Department Of Defense Following China’s Lead By Setting These Up Near Major Cities…

(Tea Party 247) – The coronavirus is taking the world by storm. While we have yet to understand the full gravity of the situation in China thanks to deceptive reporting from Chinese authorities and their complete inability to handle the growing crisis, the rest of the world is bracing for impact.

Oddly enough, all travel to and from China has not been completely stopped, which would have been the most obvious first step in preventing a world health crisis. It’s almost as if this whole thing was orchestrated from the beginning…hmmm…maybe someone should ask Bill and Melinda Gates what they think. I digress.

The point is, governments around the world aren’t wasting any time setting up make-shift concentration-like quarantine camps to begin the mass round up of their populations. This is already happening in China. Chinese citizens are literally being forced from their homes and dragged to camps. This is nothing new for Chinese people who are regularly and routinely oppressed by their authoritarian communist government. What is concerning is the fact that these mass quarantine camps are now popping up all around the United States.

Prudent and sensible, you think? Think again. This is the government laying the framework for a militarized police state under the guise of a national health emergency.

NewsWars reports:

Eleven military bases near major airports in the United States are setting up quarantine centers for possible coronavirus patients, the Department of Defense said. The Department of Health and Human Services asked the Pentagon for quarantine space in case beds fill up at other coronavirus centers around the country, according to a DOD statement. Additionally, the Pentagon already agreed to house up to 1,000 people for quarantine after they returned to the United States from areas with the virus, the Associated Press reports.

If you are traveling, a face mask is recommended, as that and good hand washing techniques are the two suggestions to prevent the contraction of this virus.  No one knows just how far this will go.  Right now, face masks are still few and far between, but some N100 face masks are becoming available again.

As of this writing, there have been 40,651 official and confirmed cases of the virus and the death toll has surpassed that of SARS, at 910.  The U.S. government is eventually going to use quarantining the infected as an excuse to round people up into camps.  And what happens if you are healthy and tossed into a camp with a bunch of people infected with the coronavirus? I probably don’t need to tell you…

Mass quarantine camps are tyranny, in the same way, that FEMA camps and gulags and concentration camps were. No one who is innocent should be forced into a living situation they haven’t deserved.  Please prepare and make note that this is happening on American soil.  Don’t trust the government to save you.  Save yourself.

What are you going to do when the police come knocking on your door to haul you away to a mass quarantine camp? Right now, it appears the only people who need to be concerned are those getting off of airplanes, and possibly rightfully so, but nonetheless, the fact that the DOD is setting up numerous camps ought to raise some red flags.

Our healthcare infrastructure is excellent here in the US. Why do we need mass quarantine camps? Just something to ask yourself as this world health crisis gets closer and closer to home.


  1. And the fact that this “allegedly” is all done under the Trump the Traitor administration doesn’t give y’all pause?

  2. Do not find author’s name on this piece. I agree with many here that the piece is really out there.. Why do you publish this type of thing?

  3. Agent Orange will eventually get me when my immune system weakens and we all gotta go sometime so relax . Let go and let GOD !

  4. Another reason for a border wall along the southern border. Who knows when one of the virus carriers will sneak in that way. And yes, there have been Chinese in the groups of border crossers.

    • I am still scared……no, terrified for America.

      Trump’s just giving us some breathing room.

      But the satanic left has already spread its disease, though education, the courts, and the media.

      America is toast.

      ONLY GOD could save us, and I don’t much believe He finds us worthy………

    • Worse is happening here, Karen.

      Do some googling.

      Check out Chicoms as well as FEMA camps and Virus camps.

      The Left has been very busy, deviously busy.

      Look how well Bernie the CERTIFIED Socialist is doing, for example. Right ahead of a pervert. We live in perilous times.

  5. if the government is doing this now for this excuse and likely taken over by Committee for State Security, very interesting. Who is president? Twumpy (“Hair Furor”). Maybe Democrats are not so stupid as you have been commanded to think. Since 6 February, he has made very dictatorial moves.

  6. Explains the 500,000 cadaver containers and why CHP and Military Police have been practicing for the quarantine aks roundup for years people have different bracelets one go one way and one go the other.btw I did 20 years in the Army and certain bases were “realigned”or closed by Bill CLINTON..11 fullsize military bases set for this man made epedemic guess no one cares that military bases are renamed Joint Bases I certainly do became I know that allows FOREIGN troops to train on American soil aka blue helmet UN pricks watch out and prepare

  7. When you have stated “the government”, who or what groups does this include? You make it sound like we should be suspicious about this. …..
    WHY? I am suspicious that you are implying our President is doing this! I want to see pictures and proof of these accusations.

    • “Our government” includes the deep state, Rose, which if you pay attention does all sort of crap without Trump’s approval or endorsement.

      Trump’s trying to relieve us of the deep state, the swamp, but it’s called DEEP for a reason.

  8. You can’t control or stop a disease spread unless you quarantine people. I’m China, people are being kept at home, no travel permitted or visitation to Family. Everyone is to keep inside of their homes.

    The Government is distributing food based on number of people occupying the homes.

    First hand from my Wife who is Chinese and communicates daily with her Family daily.

    You have to isolate to prevent or stop the spread.

    Thousands of people in China are effected and those known people are being isolated in areas of the cities, there is not enough Hospital space otherwise.

  9. We should not be sending anyone to China nor should we be accepting anyone into our country who is coming from China until this is under control. No visas, no visitors, no college students who went home to China, and no one who is flying to other places than still trying to get into our country. I know this sounds harsh but we do not want to have what is happening in China to happen here. The idea of camps being set up at airports to quarantine people coming in is not a bad idea, better than allowing someone who is carrying the virus to just walk away free to infect more people. The quarantine is only for 14 days at which time if you are not sick you go about your business. Once this is over those camps need to be taken down, all of them.

  10. State of Fear, this is a name of a book that is factual in nature. Through out history our nation has panicked over bad theories or threats to our well being. We have often exaggerated our preparation for the perceived threat.An example is at the end of the 1800’s and beginning of the 1900’s. It was believed that stupid people breed stupid people. The cure was to castrate stupid people. That meant someone was given the power to determine it you were stupid or not ( why do we have democrats? ) The illustrious state of California lead the nation in castrations Then they found out there was no bases for that theory and the practice came to a haul. The damage had already been done.Detention camps have been being established for a very long time and for different reasons.Nothing wrong with a little preparation but if my memory serves we already have things in place for such emergencies.

  11. Here is the work in this ointment….. FEMA is already over seeing 800 “camps” in the US. Now, do I think this usage is correct for now, probably if the numbers of coronasvirus continues to grow.

    My whole issue here is be honest about already having these facilities and what they were originally meant to do.

  12. Question? Why do we let people enter US from China without properly being assessed by isolation until they are proven to be without the virus? American citizens should be demanding the government protect them as much as possible. Why were flights to and from China not banned soon after this outbreak? China sent infected individuals into Taiwan. Why would we think the U.S. would not be a target as well? As soon as the outbreak was announced I immediately picked up several of the 8210 masks for each family member. Now these are hard to come by.

  13. This post is complete BULLSHIT!!!! Simple quarantine protocols for landing aircraft returning US CITIZENS from China has now become the “barbedwire fenced” concentration camps of AOS’ little mind. Who ever wrote this post is either way off base or a TRUE CONSPIRACY THEORIST!!!! In truth, what better place to treat patients actually infected with this virus than at a Military Base Hospital. All of them have numerous doctors that have seen and treated a lot of nasty diseases in some real nasty places and are prepared to give the best care available w/o having to totally disrupt major civilian facilities. Give me a break…concentration camps!!!

    • Tea Party, I usually mostly agree with what you post but I think you might be overdoing it just a little bit with this. You would have to show me some solid proof of this. We have a great health care system here in the US. Yes, I saw the folks that were detained at March Air Base, but that was just long enough to make sure that they weren’t a health risk to the public, which to me errs on the side of caution, which there is nothing wrong with.

  14. When flying anywhere, I always use exam gloves (the kind they use in doctors offices and hospitals). I carry a baggie with clorox wipes in it. I do not touch the seat belt or tray table until they have been wiped down with the clorox wipes (both sides of the seat belt buckle and the tray table. This is a precaution against recycled airplane bacteria and viruses. If I am coughing or sneezing, I wear an N-95 mask (available at Home Depot).
    Overly cautious? I don’t think so. I got sick too many times after flying.

  15. Absolutely corrected ! This world health crisis gets closer and closer to America soils!!!! WE NEED TO PROTECT our soils and American citizens!!


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