Criminals Are Being Released Amid Coronavirus Outbreak…And Guess What They’re Doing?

(Tea Party 247) – For some reason, cities, counties, and even states have decided that one of the best ways to stop the spread of the coronavirus is to release prisoners back into the public as law-abiding citizens are told to stay indoors.

Anyone who is in prison or jail is already quarantined, aren’t they?

So what do you expect these newly-freed criminals to do, find a work-at-home job and quietly obey orders from local governments to stop the spread of the virus?

Yeah, right.

They’re hitting the streets, committing fresh crimes. And who can blame them? It’s not like they’re being held accountable at all.

A career criminal has been accused of robbing and threatening to murder a woman at knifepoint after being released from prison as part of these misguided efforts to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

Breitbart reports that on March 17, according to Utah law enforcement officials, 42-year-old Joshua Haskell was released from a halfway house after a plan inmates that had been deemed “non-violent.”

In Haskell’s case, “non-violent” was clearly the wrong description.

Haskell had previously been freed from Utah State Prison after serving time for drug crimes and violating parole.

Two days after being released from the halfway house, Haskell allegedly entered the victim’s home where she was sleeping, and when she woke up and began screaming, threatened that he was “going to cut her head off,” according to an affidavit obtained by Desert News.

When Haskell tied the woman up by binding her wrists and ankles, demanding she give him cash, credit cards, and her cards’ pin numbers, Haskell then threatened to return to her house and kill her if she’d given him the wrong numbers.

The woman’s son heard his mother screaming and called police the police. Haskell allegedly told the woman to tell police officers that he was her partner when they arrived. As he got into her bed, she ran downstairs and told the police officers that he was not, in fact, her partner.

They arrested Haskell at gunpoint, unsurprisingly finding drugs and drug paraphernalia on him.

The affidavit asserts that the woman told police officers “she was sure she was going to die and that she was just waiting for the suspect to stab her.”

Haskell has a long criminal history, including at least four convictions for drug crimes. He has now been charged with aggravated burglary, aggravated robbery, aggravated kidnapping, drug possession, and possession of a weapon.

And this is someone they deemed fit to release into society in the midst of a crisis?

Breitbart explains:

The incident comes as cities across the United States have implemented plans to release state prisoners that they consider “non-violent” under the guise of coronavirus potentially spreading in prison among inmates.

While Philadelphia, Pennsylvania police officers have been advised to free suspects accused of “non-violent” crimes, the George Soros-funded American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has asked the Justice Department to release 10,000 felons from federal prison in the midst of the coronavirus crisis.


  1. There is unemployment for those who lost work. A signed package for relief for our citizens! Have faith folks. Calm down and be patient😌

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  3. What’s even more crazy is that New Jersey has a castle law, where if an intruder comes into your home and you shoot them, you can be prosecuted. How’s that for CRAZY.

  4. Hmmmm….sounds like Cuba and the Soviet Union. Churches closed, stores empty, people imprisoned, criminals out of jail, a real liberal utopia.

  5. been talking about close the gun stores , this was announce after the release criminals was. HMMMMM . there are no jobs due to shut down, how are they to earn $, oh yah break ins> ???or join a gang to push drugs…..its a democratic here in my state that’s doing this. Oh he says because the budget can t keep them in. but have a budget set aside for non documented immigrants . never said because of the Con virus. i did not vote for him, he is a NUT case.

  6. A BULLET in the HEAD tends to stop a CRIMINAL in their TRACKS COLD as they commit their crimes . . .because that’s what they will be – C O L D . Stay out of MY house if you want to LIVE through it – Don’t break in. Team Trump and their allies 2020.

  7. Iif the George Soros-funded American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has asked the Justice Department to release 10,000 felons from federal prison in the midst of the coronavirus crisis, have all of these felons move into Georgie-boys house or neighborhood and see how long he is free of the virus himself. (Good riddens when he is infected !

  8. My ex girlfriends boy friend makes $98 an hour by pimping her out to wheel heeled customers and bachelors about to be married who need an experienced stripper for their bachelor party

  9. Are you kidding me?…Keep the prisoners in prison until this Panedemic subsides! They are already on “lock-down”…as we all are…figure it out when this crisis is over…

    • They are already quarantined. Keep them safe from all us virus infested civilians. What next, more gun control?

  10. Sure wish all the shitheads with their scam work at home or whatever would stay off these otherwise useful sites.

  11. Criminals SOS, I agree.
    99 % of our politicians are corrupt.
    Vote the corrupt politicians out.
    God bless President Trump and the USA.

  12. So criminals are released while the innocent are imprisoned? Reminds me of an old Chip Bok cartoon that deserves more exposure. It shows a judge in his black robe saying, “Why do we release the guilty on technicalies” To make room for the innocent.”

    That is the purpose of our court system now.

  13. This is an outrage and a very dangerous move by these governors and mayors and just another reason why we need to get all these Democrats out of our government, for they are putting the citizens even in more danger and are showing us that they just don’t care!!! Come election day we all must vote these Democrats out of office, for they have shown us that they are not one bit a lawful or constitutional party, for lawlessness does is what they want and if anything happens they will just blame it all on Trump so they think, but the elections are going to show them just how wrong they were!!!

    • This is why I have a gun and am trained on how to use it! I have had a gun since I was in my twenties and there have been three incidents where I have had to use it to protect myself and my kids. Thankfully I have never had to pull the trigger, just seeing one in my hand was enough to scare the intruder! Everyone should have a gun for protection today. Go get trained on how to use one and then go buy one to protect yourself and your family. Things are going to get worse now with this virus because lots of people are going to lose their jobs and are going to get desperate!

    • Jeanni , guns are good but if you shoot somebody no matter what the reason, you are the one that gets in trouble and maybe even sued .

    • They want the criminals released, so they can vote in the elections. That way since Democrats released them, that’s who they will vote for. They have been wanting to change it so criminals could vote…this way they got their way! Just release them all so then they are eligible to vote!

  14. Covid 19 is the Liberal Left’s dream come true. Letting criminals out in the streets has been one of their goals. These criminals should be let to run loose in the neighbourhood of the Left. That is the only thing wrong with releasing these criminals.

  15. It’s a liberal’s dream. Churches closed, store shelves empty, gestapo threats of jail for people speaking to each other on the beach., extreme laws, rules, regulations that would make ol’ Vlad Lenin cringe. Welcome to Liberal Utopia! Anyone who has voted for democrats in the past twenty years is responsible for this horrible situation.

  16. Due to the current state of Emergency i vote that any criminals let out of Jail,Prison, Mental asylum or HALFWAY house during the COVID-19 Pandemic,be shot on the spot if caught in the act of committing further crime during his Holiday. All in favor say AYE!!!


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