Dems Use CIA Technology To Rig The Election

(Tea Party 247) – If you’ve been watching the news this week, and chances are you’ve been glued to it just like all the rest of us, then you’ve no doubt become painfully aware of the fact that we are watching the death of our republic happen in real time, as the Democratic Party works tirelessly to steal the 2020 presidential election right out from beneath President Donald Trump.

Many stories have been published over the last few days that discuss various kinds of voter fraud that have been happening in major battleground states that will end up determining who the next occupant of the White House turns out to be. And so far, they trend almost all toward Joe Biden.

A mailman was busted with a trunk full of absentee ballots on his way to Canada. Then, the vote counting center in Detroit prevented the public from being able to watch the vote count. And that’s just the beginning.

However, what’s more disturbing, is that the plot to steal elections is not something that was conjured up just for this particular voting cycle. As it turns out, the plot was cooking way back in February of 2012, when Barack Obama was president and up for reelection.

According to The American Report, it was around this time that the Obama administration took control of a massive supercomputer called THE HAMMER. On this advanced piece of hardware was an application known as SCORECARD. The purpose of this program is to hack into election computers and change votes, enabling the user to essentially steal an election.

Former CIA contractor Dennis Montgomery, who is now a whistleblower, is the man responsible for building the computer and for revealing that Obama and Joe Biden used this machine in Florida to hack into computers and change votes, sealing their reelection.

This revelation comes from “The Whistleblower Tapes,” which are a series of confidential audio recordings that were released way back in November of 2015 by U.S. Judge G. Murray Snow’s courtroom.

And it seems that THE HAMMER has once again been activated by Joe Biden, who is using SCORECARD to once again steal an election and ensure that he has a place in the Oval Office, cheating President Donald Trump out of his second term as the commander-in-chief.

This should scare the pants of you, ladies and gentlemen. This is proof that progressives and other radicals are working in the shadows to help destroy our republic. If you examine their playbook, they are employing a number of strategies to ensure this happens.

One of those is to undermine the election process over and over again until people lose faith in it and they convince the majority to ditch the electoral college and go to a popular vote system. If that happens, the republic our founders built is totally dead and buried.

Those who are using this machine need to be held responsible for meddling in the election, which should be treated as treason.

Here’s to hoping truth and justice in this election prevail, somehow, against all the odds.

Check out audio of this revelation here.

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  1. Voter fraud has the capability of changing the direction of our nation against the will of “We the People”. This is the equivalent of treason! What is the penalty for treason? We have been far too lenient in the past. Death should be on the table for anyone on trial for voter fraud. Any Illegal alien found guilty of voter fraud should be ineligible to ever become a citizen of the U.S. Ever! Heads should roll! What we want is Justice!

  2. This is believable. It wasn’t revealed because the left controls all of the major channels of communication and culture. The Biden team knew about it and that’s why they kept their senile candidate under wraps. They didn’t need to do any more than token campaigning. No matter how many votes President Trump received, they were prepared to throw in enough Biden votes during the dark of night to out number the Trump votes, even if the total number exceeded 100% of the eligible voters. What we face now is horrible. If the Senate somehow falls into their hands, they will either eviscerate or completely dump the Constitution and the Republic will be gone forever. Hello Venezuela.

  3. The Democrats have Voided this Election. We must Demand a Re-vote are a Revolt. This cheating cannot stand. God Bless the U.S.A.

    • This all scares the s— out of me, but no one seems to care. Biden can not or should not get security clearance and China is thrilled, Biden I see undoing all the good Trump did, I am sure that his son will be some where on the pay roll, and Harris well she will be running the country, Biden’s speech that he did that night ahead of the confirmation he read from the tele prompter, should prove interesting. Trump was and is tuff they do not like his take control attitude, and forcefulness, they blame the 1st debate, but Biden was just as bad. You need some one strong. I respect anyone who voted and who they voted for, the Dems have gotten what they wanted I hope that Biden does not just float thru this presidency, he comes with baggage.

  4. I always suspected Obama never won the presidency legitably. I shocked that it took a former CIA contractor this long a whistleblower and allow the destruction if our US. Iwant to know when Obama, bidens, Clintons etc put behind bars

  5. Pos bison- Harris will never be my president…. The stealing of this election by voting fraud is real I am beyond pissed…. War is now closer then ever…. Death to all demon rats should be the battle cry….

  6. The democrats were organised to win. Why is there no oversee by republicans or for that matter anyone who is the contesting party not making sure these ballot rolls do not contain names of dead people etc well before elections. By the looks of things those who did the ballot counting were mostly democrats. Why is this happening? The rats are looking after the cheese, where is the cat to oversee the rats. Voting and ballot counting rules should change. These are not new problems.

    • The Republicans were denied entry to the counting places in many cases. When a Federal Judge order them in they were placed 20 to 30 feet away from the counters and could not see the ballots. In another major city the city officials removed Republican counters and the workers cheered. It should be noted that these worker are all government employees and are dependent on one party controlling the government to be employed. In PA the law said ballots needed to be in by8pm of election night. A Democrat Government Official changed the rule and extended the time line and a Democrat Judge further said you accept ballots without a postmark or valid signature. This is part of what Trump is challenging.

  7. Yeah, so the Obama Clinton Cabal cheated. It’s obvious. It’s obvious that they have been trying to remove Trump from office since he announced his candidacy. Everyone knows this, but no one has the courage to do anything about it.
    No one.

    • There is a suggestion that a Program, Hammer and Scorecard, developed by the CIA, NSA and the FBI to spy on foreign enemies was redesigned under the Obama Administration then released privately may have been used to change votes. It happened in Michigan but the said it was an entry error. There are many things starting to make sense. The attacks on Snowend for exposing the NSA spying on US Citizens, something Hammer was designed to do, the refusal to drop charges against General Flynn who as White House National Security Advisor may have stumbled into Hammer new purpose (it is still used to monitor foreign enemies which is legal).

      This is not the first time the CIA has operated with in the US on American Citizens (which is illegal), they were involved in spying on the Anti War (Viet Nam) protesters, the Civil Rights Movement, and other important people that may be opposed to the CIA operation. This lead to an investigation by the famous Church Commission which exposed much of what they were doing (this was not just a Democrat or Republican but the deep state too) and the government tried to get the report classified and buried.

  8. We have just become another 3rd world country where intelligence community, big tech, and the elitist class interfered in the election in order to keep power.

  9. My only comment is that I hope that someone in real authority(William Barr – AG) has been made aware of this treason and is in pursuit. In pursuit with all the conviction of treason brings with it!

  10. The democrats stole this election by mail in ballots, pure and simple.
    Nothing changed Joe Biden he is a weak, umhealthy, mentally chalanged, thief, swamp creature, that is unworthy of being president of the USA.

  11. Most alarming information I have heard in quite some time…but somehow not hard to believe! It is not logical to assume that Biden would get such support considering he is visibly “senile” and he has a true left wing partner ready to fill in for him once they pronounce the 25th amendment. I have a feeling that they will have to bump off Jill Biden, because she reallllllllllllly wants to be first lady.

  12. God IS alive and does answer prayers. Trump lost and he knows that there will be NO presidential pardon for him or his cronies after the Federal Marshalls knock on his door at Trump towers…

  13. Joe Biden is in enough trouble already. And yes, he is purposely “stealing” the election from President Donald Trump. Who is it that is going along with these shenanigans???

    I always knew Obama was a Marxist thug !
    INVESTIGATE and prosecute all involved in today’s election fraud once and for all? TRUMP MUST BE RE-ELECTED .

  15. Secession from the blue states is our only answer. Red state governors need to meet, issue a statement of solidarity and leave the Union. The blue states would be happy to get rid of us deplorables.


  17. Those guilty need to be sent to FEDERAL PRISON for SEDITION and TREASON . . . PERMANANTLY. GITMO or LEAVENWORTH would be FINE. One Wary And Disgusted Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.


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