Dead Men Tell No Tales And Now They Can No Longer Vote In This Pennsylvania County

(Tea Party 247) – Voter fraud is real and the November election faces real threats from deranged leftists who will go to any means necessary to rig and steal the election (we’re looking at you, coronavirus). The biggest concern facing the coming election is mail-in voting which can be easily manipulated and rigged.

Just recently in Oregon, hundreds of registered Republicans reported their voter affiliations had been mysteriously changed to either non-affiliated or Democrat. How convenient.

Another tactic the left is fond of is getting dead people to vote. This has been a problem around the country and now one county has made a vow to clean up their voter rolls ahead of the monumental election later this year.

The Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF) has reached a settlement with Allegheny County in Pennsylvania as a result of a lawsuit filed against the county back in February. The settlement includes the county removing about 1,600 dead registered voters from their voter rolls among addressing other bizarre voter registration phenomena.

Breitbart reports:

In February, PILF filed a lawsuit against Allegheny County — which includes the city of Pittsburgh and its surrounding suburbs — for having about 1,600 dead people on its voter rolls, close to 7,500 voter registrations that have been flagged as duplicates, 1,523 registered voters who claim to be 100-years-old and over, and 1,178 registered voters who are missing dates of birth.

The lawsuit alleged that Allegheny County had not properly cleaned its voter rolls in accordance with the National Voter Registration Act of 1993.

This week, Allegheny County officials reached a settlement that mandates the county provide records within 60 days about the dead people and duplicated voter registrations on its voter rolls identified by PILF.

This is just one county in Pennsylvania which is a swing-state, traditionally blue but Trump turned the state red in 2016. Imagine what is going on in liberal strongholds like California, New York and Massachusetts.

PILF President J. Christian Adams said in a statement:

Allegheny County deserves credit for agreeing to fix a serious problem with elections there. People have been getting registered two, three, four, even seven times over to vote in Pittsburgh and the suburbs. We found those problems, and the County agreed to fix them.

Breitbart points out that the settlement comes as Judicial Watch, a watchdog organization, filed suit against the state of Pennsylvania for allegedly having more than 800,000 inactive voters on its voter rolls. In January, Allegheny County removed about 69,000 inactive voters from its voter rolls after threats of a lawsuit by Judicial Watch.

Thank God for organizations like Judicial Watch and their reliable vigilance. Voter fraud is a problem we can only expect to see increase as we get closer and closer to November. If the Democrats manage to steal this pivotal election we can say good-bye to America for good. The battle will be lost.

It’s up to us now to ensure our voices are heard in several months. If you notice anything strange about your voter registration or ability to vote, speak up and seek help if necessary. As Americans it is our right to vote and actively participate in the democratic process. We either use it or we lose it.


  1. Mail in ballots will cause President Trump the election. Nobody should be able to vote without a picture ID. Verified by a live birth certificate issued by the state they were born in.

  2. It is way past time to clean up EVERY STATE and county in America,,,,dead people voting has been a democratic trick for over 55 years and it is damned time to stop this bullshit,,,,

  3. This idea of dead voters and illegal immigrants voting is the only reason that I can see for failure to have voter ID’s verifying that the person is who they claim to be and are legal voters. The idea that voter ID prevents someone from exercising their right to vote is preposterous. We live in a society that requires an ID for virtually every phase of our lives. Why, for one of the most important rights of citizenship, would be exclude identifying those who legally can vote. This article points out one of the glaring reasons that we need to come into the 21st century and update all voter rolls in every state to identify those living, of legal age to vote, and who have legal resident status to vote.

  4. Ah, the Republicans promoting more hysteria about “nothing”! Any tactic used to win legal or not”! The only “voter fraud” found so far was by Republicans!

    • I guess the republicans would Che their party affiliations to democrats or non-affiliate. A coup ty alone was found to have 1.2 MILION of extra votes. Yes that’s millions. Just that 1 county. San Francisco also had quite a few. NJ and Illinois. Get the picture, mostly Democrat states. Why do you think the democrats only seem to be doing other for illegals. VOTES! If you can go to the store or supermarket then there shouldn’t be a problem voting. You need ID to drink or buy cigarettes d everything else. At 18 you get a non-drivers cane for ID. We need it for everything so it’s absurd to say it’s a hardship for people to get. Congratulations you pass for membership to become a member of the cult aka socialism.


    • Voting laws are controlled by laws passed by the legislature whereas the President can not control it.

      Only Congress can enact law, with the President’s approval/signature.


    • If the democrats blame the republicans for something you can bet your ass they’ve already done it. They get their ideas from theirselves.

  7. That’s why they bury people above ground in some southern states. It makes it easier for them to get to them to get to yhe polls.

  8. And that’s why the democRATS are pushing so hard for mail in ballots for everyone. Warnings about severe penalties for fraudulent use of the ballots is bs; who’s going to investigate? The chances of being caught, and successfully prosecuted are slim to none,
    The walking dead, illegal immigrants, serial voters, all are reliably democrat and the dems are staunch champions of their right to vote.

    • In Texas we have to show ID and our voters card. Name and addresses must match. There are districts in which you vote. You cannot vote outside your district.
      If you can afford a cell phone, buy cigarettes or liquor, you can afford an ID.
      Besides, in order to buy cigarettes or liquor, in many cases, you NEED an ID.
      We’ve already seen where voter fraud has been committed. If everything was on the up and up, this subject wouldn’t even be a subject to be concerned about. People wouldn’t be arrested and ballots for one state wouldn’t be found in another state.
      Sadly, voter fraud IS a reality and until we find a way to nip it in the bud, it’s going to continue to happen.

  9. THAt’s the reason for the Second Amendment—And it is not for Hunting Rabbits.
    How do you tell a DemocRAT is lying??? Their Lips are moving—Well Known in Texas—where there are Lots of Pickups and ALL are armed, with a hope they will Never have to be used—The reason the Japanese did not invade the West coast when they had a Chance in 1942—The RED Chinese better take note!!!

  10. Now the fact is that there is no proof that aany of those dead persons voted in either election. Now the fact is in any state if they can get 60% of the voters to the polls it is a good thing. Now nothing wrong with cleaning up the voter rolls as long as you do it in time for th person to get reregistered if removed from the voter list, and that shhould be done with no less than 4 attempts to notify anyone removed from the polls, now my Grand mother in law was still voting at 106 years old she died at 109, and my mother was voting at 100 years old and my brother at 96 years old so being 100 years old on the voting list is not an indication a person is dead, many people live past 100 years.
    Most voter roll purging is done for a political advantage, in the last 9 challenges, it was done with the minority suffering the worst from the purge.

    • I’m tired of everything being racial issue. The democrats make it. When people move it should be required that P.O. tell them. The same with fine homes. Congratulations on the great gene pool.

  11. I guess the DEAD know their rights . . . ask any DEMOCRAT! in fact, they know their rights so well that they vote often – even in the same election (who’d have thought THAT?). I’ll bet that GRAVEYARD must be busy this time of the year. Lot’s of VOTERS to tend to. One Wary Patriot. team Trump and his allies 2020.

  12. One citizen, one vote. Any voting district that does not positively confirm the identity and eligibility of each and every voter should have all their votes removed from the official counts. This would apply to entire states like California that openly encourage non-citizen illegal aliens to vote or states that fail to purge deceased citizens from voter rolls. Cheat-by-mail voting should be explicitly banned if each voter is not required to be confirmed to be an eligible voter in their district. The final answer to cheat-by-mail should be voting by our Second Amendment rights.

    • Mail in voting is necessary so that military members as well as people who work in places where it is difficult for them to be able to appear and vote, BUT they should be the exception, not the norm.

  13. What we need are volunteers to monitor all votes prior to them being accepted. We need to find and prosecute all people who are responsible for fraud….fining them and taking away their assets. If they have no money then put them in work details cleaning the country. We need to follow this counties lead and do this before the election.

  14. Voter registration rolls not only need cleaning up, they also need to be PURGED! For every new registered 18-yr-old or new naturalized US citizen wanting to vote for the first time, there are several other categories of voter that require REMOVAL from the rolls:
    (1) ALL previously registered voters who are or who have reasonably been determined to be DECEASED.
    (2) ALL previously registered voters who have recently been convicted of a felony.
    (3) ALL previously registered voters whose identity cannot be reasonably confirmed.
    (4) ALL would-be voters who are determined to be illegal aliens and/or other noncitizen legal immigrants not legally eligible to vote.
    (5) ALL previously registered voters who have relocated to another voting jurisdiction or precinct since the previous election.
    (6) ALL previously registered voters who are apparently registered to vote in more than one district or precinct.
    This probably is not a complete, comprehensive list of categories of questionable voters and election shenanigans, but it should keep the registrars busy between now and the November elections, which, by the grace of God and watchful American patriots, will result in a resounding victory for President Trump’s re-election for another four years! I can’t wait to see all the communists jumping off roofs and out of high-rise windows in the wake of the next election! It’s a much gentler fate than the one that awaits them if it can be ultimately determined that they “won” the election dishonestly (STOLE it, in other words)!

  15. Honest elections are fundamental to a Republic form of government. Only citizens voting is reasonable. Proving you are a citizen has its benefits and all citizens owe their country proof before receiving those benefits. If that is required, then the taxpaying citizen is protected. We do not owe the world a living and America was never created to be the worlds saviour. No reasonable thining person would impose voting rights to everyone who claims to have that right. Watching the news I have seen mobs demanding the right to vote just because they are here and that they are nice people. While I do not deny their claim to be nice people, they still need to prove they are citizens first then claim their right to vote. Clean up those voter rolls.

    • Allegheny County does not deserve credit because it took a court order to geter done and it isn’t yet done. Poop on their dishonesty.

  16. Voter rolls in states , counties & cities across the country need to clean-up there rolls . Like the article stated this is just one county in Pennsylvania , just imagine the rest of the country , Let’s have fair & honest elections &restore voter integrity to the voting system !!!

  17. Charley Ragel, former Congressman from Harlem said, when I pass on, bury me in Chicago, Illinoe, so I can still vote.


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