Cuomo Has Insane Take On Covid Vaccine…He’s Playing Politics With People’s Lives!

(Tea Party 247) – Governor Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) has still never given a satisfactory answer on why, exactly, thousands of COVID-positive patients were sent in to New York nursing homes during the height of the pandemic.

Yet he thinks that he can cast doubt on the potential efficacy of the coronavirus vaccine, which no doubt many residents in his state would be glad to have made available, because Orange Man Bad?

This politicking from the left is so sick.

“Frankly, I’m not going to trust the federal government’s opinion, and I wouldn’t recommend to New Yorkers, based on the federal government’s opinion,” Cuomo declared to reporters on Thursday about the FDAA potentially approving a coronavirus vaccine.

“New York State will have its own review when the federal government is finished with their review and says it’s safe,” he promised.

Even the New York Times, as Town Hall notes, was forced to admit that New York officials don’t actually have anything to do with approving vaccines for any drugs or treatments.

So is he actually just trying to discourage clueless liberals from taking the vaccine?

Or does he really not know that there’s essentially nothing he can do about the approval and distribution of the vaccine except, perhaps, actively trying to prevent it from being administered throughout his state.

Is he actually going to do this?!

Town Hall notes:

The Trump administration has been working with drugmakers to fast-track the development and approval of a vaccine for the coronavirus. The administration has given $200 million to all 50 states in an effort to distribute a lifesaving vaccine as soon as one receives emergency-use authorization from the FDA.

On Wednesday, the president announced that Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine candidate has entered the third and final stage of clinical trials. It’s the fourth vaccine candidate developed in the United States to reach the final stage of testing.

The Trump administration awarded Johnson & Johnson $456 million to produce the vaccine using a method that has been used to produce vaccines for other viruses, such as the Ebola virus. The U.S. has agreed to pay $1 billion for 100 million doses of the vaccine if the drug receives approval from the FDA. Johnson and Johnson expects its COVID-19 vaccine to be available for emergency use authorization on a not-for-profit basis starting in early 2021.

Clearly, Cuomo could not give a crap about the lives of New Yorkers.

President Trump has made leaps and strides in addressing the coronavirus crisis that have been good for all Americans.

True to form, he was perfectly helpful and genial with Cuomo and California Governor Gavin Newsom when they needed help as the virus began spreading.

He got his home state respirators when they needed respirators–so many that thousands sat around in warehouses, unused!

He sent a Navy hospital ship, which sat practically unused in the harbor!

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  1. Cuomo is a Thug and a Scum Bag. However, New York voters are “Stuck On Stupid” and continue to vote stupidly. They are to Blame!

  2. Andrew Cuomo (Fredo II) and Chris Cuomo (Fredo) are nothing more than political hacks just like their father Mario. They make fools of themselves when they appear on TV because they have nothing to back up their stupidity. They make jokes about testing with the giant swabs, ignore quarantine and fight when caught. Fredo II is a wannabe President Trump but he lacks what it takes. After he used funds dedicated to the purchase of respirators which he squandered to failed companies, he begged our president to supply him with respirators and hospital beds on a Navy ship and Javitts Center, which he got and never used. He is a poor excuse for a leader and needs to resign and take the other moron DeBlasio with him.

  3. I guess the residents of NY will have to go to other states to get the FDA approve vaccines.
    What else is new, was in the Waverly,NY area this past week, restaurant still closed ? Drove less than 1/2 mile into Sayre PA. Found restaurants open.

  4. And they won’t even let me leave a comment on how hateful this piece of work is…Governor Cuomo. Who the hell would vote for this jerk? He belongs in prison since he killed thousands of seniors, took them from their families, while he sits perfectly comfortable in his home, nothing touching his family or possessions.. Move out of the country…you hate America so much…Take that rat bast*** AOS with you…most horrible Socialist ever. Traitors, both of you along with many others. What is wrong with you?

  5. TALK ABOUT SCARY. THIS AN SHOULD BE DEPORTED. HE IS SO ANTI-AMERICAN, SUCH A HATEFUL HUMAN. What is wrong with you voters in NY? You put this character in…why? And on top of that you elected the biggest Socialist of all times AOC? WTF? They both should move out of this country since they appear to hate it so much, and belong in prison for all the lives you took from hundreds of families. I hope you are proud of your job. Oh by the way, the streets o NYC look really grand…Fifth Avenue looks like an absolute war zone…and what have you done to stop this? Scratched your butt and turned your head…Why should you care? No loss to your personal possessions…What a loser you are

    Get him the F out of there. And sesnd AOC packing too. They both should move to another country that suits them better. Anti-American, hateful humans

  7. It is obvious the libtards are terrified that a COVID-19 vaccine will be approved soon, effectively ending the pandemic and freeing the population from liberal tyranny. I will be first in line when the vaccines are available. President Trump has brilliantly orchestrated an amazingly rapid creation of vaccines, a very difficult endeavor given the bureaucratic quagmire that drug approvals have become. I recommend all patriots to get vaccinated ASAP. For all I care, the libturds can stay in their basements or succumb to the virus- all the better for our country.

  8. The state of New York was paying hundreds of millions for nursing home care. When COVID infected people were sent to nursing home and (more than) 6000 died, it saved the New York treasury millions. That motivation should be enough to cause someone to rigorously look into this much more carefully and thoroughly than just the newspapers that have commented negatively.

  9. You have to understand Cuomo’s motivation in all this. He’s a legend in his own mind. He probably thought that people would write in the name of Cuomo the Magnificent in place of Trump during the last election. Really, who else is so special that they can kill six thousand seniors with Covid Virus, and have no repercussions, not even mild pushback, from anyone in the country? He is truly special, a veritable super hero, just ask him and he will tell you. Endlessly.


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