Disabled Italians Lose Out As Italy’s New Leftist Government Plans To Give More Money To This Group…

(Tea Party 247) – Leave it to bleeding-heart liberals to ruin an economy and put non-citizens first. We see the Dems right here in America trying it on us, luckily their power is restrained by the Republican-controlled Senate and the President. This hasn’t stopped them from ruining some of America’s biggest cities by declaring sanctuary city status and allowing illegal immigrants to flood in while throwing massive amounts of government aid at them.

Who gets the short-end of the stick? We do. The hard-working American people are the losers in this leftist scheme to appear “ethically” and “morally” superior. The same is happening around the world wherever leftists gain control. Such is the case in Italy, where their new leftist government is planning on forking out more cash to migrants than to its own disabled citizens.

That’s right, disabled Italians, who cannot work, will now have to survive on much less all while having it thrown in their faces by able-bodied migrants who could work but instead are rolling in government cheese.

Summit News reports:

Recently released figures show that the state will allocate €50 million next year, €200 million in 2021, and €300 million in 2022 to the Disability and Self-Reliance Fund.

Given that two million out of three million disabled people in Italy rely on state benefits, this works out at just 54 cents per day in welfare, which isn’t even enough to live on a subsistence diet.

In contrast, migrants receive €20 euros a day, a figure that used to be even higher at €35 euros a day before Matteo Salvini reduced it.

According to Fabio Scaltritti of the Community San Benedetto al Porto in Alessandria, the question over handing money to migrants isn’t an economic issue, it’s an “ethical” necessity.

“The gap with the disabled continues to be truly absurd,” writes Luca Sablone. “According to these data, Italians who unfortunately are disabled find themselves mocked by the refugees who arrive in our country.”

As we previously highlighted, when the leftist government was last in power during the height of the migrant crisis, some Italian citizens had their property requisitioned by the authorities and were forced to rent it out to migrants at rock bottom prices.

We are well on our way to this global liberal dystopia that the left is so eager to usher in. A world where borders no longer matter and you get a special privilege card for moving from your poor, third-world home country to a new, affluent country under the guise of ‘refugee.’

Not only are these migrants flooding European countries but they are exploiting the very people and cultures of those countries, on top of being supported financially by said country’s governments. It’s mind-blowing.

They are bringing crime waves unlike anything Europe has ever seen. Of course, this is something all liberal politicians deny and ignore. Just like they won’t acknowledge the fact that the number of organized crime syndicates is steadily increasing along with violent crimes statistics.

It’s just not morally and ethically right to imply that these numbers have been on the rise since the number of migrants cascading in has also been on the rise. It’s all just a coincidence; at least that’s what they’d like everyone to believe.

Not only are these leftist governments bringing in migrants by the thousands and paying them massive amounts of government money, but a lot of these migrants are also involved in illegal activities that further hurt European citizens and economies. What a mess.

Good thing the Italian lawmakers can feel all warm and fuzzy about themselves and their big bleeding hearts.



  2. Those so called leftist, by your teaparty are
    indeed, former Christian Democrats devouted religious people that believe in
    Jesus and His compassionate love to embrace all who suffer, without distinction of race,religion or nationality.
    You have in my opinion a very poor knowledge of the tradition and culture of the Italian people.
    If you want to know more about this tradition and culture feel free to ask.
    I will give you, the answers to your questions at the best of my knowledge on this matter.
    Be Blessed.

  3. Again you get what you vote for and it goes on in this country also. Look at what people in California or New York are willing to put up with just to vote democratic.

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