“Devout Catholic” Biden Doesn’t Even Know How To Pronounce Name Of Major Bible Book

(Tea Party 247) – During the 2020 election, the campaign team for former Vice President Joe Biden worked hard to appeal to as much of the faith vote as they could by playing up the candidate’s purported devout Catholic faith.

Forget his clear ignorance of virtually all Christian morals as evidenced by his radical secularist political platform which includes anti-religious freedom policy and support for the crude dismemberment of unborn babies with taxpayer dollars, his campaign could have at least given him a crash-course on how the word “Psalms” is pronounced.

It’s incredibly difficult to believe that anyone who has spent more than an hour inside a church at any point in their entire lives would not know how the word describing the age-old songs written by the likes of iconic Bible figures like King David and Solomon.

I’d be willing to bet the vast majority of lifelong atheists know how to say this word.

Not Joe Biden.

During a Thanksgiving address to the nation on Wednesday, Biden mispronounced the word not once—but two times, mistaking the “s” for the silent letter and referring poignantly to a beautiful passage from the “palmist.”

Ah yes, the palmist of yore.

How we all appreciate his timeless wisdom.

This video is priceless:

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  1. Biden has made himself rich at the expense of the Americans. Why should it be any different for his declared religion!! He, Pelosi, and other leftist politicians should have been excommunicated years ago, but considering this current Pope, they are more likely be put in for sainthood! It’s truly sad how such a large segment of Americans are so ignorant that they can’t see they are being fooled in believing that the Democrats claims to be the “people’s saviors”, we
    Hen, in fact, they are just current version of the European Masters who believe they are the Elitists empowered to care for the peasants. Those that “drank the koolaid” will soon wake up to the fact that they have willingly gave, whatever amount of freedom they had, away for a hatred that was sold to them by these Elites and the Tech Kings! Thank God I’m in the Winter of my Life!

  2. Sad, I would have some respect for Biden if he renounced his Catholic Faith. As a strong Catholic, I resent him – and Pelosi, Kane, and many others – claiming to be Catholic, and then supporting everything the Catholic Church is against. I can’t judge him, that is God’s job, but I wish these politicians were sometimes honest – no chance!

  3. That’s because this CLOWN is not real. He’s a clone… and anyone listening to a “synthesized” voice knows they pronounce words incorrectly ALL the time. Wakie wakie.

  4. President-elect Biden studders and certain sounds are he has problems with. Does anyone remember Two Corinthian? This was from Trump infamous speech at Liberty University,

  5. Joe Biden is an ABOMINATION for WHAT he STANDS for . . . He is NOT a CATHOLIC Christian but an INSTRUMENT of the DEVIL and his WAYS. GOD does NOT appreciate him MURDERING children (especially the UNBORN – they are PEOPLE, just like ME and YOU) by DISMEMBERMENT or ANY other way. Death Row CRIMINALS are treated BETTER. one THOROUGHLY Enlightened And WARY Patriot. Team Trump And His Allies

  6. He is the fulfilment of the son of perdition. See the parallel of the character of YeHUDaH AYShKaRYOTh (YoHN 17:12; 2Tessalonians 2:3)

  7. The “palmist”? Is that like the fortune teller that reads palms? Because that is as close as Joe Biden has gotten to a Catholic Church! Does anyone but Nanny Pelosi buy this BS that he is a devout Catholic? My mother and sister-in-law are devout Catholics and Joe Biden ain’t one! I mean, “Come on, Man!”

  8. Old Joe isn’t as sharp on the teleprompter as Obama, but every bit as dependent on it. Remember Obama and his moving speech about a Marine Corpseman?

  9. Ah yes the Roman Catholic Church. Allows Biden to take communion after he vows to make free abortions available to everyone including illegal aliens. I wonder how many alter boys Catholic priests have corn holed?
    Gives head and takes it up the wazoo. I heard that there is a pole dancing studio in Beto’s former campaign head quarters. He could use this as his next campaign slogan. There’s a pole to the North and a pole to the South and for a small campaign contribution you can have my pole in your mouth


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