Denver: Feminists Push For Radical Societal Change Affecting Young Girls And Win…

(Tea Party 247) – The world has really lost its ever-loving mind. Feminists absolutely ruin everything they touch, like for example, society. The insistence that women should be treated exactly like men has led to lunacy and a decay in moral standards.

Recently, in Denver, Colorado the city has decided to make it legal for females ages 10 and up to go in public wearing nothing above their waist.

InfoWars reports:

In a shocking decree that went into effect Tuesday, the Fort Collins City Council unanimously passed an amendment to their public nudity ordinance “to eliminate the prohibition on exposure of the female breast” for girls 11-years-old and up.

The amendment follows a lengthy court battle with feminists in the Free the Nipple campaign, which sued the city in 2016 after it banned female toplessness in public a year prior. So, after spending $320,000 in court fees, the “City Council voted in May to stop defending the ordinance in court,” reports Fox31 Denver.

“Officials say the deadline to appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court passed, so now the city cannot enforce a topless ban that only applies to women.”

Apparently the city of Denver cares more about the feelings of some radical feminists over the protection of children. There is absolutely no reason why any little girl needs to be in public without a shirt on. Actually, there is no reason why any grown woman should be in public without a shirt on.

Obviously it’s completely inappropriate, immoral, and indecent. All those reasons aside, the female body is not the same as the male body and does not cause the same reaction in women as men experience when looking at a naked female body. So, feminists want to be able to walk around topless and then when a man looks at her and is sexually aroused, she believes she has the right to become indignant. As if that man has the right to objectify her that way, while totally missing the fact that it is she who is actually objectifying her own body.

Critics in Denver have spoken out about the concerns that women being topless in public would lead to their objectification, which is unavoidable.

“Some predicted that permitting exposed breasts would decrease respect toward women and potentially put them in danger,” reported USA Today in October 2015, after a city council meeting where “A flood of public disapproval swamped the movement to allow women to go topless in public.”

“Others said men and women are equal in the eyes of the law, but they and their chests are inherently different and should be treated accordingly.”

The fact of the matter is, men and women do enjoy the same rights under the law in the United States of America but we are physiologically different and common sense would dictate a difference in societal standards. Unfortunately, feminists don’t operate under the influence of common sense. Now we have an American city saying they will take no action if young girls walk around without tops on.

What’s next?


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