Despite Calls For Peace, Minnesota Governor’s Own Daughter Uses Social Media To Support Rioters

(Tea Party 247) – Riots have erupted all across the US. The rioters are looting and setting businesses and police vehicles on fire in the name of justice for George Floyd but it’s become abundantly clear that these people are just agitators who seek only to cause chaos and destruction. Their “demonstrations” have nothing to do with justice.

As The Gateway Pundit points out, these groups of rioters are likely domestic terrorists, revolutionary communists, US based radical Islamist organizations, and other groups related to the Democratic Party that are being paid and even bussed in to create bedlam.

The Governor of Minnesota has repeatedly called for peace and calm in vain and it looks like his own daughter has been busy on social media giving out information to rioters to assist them in continuing this reign of terror. It should come as no surprise that the Democrat Governor’s own daughter is clearly a radicalized leftist just like Ilhan Omar’s daughter. The left notoriously uses children to further their agenda (Greta Thunberg anyone?).

House Rep. Ilhan Omar’s daughter, Isra Hirsi, is already as radicalized as they come. She is the co-founder of US Youth Climate Strike and her Twitter bio says she “hates capitalism.” A few days ago, Hirsi tweeted out support for the protestors calling them “comrades” and providing a list of supplies rioters should bring along in their pursuit to destroy Minneapolis.

The list of supplies was a retweet from Twin Cities DSA (Democratic Socialists of America):

“Want to help out your comrades protesting at the 3rd precinct (at Lake and Minnehaha?)

Here’s a good list of much needed supplies (except for milk! Water is always better for eyewashing than milk!! Please don’t bring milk!)”

Apparently, Democrats and Islamists are using their children to communicate information regarding the riots to their “comrades.”

The rioters are leftists who hate America and despite Governor Walz calling for calm and peace his own daughter is giving out important information to rioters.

While the National Guard was not deployed the night Walz’ daughter was referring, they were deployed Saturday night as violence and destruction continued.

WCCO 4 reports:

Never before has the Minnesota National Guard been fully mobilized to respond to a crisis in the state, but that is what happened Saturday night, with an unprecedented show of force that aggressively cleared the streets following three nights of unrest since the death of George Floyd.

“Tonight will be different,” Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz said Saturday evening, not long before the 8 p.m. curfew was set to begin and all major highways in the Twin Cities closed to traffic for the night.

Several times Saturday, the governor urged Minnesotans to stay home so that Minnesota National Guard soldiers, police and firefighters could more easily respond to any looting or fires in the metro. Leaders in the state’s various religious and cultural communities also urged people to obey the curfew, which expires at 6 a.m. Sunday.

The riots are utter displays of lawlessness and will accomplish nothing. While Democrat leaders pretend to want the madness to stop, their own children seem to tell a different tale.


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  3. No He’s not dumb. he is evil! And a Muslim to Boot! Also a woman beater! Remember.

    This guy hates our free society and our moral stance as Christians.

  4. Under the Bill of Rights people have the to protest. They cross the line when they begin to riot. destroy property, loot stores and commit violent acts. At that point they nothing but criminals, thugs and thieves and should be dealt with accordingly with the full extent of the law. Have they not leaned from Martin Luther King, He accomplished a lot with non violent marches and protests. That is what today’s rioters should be doing and not causing hate and discontent.Not destroying business and homes of people who had no part in what happened. The state should have it down as soon as it started.

  5. My elderly relatives watch cnn and think this is a right wing protest paid for by alkiada (sorry if I spelled that wrong) I do not have cable and would not watch cnn anyway. Will some one please help me understand. They are old Papa is 78 and aunt Nancy 84. I respect my elders and do not argue. Where is this coming from.

  6. You can never reason with a Bolshevik, left-winger. The only thing they understand is a punch in the mouth and a boot up their ass!

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  8. Looks to me like these children are using their families to provide insider information to the rioters and letting them know the tactics of the police. You have these two and add that Mayor DeBlazo of NY his daughter was arrested for protesting. Biden staffers providing money to bail out the rioters. Democrats giving aid and comfort to the rioters so they can attack law abiding taxpaying citizens and their business. The Democrats will also tax the working class to pay for the rioters fun.

  9. Add to the list of offspring of Democrats supporting the total destruction of America…the son of Mn AG Keith Ellison just came out stating he is in complete support of ANTIFA. Doesn’t seem like Minnesota voters did much checking as this guy is an elected offical too. How old is Gov Walz’s daughter? Does she live at home and just overheard the information she is passing along, or was she given said information to pas along??? Aiding and abetting charges seem called for in either case!!!
    As for Mr J Ellison, he is echoing the Democrat montra “It’s white Supremacists that are doing this”. He then endorses ANTIFA??? THIS DUDE IS DUMBER THAN A BOX OF ROCKS!!!

  10. they absolutely use children to do their bidding, and the children think it’s a joke, they’re “Just having fun” at the expense of others
    #MAGA, semper fi

  11. I remember a time when it was OK to shoot looters on site. The progressive politicians will not let the police do what must be done because they feel the life of a looter is more important than what they are destroying. Also the lawyers would sue the city for the wrongful death of the looter. The looted areas will become wastelands as no new business will be able to get any insurance. Unless the people wake up the barbarians will win.

    • Back in the 60”s a Mayor of a major city issued such an order and rioting was very mild that night until the political pressure became too great and he had to withdraw the order and rioting erupted again.

  12. These rioters are just criminals and could care less about what happened in Minnesota. They are paid to riot and burn by the Progressive Socialist Communist Fascist Racist Democrat Party to use against our President. America don’t be fooled about these paid demonstrators. They are burning and destroying Our Brothers and Sisters Businesses. This injustice to Floyd was in a Progressive Socialist Communist Fascist Racist Democrat Controlled State and City. This Party will incite hate, violence, terror and Racism by any means and use anyone to do it. We must as a Nation be united and come together to overcome the evil in our country. First we have to recognize the real threat & Cause. The death of Floyd must not be remembered by rioting, burning and stealing. The Progressive Socialist Communist Fascist Racist Democrat Party has their paid gestapo, antifa,
    Black lives only matter, KKK and other terrorist groups to destroy our country & freedoms. These riots are not demonstrations they are criminals demeaning Floyd’s death. Paid by the Progressive Socialist Communist Fascist Racist Democrat Party to keep America divided. Remember this happened in a Progressive Socialist Communist Fascist Racist Democrat Run State and City.

  13. Hey Julie – is your roommate’s sister collecting unemployment along with her last months FIFTEEN THOUSAND DOLLAR paycheck? Sounds like you should dump your current lifestyle and join her in her wonderful LAPTOP job. ! (BTW , don’t let the IRS catch either one of you before you pay your taxes !)

  14. Everyone thinks voting in November will solve the problem no it will not. We have traitors walking on American soil starting with Democrats! Look around you Democrats continue to keep the states they control in quarantine while allowing rioters to destroy businesses even the ones that have been closed because of quarantine. They are pushing mail in voting and I guarantee conservative votes or any votes that are not for Democrats will conveniently be lost. This is a well organized coup against America and our Constitutional Republic to transform America into communism!

  15. Socialism and communism is taught and encouraged by the teachers and professors who brainwash young students with all sorts of bullshit for years, and parents don’t want to get involved swith their children any more than they have to. Basically, that is why there is so much unrest and rioting all over the USA. Students seem to be blamed for all of the unrest in the USA, but the fault really lies in the upbringing of students by their parents and the brainwashing they receive from teachers and professors. Parents need to get more involved in the daily lives of their children even after they mature into adults, and replacing communist-inspired teachers/professors with new unbiased but educated tutors. This applies to public, private, and religious school systems — abolish communist encouragement!

  16. I now know why the Communists targeted not just who they suspected was guilty of “crimes against the people” but also his/her entire family as well! As much as I hate to say it, similar tactics may have to be adopted here in America if we are to deal successfully with the current uprising! Since the Governor’s daughter and Ilhan Omar’s daughter have chosen to stick their noses where they don’t belong, they’ve become fair game! We can no longer afford to be playing footsie with these heathen bastards. It’s time to pull a Chuck Norris and step on a few necks!

  17. If the LAW won’t shut this down, it’s time for the citizens to shut it down. I have no problem with the protestors but when they want to get violent and start burning, it’s time to take them out.

    • It must be a Dem thing because NY mayor DeBlasio and Minnesota governor have daughters who support the violent protestors who destroy property and burn cars and buildings. This is not a first Amendment right; it is criminal activity that calls for fines and incarceration, and at the very least removal of these politicians. Instead of running for office, they should have been raising their children properly.

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