Democrat Amy Klobuchar Finally Makes Huge Admission About Hydroxychloroquine; Liberals Will Hate Her For This

(Tea Party 247) – When this coronavirus mess really started taking off here in the US around March, President Trump came out not long after touting the use of a drug called hydroxychloroquine that was mostly used to treat malaria, as a means of helping to combat the horrific illness and possibly save lives.

Tons of doctors have come out in agreement with the president on this drug, with hundreds of patients’ lives saved by the medication. Of course, liberals were against it the moment that President Trump came out in favor of its use as a possible treatment. Because, well, that’s what the left is supposed to do. They oppose the president, even when he does good things. It’s their marching orders from on high as it were.

It’s sad, but it seems the mainstream media in America is far more concerned with destroying Trump, so much so they’ll lie through their teeth, than they are about saving lives.

Well, former Democratic presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar has finally broken ranks with the Democratic Party and come out saying that hydroxychloroquine saved her husband’s life.

There will be hell for her to pay after this.

Here’s more from Gateway Pundit:

This is despite the drug in combination with antibiotics being the choice of doctors around the world for treating the disease.

On Monday President Trump said he was now taking hydroxychloroquine and the media lost their minds. Neil Cavuto led the charge.

This is why you CAN NEVER TRUST the liberal media, EVER!

They would rather see you die than tell the truth.

Again, that is not a stretch!

On Thursday Senator Amy Klobuchar admitted that hydroxychloroquine saved her husband’s life.

Klobuchar: “I believe he took that drug.”

So let’s get this straight. People like Klobuchar and her Democratic friends will slam the president for suggesting a medication, then turn around and follow his advice anyway, and benefit from it? Seriously?

How do these people live with themselves and the hypocrisy they spout?

As if that isn’t enough, apparently Klobuchar then mocks President Trump for taking the same medication that saved her husband’s life. This is crazy town.

Here’s more on that from Washington Examiner:

Democratic Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar mocked President Trump on Wednesday about a COVID-19 treatment she believed her husband John Bessler was treated with during his bout with the disease.

“Well, I think that I listened to the science there. I believe he did briefly take that drug … or some drug like it, but I think that we have to listen to the science and you have to listen to your doctors with what is going to work in each individual situation,” Klobuchar told SiriusXM’s Michael Smerconish on April 7 regarding her thoughts about the debate swirling around hydroxychloroquine since her husband’s illness.

“Sometimes, you might have other conditions that make it so you can’t take certain drugs. Sometimes your own condition with the virus wouldn’t demand. I think people have to look at what works. I believe in science, something this president has been not listening to,” she added.

Liberals are funny bunch, aren’t they? Out of one corner of the mouth they do what the president says and are better off for it. Out of the other, they slander him in order to appease the Democratic Party and stay in their good graces.

Truly, progressivism is a mental disorder.

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  1. I LOVE that my President continues to play 4D chess while the silly demoTARDS are STILL stuck on tiddlywinks, HILARIOUS!!!

  2. The democratic talking points continue to be a complete bag of lies and hypocritical statements that, even to the most common person, shines a bright light on their pathology. In all of my 60-some years, I have never seen such hatred and vile, such pathological group think against a political person, that is so consuming, that people become blinded to the reality of facts versus their own emotional distortions. This is truly a serious psychological problem that typically is only seen in significantly disturbed psychopaths and sociopaths and others with deeply rooted psychological problems.

  3. My Daughter, now 65, has been taken Hydroxychloroquine for 40 years now for her decease Lupus. She takes this medicine twice a year and is doing fine so don’t tell me it’s dangerous. If you get catch corona-virus you better ask your doctor if it’s Okay to take it. It may save you life.

    Joseph Panicello

  4. Yes, it has become the #one mental disorder in this country thanks to the corrupt, selfish, and amoral group called the Democrats. Why, I ask why would anyone want to destroy this wonderful country? Socialism has never worked not then not now. Do they all have cranial-rectal inversion syndrome? I think so. It is about time something serious is done before we end up in another civil war, and don’t think it can’t happen. Anything is possible in todays’ world.

  5. Amy Klobuchar….you ought to be ashame of yourself.
    You and your liberal party officials are a bunch of hypocrites who don’t deserve to represent people who unfortunately placed you in office.

  6. Twist it anyway you want snowflake. You are a hippcrite, & a flake! You don’t belong in public service, or dis service in you’re case!

  7. It is a controlled medication, this means it needs a prescription AND doctors will at times prescribe “Off label” as they have done with this virus. Now what is better, Let people die, saying we do not have a medicine, or do we prescribe a medication that MAY help and try it, I as a member of the medical society (Nurse) will go, with lets try it and see if we can slow this virus down and possibly get cures, then we go on from there. and from what I have heard it is in limited supply, and it is only available thru a prescription.

  8. people in office will say anyting to get back in office………………and i mean anything……………..that’s our
    govt…………………sorry to say


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