Democrats Are So Inclusive And Tolerant That Now They Won’t Even Date Other Dems

(Tea Party 247) – Being a liberal must be a truly miserable existence. Constantly demanding others to see the world the way you do is no small task and must require copious amounts of energy and dedication to the cause. It would also require you to think of others only in terms of their political and social beliefs that people become no more than just a series of statements you either agree or disagree with. No wonder Dems are apparently having trouble finding love.

The left is taking “tolerance” to a whole new level by being completely and utterly intolerant within their own echo chambers. It’s truly incredible. Dems aren’t just excluding Republicans from their dating pools, now some Dems are excluding anyone who even so much as supports a different leftist candidate. Dating on the left has become nothing more than an exercise in creating safe spaces.

Paul Joseph Watson reports:

In an article entitled ‘Dating A Democrat: How 2020’s Presidential Election Has Altered Romance in D.C.’ we learn that some Dems are insisting in their dating profile bios that their would-be partner share basically their every political view.

29-year-old Elizabeth Warren supporter Sam Rick told WAMU that although she might occasionally go on a date with a Bernie Sanders supporter, “Nine times out of 10, it turns into a very big argument.”

“I’ve been on dates whereby the end of the night, it’s completely ruined. I know where it’s going to go — best to just avoid it,” added Rick.

She says that if she finds out a potential date supports Joe Biden, it’s an “immediate swipe left.”

Another woman called Hannah revealed that a guy, “pretty much broke up with me to go work for the Beto O’Rourke campaign” because she didn’t support Beto.

A lady called Paige revealed that a man she was on a date with feared she would “stand up and walk out” because he was, God forbid, a “moderate.”

Another Elizabeth Warren supporter, a woman called Serena, revealed that she was “more wary” of dates who supported Gabbard and Buttigieg and that this counted as “a point against them.”

Imagine if they found out their date was a Trump supporter. All hell would break loose.

Our country has become so polarized that dating is a complex process and doesn’t even seem fun anymore, at least not if you’re a leftist. Ironic, considering liberals claim to be so tolerant, accepting, and inclusive. Of course, it makes sense to want to be with someone who shares the same worldview, ideals, and principles but now that America is becoming so divided and the ends of the political spectrums so vastly different, it seems politics is the end all, be all of social interactions. People, primarily leftists it seems, are unable to separate others from their political leanings and apparently who they support for president. It’s really quite remarkable.

Instead of hearing other’s opinions on political topics or presidential candidates, lefties would rather just plug their ears and remain completely unchallenged and complacent in their own thinking. This kind of group-think only leads to resentment and hate towards those who dare to think differently.

Paul Joseph Watson honed in on this idea:

Last week, arch-liberal Bill Maher said that partisan bickering is so bad in America that there could be a civil war if the rhetoric is not toned down.

“Home is where you learn that the three magic words in any relationship aren’t ‘I love you’ they’re ‘let it go’…we are going to haves to learn to live with each other or else there will be blood,” Maher said.

Unfortunately for leftists, they can’t seem to let anything go, even to the point where they refuse to form romantic bonds with anyone who doesn’t support their chosen presidential candidate.


  1. It is funny how the democrats are the ones screaming acceptance, Tolerance, working together and how we are all the same. Yet they are the the most intolerant, racist and self adsorb people out there. Now they have taken to a new low. Liberalism is and always will be self destructive. They are going out of their way to prove it.

  2. I had 4 or 5 liberal friends “unfriend” me since 2016! I didn’t listen to their garbage they were spewing and I would tell the truth that I had researched from every angle out there. Not just a one sided attempt to find the truth. I do not give a rat’s behind who gets upset with me if I am speaking the truth. That’s on them! You really have to laugh at some of the crap like heads of colleges handing out coloring books and crayons, bringing in trauma dogs and trauma counselors for those young boys and girls who were “upset that Trump won the election. Heck, if my party lost an election, I might have been ticked off but I didn’t loose my mind or grab for a coloring book and crayons! lmbo! I moved on to the next step of my journey through life!

    • Yank, Had the same thing happen. I get quit mouthy on my computer. I can not stand the dems and their lies about Trump. We know he isnt a perfect person, but I feel that somehow this man showed up and wanted to clean house, get the swamp swimmers out of Congress, and warn the Dems to start playing ball for the people of the USA. Start cleaning up the corruption. And the Dems have plenty. Many Reps quit as they were younger and wanted to spend time with family. BUT then the KILLER WHALES appeared. ANd all hell has broken loose since then. The dems have proven themselves corrupt, liars, and out for blood. It is sad that so many good people have chosen to leave. We have to stop this name calling, the corruption, the idea that one party is better than the other. ANd the other party is out for blood. Neither trusts the other. One side more than the other, is seeking power, money and control. We as a country that everyone around the world wants to live in. We are not being destroyed by the enemies, but destroyed by our own from within. It has to STOP, YESTERDAY!

  3. So, I guess these people are ready to abandon the marriage or relationship when their political views diverge. How sad. Just imagine two Bernie supporters meet and get married and have kids. All is great UNTIL they disagree on two future Democratic candidates. Dad likes Joe R because he’s actually talking about administrative policies and Mom is furious because Sally H is a woman and voting for a man is chauvinistic.

  4. This loss of human interpersonal relationships is designed to set up AI spouses. Why choose human when you can program your perfect mate? This will reduce the human population.

  5. Another “non story” from this site to distract from real news and make people feel good about themselves at the expense of someone else. 🤮

  6. These folks are so tolerant. I can’t wait until they get into power again. They’ll bash each other for being slightly different and we can come in and pick up the pieces. Easy Peezy.

  7. The first time I met my future husband our conversation centered around politics. We were diametrically opposed and it led to a forty five year marriage. We had many other interest but to this day I believe that kept our relationship alive. We never argued, merely discussed. Eventually he came around to my way of thinking and together we tried to convince family and friends that conservatism was the way to go. Some times successful, other times not but we remained happy for all that time. We were our own safe space.

  8. I guess that if I were dating now I’de be as extinct as the dodo bird. I’m an extreme right wing Libertarian who doesn’t believe in any government at all.

  9. All I can say is good. Between not dating and believing in abortion maybe no more liberals will ever be brought into this world.

  10. Really sad! Used to be you could talk to anyone on any side and respect each other views. You can hurt each other let politics ruin your lives. The only power you have is at the voting booth. Get out and vote whatever side your on. Don’t beat each other up just have respect for each other’s views.

  11. I have to say, anyone who has what political party do you belong to and what candidate do you support? as one of the top 8 things, they care about when getting to know a potential mate needs to rethink their Life!
    If you are on a date with someone who has this as a question for you dear, young people, GET UP And Run! This is a person who has their priorities completely skewed, they are probably an intolerant, person who will fight with you about everything that you do not 100% agree with and are likely inflexible, arrogant, and would make a poor if not horrible Mate.
    Take this from a woman who has been with her husband for 40 yrs and married for 38, we do not always agree on politics and have often voted for the other guy, but this has NEVER caused a problem in our lives as we RESPECT Each Other and Belive in freedom, free speech, and are Adults Capable of knowing my Mate does not have to agree with everything I think say or do, just support and respect my right to Think for myself! Oh, and I am mature enough to not expect my mate to have to validate me at all costs, to make me happy, or to abdicate their own principles or beliefs in order for me to Love him!

    And this is why I have to counsel soooo many people going through marital problems- grow the F up folks, you have a right to your beliefs but if you make it mandatory for everyone in your life to share them- you will end up a very miserable lonely ass person!

    • Izib,
      I couldn’t have said it better myself and I have been with happily married to my husband for 35 years! We do not agree on every issue either, we have minds of our own and respect each other enough to agree to disagree!

    • Rita,

      It’s the liberal left wing college professors. They are no longer educating our children they’re indoctrinating them!!
      I’m with you, you’re more then welcome to make America your home but it MUST be done LEGALLY!

  12. In the last year I have dated two women. both times the relationship has been terminated due to political differences. I’m center right. both women are flaming liberals. Neither could handle the fact that they could not change me.

    • No they’re too immature to understand that you should respect someone’s opinion even if you disagree with it. It’s the adult thing to do. No one died and appointed them “the chosen one” with their opinions!

  13. If you were to replace “Liberals or Left or Dems” with “Conservatives or Right or Republicans” in the first two paragraphs, it would be equally true.

    • Nice try ken, but no. Republicans aren’t the ones who are creating riots over politics, saying Trump supporters are cults and either are stupid or rich to have voted for Trump. I’ve had liberals screaming at me because I don’t agree with them. I’ve never seen a republican do that. I can go on and on, but you won’t see it anyway. You see what the fake news tells you to see. It will become a little clearer after the IG and Durham reports come out, although you will deny that too.

  14. When they are still single and past the age of finding a big pool of potential people, they will find themselves all alone or perhaps that’s their end goal.

  15. Perfect!! This is the greatest thing in the world to hear. How do get rid of obnoxious, self absorbed snowflakes? Let them choose not to date people. No date, no sex, no kids and the eradication of a bad part of society will become extinct. Never thought that they would actually come up with the greatest plan to no longer exist.Trump 2020!!!

  16. This is a GREAT way to remove from the “gene pool” undesirables like Left Wing Liberal Leftists. I mean, if you are alone except for ANOTHER defective individual, their race has GOT to disappear! As they say in the South . . . “ain’t that GREAT?!?”

  17. And to think, religion used to be a potential relationship. However, the leftist have done a pretty good job of erradicat-ing that ideology.


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