Cross-Dressing Man Hosts Nude Swimming Party With Children Being Admitted For Free

(Tea Party 247) – The perverted cross-dressing man, Jessica Yaniv (pictured above), who became infamous for suing salon workers for refusing to give his man parts a Brazilian wax has successfully thrown a nude swim party, in which minors were admitted for free. This is not a joke or satire.

DC Clothesline reported prior to the event:

A cross-dressing man, who became infamous for suing Brazilian waxing salons that refused to wax his genitals, is now hosting a nude swimming event with one caveat:   Minors will be admitted for free.

Now, before I begin, I want to ask something of the men near this event: Where are you?  Why aren’t you at the least protesting this and at the extreme dealing with this criminal, mentally ill degenerate in order to protect your kids and the children of others?  Are you cowards?  Have you been so neutered by the feminist movement that you are failing to act like men?

I digress…

According to his own bio on Twitter, the man who goes by the female name of Jessica Yaniv, describes himself as:


Yaniv really only needs four words to describe himself on Twitter and those would be ‘pervert’ and ‘pedophile’ and ‘mentally ill,’ and if you spend even just a few minutes scrolling through his Twitter account, any sane person can clearly see how truly deranged Yaniv is. He shouldn’t be allowed within 100 yards of any child let alone ones at a pool with no clothing on.

DC Clothesline points out that his lawsuit against the salon workers was a complete bust resulting in Yaniv actually being ordered to pay $6,000 in damages, and his first attempt to hold a nude swimming party with children was shut down, he was in no way deterred from attempting to host a second nude swimming party with children.

“This is actually an interesting event.. at the Newton Wave Pool on Saturday. Good job for allowing this @CityofSurrey. Great to see inclusiveness and more inclusiveness on Sunday too! We’re all human,” he tweeted.

The event apparently took place and according to Yaniv’s Twitter was a “huge success.” Completely disgusting. The ONLY reason Yaniv is getting away with hosting a nude swimming party with children is because he identifies as a member of the LGBT camp and they are apparently above any laws meant to protect children from sexual predators.

Not to mention the fact that the push to normalize pedophilia as just another sexual preference has really been ramping up by the media and even the medical community. The fact that Yaniv was permitted to go through with this party should scare every single one of us. Are we getting that much closer to the normalization of child rape?

At least one person on Twitter called him out for being a pedophile:

We all must collectively call out perverts like Yaniv or it will only continue to get worse. Apparently having the LGBT card allows you to get away with preying on children. This insanity has got to stop.


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  2. This is identity politics at it’s finest… capitulation and special treatment to anyone that identifies as something else other than a normal human being (the minority population), while the normal human beings (the majority population) get the shaft. Political Correctness and identity politics will be the death of us if we don’t fight back.

  3. This pervert needs to be completely castrated and by that, I mean everything and do not leave a stub. If the police will not do anything then the parents should, Tar and fether this Queer sick baster and run them all out of town or hang him for the safety of the children.

    • Could not agree more. Where is a Charles Bronson when you need one (Death Wish) TAR & FEATHER this vile POS

  4. NEWS FLASH!!!….all the talk about Inclusiveness….LGBT ….are NOT

    Inclusive….of….Heterosexual….lifestyle…..or their Families!!!…’s their way…or the ..highway..They don’t fit in the heterosexual family lifestyle…and hence see it ..the ENEMY!!

    To repeat what someone else posted..”Do what you will with other adults…leave our children alone!!”

  5. this started from that library drag queen letting dose mentally sick man get close to children this guy need to be arrested and sentence for a 100 years with out parole

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  7. Roger Stone is behind bars for being set up on lying to Congress, yet this thing walks free. Justice? Schiff and many in Congress lie to us every day, but that is just fine.

  8. This is what has led to giving homosexuals recognition has led to, an opening for everything from paedophilia to gang raping and child trafficking.

  9. As a retired social worker in child protective division I have removed children from there home for less than this. Granted they needed to be removed but this is far worse and the parents should be in jail. It’s up to us as advocates for these children to do something. Thank God here is not that sick yet but if it’s allowed in one place we are allowing it to spread. These are the type of people that should be removed of the face of this earth. Let me wax his balls😡 He would not ask anyone else because he would not have any thing left.

  10. I thought this turd was some place in Canada. I would figure that the boys would take North a little and let him have his nude swim party at a nice, cold lake tied to a tree so the mosquitos could have at him for awhile before maybe a nice large wolf pack found him or a nice large bear…this sack of shit doesn’t deserve to continue to take up our oxygen. My bet is that legit members of the LGBTQ do not support this sick pedophile!!!!

  11. Sick Sick Sick !!!!!!! Mental Illness is melting away our beautiful belief in America. Our children are suffering from so many lies. Where, who and how are we protecting our children. LGBT, You have rights, it should include protecting our children from sexual predators. Are you protecting your child?

  12. He’s a mentally deranged pervert and so are those who support him and those whom he supports. They are truly at the nether ends of the bell curve of biped normalcy.

  13. Wow! I consider myself to be liberal with conservative leanings when the time calls for it, and if EVER there’s a time to allow my conservative side to emerge, this is IT! We need to protect our children. I’d like to know what PARENTS agreed to allow their children to participate in this event….they should be arrested along with this sick man/ woman/whatever. Disgusting!

  14. Where are the PARENTS or do they support this extreme abuse of their innocents. We are a sick society. LBGTQ’s are total misfits in a healthy society and we are catering to this outrageous move to tear down the union of man and woman. and call it “equality “. Evil ! Evil!

  15. It should be arrested for encouraging sick life style for children. The parents should have their children removed from their custody.

  16. LGTB+QF – – Queer – – Faggot…We live in a sick world and I have A message from God to America: (From Hosea 4)
    Hear the word of the LORD, you children of America: for the LORD has a controversy with the inhabitants of the land, because there is no truth, nor mercy, nor knowledge of God in the land. By swearing, and lying, and killing, and stealing, and committing adultery….and the list goes on and on.

    Therefore shall the land mourn, and every one that dwells therein shall languish, with the beasts of the field, and with the fowls of heaven; yes, even the fish of the sea also shall be taken away.
    My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because you have rejected knowledge, I will also reject you seeing that you have forgotten the law of God, I will also forget your children. For you shall eat, and not have enough. You shall commit whoredom, and shall not increase because you have not taken heed to the LORD. However…..
    This message from God for America is continued in (2nd Chron. 7:14) (John 3:16-18)

    “If my people who are called by my name (Christians) shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”

    For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son that whosoever believes in him shall not perish but have everlasting life. For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world but that the world through him might be saved. He that believes on him is not condemned but he that believes not is condemned already because he has not believed on the name of this only begotten Son.


  17. Leviticus 18:22. Pick up a KJV and read it.
    That verse is for all the lgbtq+
    God is Absolute and All Holy, All Just, All Powerful and while He forgives, those forgiven must repent.
    That pervert is dragging innocent children down to hell with him.

  18. A PS to my previous statement…I have been banned from posting on Facebook for 30 days once again. It seems one can attack the Christians, Jews, and true Americans all you want…especially if you’re liberal or Muslim…but visa versa gets one banned. Spread this perversion all over social sites condemning this pathetic perverted behavior with children involved. Do as you wish as an adult, but leave our children alone.

  19. Satan is very very happy right now. He has his minion soldiers of evil, hate, and perversion working overtime to bring Satan’s immoral life styles to be acceptable as “normal.” If one speaks up against this kind of perversion being exposed to children, one is accused of some kind of “phobia” or called evil names. I forget the verse in the Bible where Jesus tells us that “blesses are the persecuted in my Father’s name,” or something to that effect…in other words, those that stand up for God and his teachings will be blessed as they are attacked for those beliefs…it is happening today.


  21. call him out and try to stop it and the dims call you racist and every other word they can come up with. the writer of this article should realize you cant say anything to these animals.

  22. If this queer reprobate maggot got any where near my daughter or my small children I would not need law enforcement, because I would deal with this punk myself. On the other hand this individual would need an emergency room and would be in a body cast for a very long time.

  23. JY (I’m only referring to JY as JY from now on for several reasons not limited to not wanting to be doxxed) is absolutely a completely deranged lunatic and yet claims to be included under the transgender/transsexual label. In actuality, JY’s a complete pervert and has clearly, especially thru the past year, been parading under the trans label essentially using it as a human shield; doing this not only to attempt to use the “higher than the law” approach to getting away scot-free with JY’s overtly pedophilic behavior. JY is also, by claiming to be transsexual, making an actual public mockery and joke out of actual trannies such as myself and others who have a genuine medical struggle with a neurological issue that causes us to essentially have a brain chemistry alignment more commonly associated with that of the opposite sex since birth.

    Not only that, but JY has also previously had a very clear obsession with women’s hygiene products, namely tampons. JY’s previously had allegations come out from some of them, at the time, underage girls JY had previously messaged coming forward with the inappropriate, sexually-charged messages JY sent them. Even an actual transgender girl also came forward with a video of JY harassing her on a Livestream.

    It seems relatively clear that JY seems to have some sort of fetishistic obsession towards underage women, as well as even underage transgender women. And as a transsexual woman myself, I’m truly disgusted and outraged that people like me are being misrepresented in such a pugnacious fashion by people such as JY.

    If you want any further information on JY and some relatively good reaction and damage control for JY’s misrepresentation of an actual struggling, marginalized group of people who struggle with something we genuinely cannot help (as actual transgenderism is a neurological anomaly) I highly recommend watching either Blaire White or Rose of Dawn on YouTube as they’ve both done a significant amount of coverage about all the controversy this JY has been responsible for causing.

  24. How is this freak not in jail? Your born black or white brown whatever. Being heterophobic is a chosen alternative lifestyle. You’re a man or a woman. You can have all the operations you want and you will never change your chromosomes. Transgender is a psychotic fantasy.

    • Roger Stone goes to jail on trumped up charges of lying to Congress, and this person goes free? Maybe when the Dems let all the non violent Criminals out of jail, Roger will be freed as well.

  25. Minors are to get in free? You mean others are going to pay?! Who would pay this a-hole to attend his freak show. Other freaks, I guess. The kids are probably the draw to get the other freaks to pay this freak money. Disgusting!

  26. Such a tragic situation that children are being exposed to the likes of freaks like Yaniv. All parents that find this acceptable behavior, how are you going to feel when your precious, innocent children become the victims of a pedophile, sex trafficking or just end up so messed up in the head that they commit suicide.
    Stop with the madness, realize that these sickos are grooming your children to become their personal sex slaves.

  27. The fact that Yaniv is a pedophile is one thing. But what I want to know is what are the parents of those kids thinking of? Do they all walk naked in front of their kids around the house so they don’t think it’s a big deal? Why are they allowing their kids to be there? I guess pedophilia and prostitution is legal now.

  28. Hey ‘it’ You sick dog. First sight of foam we will send Travis Coates to take behind the barn.

    I hate what this guy stands for. I do not understand was sexual abuse of minors is now?

    My top lines are situations in a Movie who can figure this out. Without using the Computer, cell phone or tablet

  29. This kind of crap is going on all over AMERICA. Where are our representives and anti-nutty people. The LGBTDFHHGFDF are trying to pervert the USA


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