Despite Cruz Following Through With Promised Objection, Senate Pushes Forward With Fraudulent Election

(Tea Party 247) – There’s no doubt that the storming of the Capitol building in Washington DC, Wednesday, was far more beneficial to the left than to President Trump, conservatives, and the efforts to fight for election integrity.

While there were about a dozen Senators who had previously vowed to object to the electoral votes from several contested states, it came down to around 6 who objected to Arizona and 7 who objected to Pennsylvania.

Looks like the violent attack on the Capitol gave Republicans the justification they were looking for to go along with the election coup d’etat.

Maybe minds could have been changed during the debate period after members of the House and Senate objected to the electoral slate from Arizona but that process was interrupted by the siege.

“There’s gonna be probably 30 or 40 more minutes of debate, and one vote,” Senator Rand Paul said post-siege, “I just don’t think there’s going to be another objection. I think it’s over at that point.”

Clearly the electoral objection bubble had been totally popped by the storming of the Capitol and we really have to consider who stood to benefit the most from the attack?

At this point, we can’t rule out the attack being perpetrated by Antifa thugs disguised as Trump supporters.

You have to really wonder, why would Trump supporters pick that time to lay siege on the Capitol building? It’s just nonsensical and irrational. Nothing good was ever going to come of it. Surely they saw that.

The whole thing stinks like a set-up but, as with everything else in Washington DC, the truth of what happened will never see the light of day, speculate as we may.

Despite the fact that the objections may never have been successful, conservatives felt a sense of being heard and respected when 12 Senators finally declared they would stand up for us.

In the end, only Republicans Ted Cruz (TX), Josh Hawley (MO), Tommy Tuberville (R-AL), Cindy Hyde-Smith (MS), Roger Marshall (KS) and John Kennedy (R-LA) ended up standing their ground and objecting to Arizona.

The failed attempts of Congress to object to the fraudulent electors is working out for the best interest of the swamp creatures in DC which includes both the Democrats and establishment Republicans.

The storming of the Capitol only seemed to solidify victory for these corrupt politicians and it’s interesting to note that once the entire ordeal was over, Trump supporters largely dispersed and went home.

There was no setting up of anarchist “autonomous” zones. No further violence throughout the District. No attacking the police. No setting buildings and cars on fire.

The attack on the Capitol seems to have been perfectly orchestrated from start to finish with the intention of giving Congress the justification to ignore the “conspiracy” theories about election fraud.

Senators appeared to have lost their nerve and who knows how many others had changed their minds in favor of supporting the objections only to be put back in place by the well-timed, ever so convenient outburst of violence.

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  1. It’s TIME for the RED STATES to hold a CONVENTION of STATES to REIGN in a RUNAWAY Federal Government that does NOT go by the U.S. Constitution. If this doesn’t WORK, then a FULL scale SUCCESSION of MANY, numerous states need to take place. We should then form our OWN UNION, United in Liberty as founded by the God Fearing Founding Fathers, run by THE U.S. Constitution, a GODLY Document set up by GOD himself to make sure that we The People REMAIN a FREE people, NOT run by a Leftist GLOBAL Socialist agenda. One Enlightened And WARY Patriot. team Trump and His Allies 2020.

  2. They never did intend on a fair election. They pretty blatentely told us voters they don’t care what we think. Well my hat is off to Ted Cruze and a few others but for the rest of you. You took part in a treasonest act due to cowdardess and it will come back on you. Don’t ask the voters for another vote either side. I damn sure won’t give it

  3. Not to be a tin hat type, but this fell together very conveniently. Not only is the media sucking all the air out of the election fraud (however big it is) but they’re able to defuse any debate, not that anything is ever exposed in Congressional debate but sound bites. Good thing there wasn’t a plan when the Capitol was “stormed”. It’s not the Bastille though the media is trying to make it so.

    • If 74 million Americans will immediately cancel their Facebook, twitter, and fake news satellite & cable stations, it will quickly suck the cash out of the communist, socialist media & send a message to the corrupt politicians involved in the treason against America. NFL, NBA & the sports industry found out that nobody wanted their communist, socialist & fake justice SEWAGE pouring into their homes! If every family boycotts the socialist Facebook, twitter & fake news, it will directly impact their ability to destroy America.

  4. Resist. Resist. Resist. Resist. Just like the Democrats did for 4 years. Only this time, we have ACTUAL, REAL (not fabricated) evidence of Biden Family corruption in the Hunter Biden computer files and Tony Bobulinski testimony. The only question is, will the DOJ pursue prosecution based upon actual evidence.

  5. Hey don’t know if u know but they caught the guy who flipped the dominion machines and he admitted it was done in Germany and the guy is in custody in Italy the person said they handed a thumb drive to a senator saw it on Facebook hopefully it does some good to lock up the left and help me trump and Sydney powell

  6. LOL now the Democrats will reveal how Biden gets taken out for the patsy he is and their wench ushered in to be the joke of America.

  7. The last time this happened a lot of tea was dumped in the Boston harbor. That was over taxes and lack of representation. Funny how history repeats itself.

  8. I am a senior citizen and I have never seen anything in this Great Country since my life began—The Democrats have destroyed this Country and it doesn’t seem to get any better each day of my life–I never thought that America could ever be this way but I am only one person of the 330million people in this country—My vote did not count in this election and that is the last one that I will cast until voting integrity is restored—If all of the fraud of this election is not investigated by this country ,No one will ever vote again–Why waste our time??It would not count—Million’s of other people feel the same as I do!!Facebook,istagram,google,twitter,as well as any other tech company have taken over control of our republic and this should not be allowed!!!!I dread the next 4 yrs of this country and this is what many people feel—this should never happen in this country —

  9. Those extremists that stormed the capitol should have went there with an intent and plan to do what needed to be done and we all know what that is. That’s how it will eventually end up.

  10. Just wait. There will be states removed from the union. I don’t support anyone. The Republicans have denied their own citizens who voted them in their rights. They’re wont be anymore republican party lines. No more support. You will get that Civil uprising you wanted.

  11. The left will ruin what is good in America because they operate with spite as their motive not intelligence and reason….the main trouble makers in congress are way past the age of reason they should be retired…I have no idea why someone in their age group is so fixed on money…you can’t take it with you ….

    • I agree. The republican party has not done their part to prevent this situation. This is a total lack of due process. Obama was not a legal potus. And they did nothing. Those votes were rigged and they did nothing. Again they do nothing.

  12. Besides the obvious political aims of the Swamp, much of what has happened to Pres Trump is likely to discourage any future thought by anyone of running for State or National political office. The Swamp is co-operating in that effort to protect itself. Would you run for Pres. independently cansidering how Pres. Trump and his family have been assaulted for over 4 years…..Just sayin’ .

    • Your correct. He was doing a great job. We though there was a good chance. The former rhinos that started the Lincoln project. Along with Sonos an Obama an the rest of the evil ones. Created a perfect crime on regular citizens.

  13. it is so horrible what happened But I believe our Lord will fight to fix this problem with the DemoCraps. I love President Trump and all he tried to do and did accomplish for our country.

    • The Lord isn’t going to fix your mess. You were told not to be of them. Come out from them. You are to be in this world not of it. Those who truly accept Christ and follow him are no longer aliens from the Commonwealth of Israel or from his movements of promises. You now have hope. Our rewards are not in this earth age.

  14. “Vengeance is mine thus saith the Lord.” Things May have not gone the way we wanted but we haven’t yet seen what God has planned and His plans are never spoiled and are always righteous. May God expose all the corruption and allow Grace and Mercy flow from His throne. No body has gotten way with anything, God has been waiting on us to get out of the way so He can do what only He can do. I remember all the good that came out of the Water Gate scandal and those that were saved because of it. It is God that we should be trusting.

    • You are correct sir. We are told the things that need to happen before Christ will return. Satan must control, Education, done. Monetary system, done. Political system, done. Religion, done. You may question if satan controls religion? Ask yourselves, is my church a corporation? All corporations are entities of the state where Incorporated and under state control. Does my church teach the word of God or the traditions of men? All but a few follow man not God. Does my church observe the Sabbath? That would be Saturday in case you have been following man. Does my church celebrate Christmas and Easter as Christian holidays? They are traditions of men to get you to fill their coffers. Please don’t believe me. Study Scripture and pray for wisdom to have God reveal his word to you. It is quite simple once you understand the beginning. The truth just falls into place once you understand God’s word and his plan. There was no apple in the beginning but there was satan. I’m planting the seeds, which is what is ask of me. The fertility of the soil is above my pay grade.

  15. It’s time for the RED States to have a CONVENTION of STATERS To REIGN in a ROGUE Federal Government who DOESN’T follow the U.S. Constitution. Let the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT know that they will NOT go along with what they propose in our STATES. We are UNITED but for a NOBLE and GOOD cause, not a SOCIALIST WISH LIST. If that FAILS, then a FULL SCALE succession should FOLLOW. Joe Biden is NOT MY president because of the FRAUDULENT action of a GOVERNMENT who WON’T follow the U.S. Constitution. He never WLL be, and I suspect that a LOT of disenfranchised voters believe the same. These are some DANGEROUS times. One Enlightened And WARY Patriot. Team Trump and His Allies 2020.

  16. The next 4 years under the Biden/ Harris administration and the Democratic National Communist party may be the worst to come in the history of America.

    • This will not be happen! People cannot think that they can defy God’s authority and get away with it! Watch how God works this! Amen!

    • Resist. Resist. Resist. Resist. Just like the Democrats did for 4 years. Only this time, we have ACTUAL, REAL (not fabricated) evidence of Biden Family corruption in the Hunter Biden computer files and Tony Bobulinski testimony. The only question is, will the DOJ pursue prosecution based upon actual evidence.


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