies and personnel at your disposal, it is the method used to achieve that goal. The patients affected are assigned tag colors, black…red…yellow…green. The only patients that will receive treatment in the hospital/facility setting are red and yellow. Green is injured but mobile and can care for themselves. Black is a patient that has no realistic possibility for survival. In non-disaster healthcare, black would have priority, and then red…yellow…..green, in that order, and all would be seen in a medical facility. Is it what I wanted in my healthcare career…….absolutely not, but it is what can be done when the medical facilities are swamped in a catastrophic situation. No one in health care wants this to happen, but most know that it could. Do I expect anyone to understand……no I don’t…….and I would always hope that this would not happen, but history has seen this before, and most likely will again. All will always have my empathy and compassion, and I pray that the world dies not have to witness this again.

  5. So, theres a drug available being tested in NY with good results. Unfortunately didn’t your governor ban those drugs. Hummmmm

  6. The problem with this is if it is Pelosi and a 22 year old believe me they are going to treat Pelosi, the determination of who is more likely to survive wont come into it. When you determine who is more valuable and likely to survive with given guide lines it should apply to congress, doctors, and the rich equally as it would the poor and regular citizens but we have seen how our government works. What they dump on us is never what they have to deal with.

  7. Plus, Michigan is refusing to let doctors give the Hydroxychloroquine drug, that has been a miracle for many with this disease. Who cares if the “almighty” FDA hasn’t had clinical trials for this covid19. It’s been found more than helpful for the doctors who have tried it on their patients. To anyone that looses a family member because of these restraints in your state–SUE the pants of them and throw them in jail.

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  9. The Ford Hospital Letter referred to appears to be a straight forward letter of reasonable medical triage policy drafted for public distribution….TeaParty may like to have its own medical advisors peruse and comment before getting too further heated. Agreed that it is sad and chilling to have to make these hard medical decisions
    I am a licensed physician not in Michigan or affiliated with Ford Hospital orany political party

  10. The reputed death squad.
    Dr. Adnan Munkarah: “We hope that we never have to implement these plans. We want to reassure our community that we have and will continue to be there for them. We will provide the best care for our patients so they can get back to their families. We are not going to let the pandemic change our culture.”

    So, before supplies are tapped or remotely exhausted, these healthcare providers will decide if the currently available resources will be used on your loved one. There could be 100 ventilators on site with no patient requirements but a 72 yr old might be refused because of age. And up to the discretion of the individual in charge on that day. The reasoning would be ‘but what if we get 100 30 yr olds during this shift, we cannot give one to your wife – sorry’. Tell me , if your last name is Munkarah and you are that 72 yr old, will you will be denied. BS Advice: change your name and fast.

  11. The level of disagreement between both sides in this discussion shows the great divide in our country. As a senior citizen, I can only pray my wife and I stay well rather than be judged non-vital to our society. I am not a religious person, but find myself praying to God to protect us all and that includes those from both sides of the argument …Stay well everyone and this too shall pass!

  12. Any sites that feel that they have the power to take lives will end up with the worst of this disease. Eventually they will realize the reason.

  13. And this is what we were trying to tell the lefties was going to happen and we got blasted by them and the MSM, so hows it feel to have our statements be true and you left wingers and the MSM be proved as liars?

  14. Our local hospital is not top-rated but they at least worked like hell to bring me back a couple of times last year. And, I am appreciative. if my life-threatening condition was today in Michigan , I shudder to think. But, God surrounds me!

    In Michigan, it appears doctors are not required to take or practice the Hippocratic oath. The governor has a jd and is married to a dentist which quality her to make substantive medical decisions regarding the lives of her constituents. The people of Michigan are merely surviving under martial law. So I say to them, it may not seem like it now, but keep the faith, God surrounds you, too.

    • Why would anybody who has god need a ventilator or modern medical treatment? If you get this stuff, god will take care of it for you without man’s interventions needed. If you get it and die, then hooray, you’ve just been selected to go to paradise early. You have a problem with that?
      What I see are a lot of religious hypocrites who brag about the Powers of Jesus, but cower and whimper in fear at the threat of a disease we’ve been assured by conservatives and Trump isn’t much worse than the common flu. Trump advised prayer to fight this. Surely that will work? He said so. So please stay home and pray, whether you live or die is up to god and there’s nothing you want that science can give you. Let the poor ungodly ones have access to the drugs and ventilators since they’re not protected by the hand of their creator like you are. Do the Christian thing – don’t be selfish. Maybe you’ll show everybody else how much better off you are and win some converts.

  15. To begin, I’m a conservative and Trump supporter…and a Critical Care physician. Like it or not, this is how it works in every state, and every country….and on the battlefield.
    The alternative would be to ‘pull the plug‘ randomly…which may include the 22 yr old with a high chance of survival…I’d prefer to remove those that are going to die anyway. Stay well….

    • And you are a damned liar! My sister is a 35 year Nurse and now a PICC Nurse. My Niece is a 22 year Nurse and the head of an emergency room. My Second Niece is working as a Medical Copter nurse and my third niece is the manager of Nurses at 6 different Promedica hospitals. And every one of them is calling you the lying POS you are. You try and save as many as you can on the battlefield no matter how badly they are wounded as the most serious wounds come first for treatment. Same thing in a hospital or an emergency room, the most serious get treated first. Your post proves that you are no more a physician then the rock in my front yard as a REAL physician would know this.

    • MarcS Pay no attention to the dissenter…a known troll…with malintent. You are 100% correct.

    • My thought is this–do you try to save the ones who have the greatest chance of dying no matter what you do, or do you try to save the ones who have the greatest chance of surviving? If you try to save the former, then you may doom the latter. Or you may doom both of them.

  16. This spreading virus is unpredictable and no one can yet predict when the Nation sees light at the end of the tunnel
    For this it is only fair to provide the medical staff with preferably federal instruction how to handle shortage of respirators, with other words a guideline for doctors etc how to access the need for patients in critical health condition.
    The Michigan published paper is well designed
    Germany has done this also very well, even though they are properly the last ever to encounter a shortage of respirators

  17. Democrats and Eugenics. Proposals from the 1930s adopted by Hitler. So much for learning from history! So glad all those illegals you spent U.S. Taxpayer money on as opposed to purchasing equipment needed for a pandemic are proving to be a boon to stopping the rate of infection and providing treatment Americans need! We all know illegals are seen by Dems as their way to regain power because they are going to be allowed to vote illegally. By the way, does an illegal get a vent before an actual American?

  18. Instead of allocating $350,000,000 to help illegals relocate here – perhaps the Dems could have considered helping legal residents fight the virus – which was the pint of the recent Coronavirus bill. Michigan is Dem controlled, vote GOP and end the insanity.


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