De Blasio Loves Open Borders, But Not Open Beaches…This Is Completely Tyrannical

(Tea Party 247) – New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is throwing a hissy fit as he struggles to keep his citizens from getting out and enjoying the coronavirus-killing UV rays of bright, spring sunshine.

This open borders champion is even considering building a fence to keep people off beaches as Memorial day approaches.

He shared these plans with Fox News host Maria Bartiromo on Sunday during a hard-hitting interview in which she held the authoritarian mayor’s feet to the flames.

“Our beaches get very crowded very quickly. We’re not going to allow it…We’re not opening on Memorial Day as we normally do. For folks in local communities who walk on the beach, walk on the boardwalk, they can still do that. But no swimming, no lifeguards, no congregating,” he told the Sunday Morning Futures’ host.

De Blasio added that he will be making sure his edict is enforced with the NYPD and the Parks Department to make sure that beach season isn’t enjoyed.

“If people are smart about, and listen to the rules, great. If not, we actually may have to put fencing to keep people off the beach. I don’t want to do it, but if I have to, I will. We are so far from being out of the woods here in New York City. We’re still the epicenter. Until we’re safe, no beaches open,” he declared.

BizPac Review notes:

In a city undergoing a physical, person-to-person crime wave, it seems like a particularly bad idea to divert police resources to the functional equivalent of Baywatch. This is likely another reason why rank-and-file cops have a very low opinion of Bill de Blasio. Moreover, crowded subways are still operational.

It’s very likely that when it comes to summer fun, area residents may tell the mayor to pound sand as things heat up.

As you can imagine, social media was scathing in their response to de Blasio’s outrageous plans:

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  2. Just goes to show you how sick these people in our government are. They do not work or care about the American people.

  3. William ( Bill ) DeBlasio born Warren Wlihelm Jr , worked at the Quiote center with Marxist /Leninist rulings , strong supporter of the Sandanistas in Nicaragua , why the name change Bill ? are you trying to hide something ? your past perhaps

  4. You know the mayor of NYC want’s open boarders he likes unskilled workers to come into NYC to really screw it up plus he can blame the kindergarten educated for screening things up and be corrupt without being called out on it, pretty much to screw things up.

  5. I call on everyone in this area to go to the beach in large numbers.This weekend and all remaining weekends for the rest of the year.HAVE SOME GOD DAM BALLS PEOPLE.GO THERE

  6. New York will never be safe as long as Di Blasio and his wife are there and I mean in any capacity. I want to tell them to get out of the city but I wouldn’t wish them on my worst enemy. New should buy them a boat and send them out to sea like the man without a country.

  7. De Blasio is a idiotic boob. He wants open borders because it is what the
    DNC wants. As for not allowing people on the beaches is nothing more than
    the thrill of the power to tell everyone what they can and cannot do. And do
    not think it has anything to do with caring for the welfare of the people because
    he could give a damn about the people. He is a narcissist and does not care
    for anyone other than himself. He is also a first level dummy.

  8. Sorry but I have to laugh at people from NY, CA, NJ, PA, MI, and IL. Someone tell them that they voted for these governors that are ruining their lives, so your getting what you voted for. Saying that, all of you can correct your mistake by voting these governors out of office. Please don’t make the same mistake that you made voting for your governors when you vote for the president in November, if you vote for Biden you really deserve your life ruined!

    • I didn’t vote for Phil Murphy but what can I do? The idiotic demorats voted him in. He’s one of the many reasons why people are moving out of New Jersey. I’m a Jersey Girl to the core but I’ve had enough. You have no idea how many people I personally know who have left New Jersey in the dust.

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