Democrats In Arizona Propose Legislation With Chilling Implications For “Assault Weapon” Owners

(Tea Party 247) – An “assault weapon” isn’t a thing.

I know this, you know this, every sensible human being who understands what guns are and how they work knows this.

It’s just a term that gun-grabbers on the left have used to slap on to any gun that looks extra scary and shootey (especially the black ones) because they vaguely resemble the kinds of scary weapons that bad guys in movies use and hence tricks clueless and gullible non-gun-owners into believing is somehow more deadly than any other weapon.

The reality is that the faux designation of “assault weapons” can be and always is applied to such commonly-owned firearms as the AR-15 or the AK-47 which hundreds of thousands of Americans use for both personal defense and the principle of using their Second Amendment rights.

Firearms that are user-friendly, efficient, and can be used in the same way as every other weapon on earth–either for malice, self-defense, or in combat.

The idea of designating these firearms as “assault weapon” is an entirely calculated move to justify restricting or even confiscating weapons that every law-abiding American has every right under the Constitution and by God to own.

So this is exactly what Democrats in Arizona are going after in their latest move to restrict the Second Amendment in a state which otherwise has a relatively good record for defending.

Breitbart reports:

Democrats in the Arizona Senate are pushing legislation that requires “assault weapons” throughout the state to be registered or surrendered.

The legislation, SB 1625, also provides the third option of rendering the firearm inoperable.

Moreover, the text of SB 1625 makes clear that the legislation ends not simply the ownership of “assault weapons,” but the manufacture of said firearms as well. An exception for manufacturing is provided for those making guns for police or military.

The statute to surrender said firearms also applies to “high capacity” magazines and certain semiautomatic pistols and shotguns.

This move comes as Democrats in Virginia are aggressively pursuing various measures to restrict the Second Amendment in a state whose motto, Sic Semper Tyrannis, declares a constant fight against tyranny.

The Democrat gun control push in Arizona comes as Democrats in Virginia are pushing an “assault weapons” ban, a “high capacity” magazine ban, the criminalization of private gun sales via universal background checks, gun rationing legislation that mandates no more than one handgun purchase a month, a ban on suppressors, and myriad other gun controls.


  1. Quit using the word assault. They made it up to make guns sound terrible so quit going along with their crap. Don’t use that word in articles, conversations or comments. We need to quit following their agenda.

    • God forbid?

      God just might bless it.

      It will get rid of a lot of those damned DemocratOur Founding Fathers, who were inspired by God, said we might from time to time need to water The Tree of Liberty with the blood of patriots and TYRANTS.

      Let’s DO IT.

      But really, I’d as soon live out my few years in peace, if ONLY the Left could reciprocate. THEY are so violent and unlawful. FACT.

  2. the right to bare arms shall not be infringed
    A right does not require Government permission to exerciser
    so I guess we no longer have that right at least the democrats seem to think so

  3. This was bound to snowball. Once democrats in other states saw what their fellows in Virginia were doing – and ignoring the People in the process – it only emboldened them to do likewise. Unless the voters of Virginia do some major housecleaning in November and send a message, it will continue.

  4. I consider it a total nonsense and absurd to think that it is healthy to restrict the right to possess a weapon for self-defense, they are taking away the security of citizens since criminals under this scheme may commit crimes of all kinds in the security of the population being defenseless , they will ask for more police presence and when a policeman acts they accuse and prosecute him as if he were a criminal, those who propose this have totally lost the horizon and know that even with a car horrible crimes have been committed and even with a hammer it has happened and then we confiscate all the cars and the auto industry collapses and in the same way we have to seize all the hammers and nobody has a hammer, it is absurd more damage they do allowing the sanctuary cities where they welcome criminals and protect them so that organized crime increase and grow as in other countries where crime has generated so much insecurity that it has had a huge impact on In its economy, this wonderful country, its culture its traditions, its institutions its authorities should not be destroyed. the so-called democracies are giving an obvious sign that they do not know what democracy is and run over constitutionally consecrated rights.

  5. All these idiot elected officials need to give up their rights to a Security detail and their detail needs to be disarmed too. Also if the elected official is so dead set about confiscating Firearms then they need to get out there and come ask if they can have your guns. I’m willing to bet that in their term in office they might collect 2 or 3 guns. Don’t be passing bullshit laws you, yourself aren’t willing to go out and enforce. Good luck, mayor, guvmanures, senators and congress people. Quit sending good people out to do your dirty work.

  6. Sooner or later, preferably later, it will boil down to come and get them. That is what will ultimately decide the issue for the loony leftist.

  7. Assault rifles – liberals want to ban them. I am SO glad to learn I can’t be assaulted with a bomb, a shotgun, a hand gun, a car, a knife, a pipe, a baseball bat, a rolling pin or an AR Assault rock. I feel much safer now. Aren’t they wonderful and compassionate folks?

  8. But we do not own ASSAULT WEAPONS! If they come to confiscate assault weapons – tell them, “I
    don’t have an assault weapon, I have a standard semi-automatic rifle. If you confiscate that, I will sue you for illegal confiscation of property.” They must follow THE LETTER OF THE LAW. They can only confiscate
    Assault weapons – which no American citizen owns – An assault weapon is a, 3 position, selective-fire rifle.
    It is only issued to military personnel in a battle zone.

    • A rock is an assault weapon if used to assault someone. That’s the point. You can call ANYTHING an assault weapon so once that terminology is adopted by law their next phase will be to start defining and banning more and more until we can’t buy baseball bats anymore.
      You are right though, our weapons aren’t assault weapons, they are DEFENSIVE WEAPONS

  9. Wake up America, This is Tyranny plain and simple. this is not the end game but the beginning of an oppressive government rule. A great man once said. “Anybody that gives up their freedoms for the appearance of safety and security, deserves neither” Than man was Benjamin Franklin! They are NOT our Lords or are they our Barron’s. However they would like us to think they are. STOP drinking the Kool-Aid that they are ramming down our throats. They are lying to us, they are not for Americans but for themselves. Socialism, aka…Communism doesn’t come with term limits. Just forever Tyranny and Oppression.

  10. time after time many democrats have come out and said they are progressive. In the time of Franklin Roosevelt the progressive party was the communist party.You are right, a population of gun owners is impossible to totally control.A style of a gun or how many rounds it can hold doesn’t make any more or less lethal. A gun like a bow and arrow only has one purpose that is to destroy, you can’t create anything with it. Yes I know every thing can be used that way. Because of a guns ability you can put meat on the table, defend your home, family and property from criminals whether they be foreign or domestic, It acts as an equalizer allowing a weaker person to stand their ground against some one of greater strength, it provides different forms of recreation and although a gun is neither good or evil it can be used both ways. The Constitution was set up to protect the people from abuse by the government and to keep the government from becoming royalty. Liberalism, socialism and communism are all the same, they want total control of our lives and they can’t do that as long as we own guns and enforce the Constitution.

  11. Why is it that when people flee from one country, or state, to another because they dislike conditions, they want to make their new country, or state, just like the one they fled? It makes no sense.

  12. New Mexico had no state gun laws until the liberal leftist democrat take over last year. Now we have universal background checks and soon to have a Red Flag Law. Our democrat controlled legislature is bought and paid for by Bloomberg.

  13. The demons have a good case trying to take my guns. I moved here from a commie state to be free of all the snow flake laws against law abiding citizens, while criminals are running amok with illegal rifles and high capacity mags. What’s next here? Total gun confiscation? I moved here to practice and live my 2nd amendment right to have and carry what I want. I have observed an exodus of kommifornians moving here to escape high taxes and ridiculous laws against gun owners. Their streets are littered with the crap that is infiltrating all big cities run by demorats. If that happens here we have completely ceded everything to the demorats like Cuomo, Newsome , Pelosi and Schumer. The demorat ideology is just plain wrong; open boarders, gun control, free everything for illegals and hate for our military and law enforcement. They must be stopped in this state with the power of our votes.

  14. The explicit intent of the Second Amendment as written by the Founding Fathers was to ensure that the citizenry—whom they refer to as the militia—will always be armed with weapons of contemporary military utility in order to form a counterweight to the corrupting influence of government.

    The Brown Bess was the musket used by both American Patriots and British Redcoats. The AR-15—which was in civilian hands for six years before a selective-fire variant was adopted as the general issue M16 and later the M4—is clearly the “modern musket” “in common use” as the militia arm of choice in the United States, with the American civilian owning between five and ten times as many AR-15s as the U.S. military owns M4s and M16s. These firearms are clearly protected by the explicit intent of the Second Amendment to protect arms suitable for militia use by the American people

    • your right but the point is when they TRY TO . take our guns what do you suppose will happen . as for my self you come to take my guns. your gonna end up on the wrong end in the very first place .as an american most of us will defend our right to use and bear arms to the very last shot ..why don’t they seem to KNOW THIS ALREADY …

  15. First of all WHO and what group VOTED these people in.!!!!!!!!! now these nuts have control , next thing to do is get these NUTS OUT OF OFFICE AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE . THIS GOES FOR EVERY STATE this is getting to be another NAZI TAKE OVER !!!!!!!!!!!. Next will be internment CAMPS.

  16. Hmmmm….wait a sec……how will taking my weapon prevent a murder? One ore time…I’m not getting it I guess…unless there is another reason the politicians do not want me to have a AR-15.

  17. It’s past time to punish people that vote Democrat. Punish people that think liberal. Punish them in very real ways. If you employ them…FIRE THEM. If you provide a much needed service to a Democrat liberal…terminate their contract. If you are their Doctor..refuse care. Banker…close their account. Landlord…kick them out.
    The great thing about my ideas is no one can prove anything. Genius.
    America needs to BEAT these uneducated minions and mindless followers. Start in the way I describe and we’ll all see betterment of society.

  18. First Virginia, now Arizona! It’s not a very good omen for the Second Amendment in and of itself, but American patriots have answered the call before and will rise to the occasion again! If a challenge to such legislation is heard by the Supreme Court, such attempts by the States to curtail Second Amendment rights would more than likely be ruled Unconstitutional by a majority of the Court and struck down!

  19. At this point, no one should misunderstand what Democrats will do when they have power in any legislature. They want to revise and then eliminate American citizens right to bear arms. They want to first give you the opportunity to willingly give up your Second Amendment rights and second, if you don’t, they will TAKE your rights and incarcerate you. This will lead to the next item on their agenda and that is to TAKE your right to defend yourself against the confiscation.

  20. Time to go to WAR! F-16 fighter jet fully loaded with hell fire missiles should do the job on Democrat controlled areas.

  21. Don’t California my Arizona ! We moved here from failed California to get away from the Morons taking away 2nd Amendment rights in California. Vote Red and keep those liberals from ruining Arizona ! Stand up to those stupid liberals that moved here to ruin our state !

  22. If you watch CSI:LA you will clearly see the 9mm pistols the Team uses out performs the AK 47 or AR 15 in all cases. Neither the weapons the Team uses or the bad guys use fire without being in the hands of a person. If it is the firearm’s fault, put the offensive ones in jail not the person operating it. How dumb can we get? It is the people’s state of mind to do evil that is the problem.

    • And the idiot liberals and the gun control crybabies that dont understand that ..If they would read or listen too the statistics instead of playing with peoples emotions it might be different. They need too understand it’s a mental health issue .. I want too see how the idiots respond when the number of shootings doesnt change when there will be drug dealers , street gangs or street thugs still running around with illegally possessed guns . Apparently gun laws don’t apply too these criminals.

  23. Morons and cowards want this crap.

    When they try there will be a civil war. Militias will be made. Their guns cannot be taken away.

    The civil war will be gun owners against vegans, some demonrats, climate idiots but NO guns.

    Our side will have the guns. We will have the police and the military and their guns. It will be a short war. We will build a wall around CA. We will let ardent Patriots out of CA. But no trade. Every immigrant will be dropped of inside that wall. Come over that wall with no parlay. Extreme prejudice will take place.

    • Your vitriolic comments are EXACTLY the excuse the LIBERALS use to call us NAZIs and Fascists. Get a grip!! Stop acting the fool…

  24. Voters have a chance to end all these morons by voting next election and voting OUT all these Dems and Rinos. Clean out and elect people who will actually do something for Americans. In two more years voters can replace the rest.

  25. See: United States Supreme Court JAIME CAETANO v. MASSACHUSETTS (2016) No. 14-10078 which states “All bearable arms are covered by the second and you have an unalienable to self defense

  26. The Democratic Party is nothing more than the Communistic Party. If you want to live like a slave, then just do nothing. The Democratic Party, aka, the American Communist Party will oblige you.

  27. I would N E V E R (Repeat: NEVER) surrender NOR register ANY of my weapons (not even a RUSTY scout Knife). It’s NONE of the government’s business what kind of LEGAL weapons that I own, and it’s NOT my business to prove myself INNOCENT. America is NOT spelled with a “K” as in AMERIKA. We are NOT the U.S.S.R. (which, I might add, COLLAPSED). We go by the U.S. Constitution, and the U.S. Constitution ONLY. And the government SHALL NOT hold an ILLEGAL search and seizure in MY house! Is that CLEAR?!? Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  28. Better be buying ammo people, our Forefathers warned us about Tyranny from our gov. that is growing everyday, bad things are coming so be prepared !!!

  29. You can make any firearm inoperable by not putting your finger on the trigger. Such foolishness is nothing new. If you give up your weapons, you give up your freedom. I’d rather die a free man.

  30. Exactly WHERE do they think they’re going to find the HUGE NUMBER of idiots (with a death-wish) to come out and ACTUALLY ATTEMPT TO “ENFORCE” this ILLEGAL communistic plan ???


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