Creepy: St. Louis Fed Head’s Plan For “Stimulating The Economy” Sounds Like What Nazis Did To Jews

(Tea Party 247) – Will the coronavirus pandemic turn our country into a biological dystopia where caste is determined by your health status?

So far, it’s starting to sound more and more like this might be the case.

And this should disturb you.

James Ballard, the CEO of the Federal Reserve in St. Louis, has some “good news” for our failing economy.

Make everyone wear badges boasting their coronavirus-free status.

Yeah, that doesn’t sound completely Orwellian. Or, Hitlerian, rather.

While speaking with CBS’ Face the Nation over the weekend, Ballard said:

“You know, I have good news for you, Margaret, because we have a- there is a solution using available technology today to fix the economic part of this problem. The solution is universal testing. What you want is every single person to get tested every day. And then they would wear a badge like they would at a- after they voted or something like that to show that they’ve been tested. This would immediately sort out who’s been infected and who hasn’t been infected. That would help the health care sector. But it would also help the economy because we could interact with each other with a lot of confidence.”

First of all, even if this weren’t completely creepy, who is to say that someone couldn’t simply put on a badge fraudulently?

How is this a remotely good idea?

When the Nazis were in power in Germany, they required that Jews wear yellow badges signifying their ethnic heritage.

The Holocaust Center explains:

Reinhard Heydrich, chief of the Reich Main Security Office, first recommended that Jews should wear identifying badges following the Kristallnacht pogrom of November 9 and 10, 1938. Shortly after the invasion of Poland in September 1939, local German authorities began introducing mandatory wearing of badges. By the end of 1939, all Jews in the newly-acquired Polish territories were required to wear badges.

The German government’s policy of forcing Jews to wear identifying badges was but one of many psychological tactics aimed at isolating and dehumanizing the Jews of Europe, directly marking them as being different (i.e., inferior) to everyone else. It allowed for the easier facilitation of their separation from society and subsequent ghettoization, which ultimately led to the deportation and murder of 6 million Jews. Those who failed or refused to wear the badge risked severe punishment, including death. For example, the Jewish Council (Judenrat) of the ghetto in Bialystok, Poland announced that “… the authorities have warned that severe punishment – up to and including death by shooting – is in store for Jews who do not wear the yellow badge on back and front.”


  1. The covid screening test misses between 50-70% of people who actually have the disease. With that poor a sensitivity, I would be reluctant to declare any covid free. Affecting peoples lives with a test that isn’t all that good is a bad idea, not to mention the “labeling” implications. Hand hygiene, distancing, and maybe masking are the best bets. Does anyone have any demographics to find out who the truly vulnerable are? We assume the elderly or very young, but I have not seen any data supporting this claim.

  2. Hmm… as the article notes, the problem with badges saying you’re okay, is that untested-folks (and those that test positive) will start putting on fake badges; that will quickly cause the government drones to force those that test positive to wear an “unclean” badge… and THEN we’ll be back in 1930’s Germany… or the ancient middle east, where lepers were required to announce themselves by shouting “unclean” when they walked through town…

  3. I am a Ballard and I agree that this sounds like getting people ready for the anti-Christ and having to be marked. This man is evil and should be removed from office immediately. SMH

  4. Of course like the Nazis.
    What do you think ‘Nazi’ means: NAtional SoZIalistishe arbeiter partei (National Socialist party of the workers)
    And what side do you think that is ?
    The virus may be bio-weapon or not but it is USED for braking the Western economies, aka Trump, Johnson etc… as ‘non stop smiling’ Pelosi who said after the failed impeachment : ‘This is not over’ !!

  5. When you see the left media bummed out that people are getting better by using a drug that Trump believes is helping so many and there is absolute proof of it….that alone should make you go….HMMMMM!!!!!

  6. This man needs to be removed from office. He needs to remember we are not a nazi society. It is strange that the people of the US would allow this man or any man to turn them into cattle to be herded wherever they wish. I am not a herd animal and I do not follow instructions well when they are totally wrong. Thankfully I continue to use my brain and my conscience to guide me. The American people are independent free thinkers if they choose to use that freedom and I so choose. This James Ballard can shove his badge where the sun does not shine. And hopefully, someone will tell him “Your Are Fired”.

  7. Keep in mind: when what’s her name . . . Hang on it is coming to me . . . oh right Hillary Clinton ran the establishment of policy for Boner Bill, she was demanding all children prior to being allowed into K-0 -K-12 would be inoculated via state approved Doctors.
    AND, included with the inoculations was to include a chip! YES, A CHIP – GPS tracking device!
    The lie at the time was: this chip would reduce “missing children!”
    Some post pubescent breeding males and females thought this was a good idea. . .🧐🤔
    IMAGINE: if all surviving zygotes after 1995 actually had a govern-ment injected gps chip in their neck today. . .?
    We as a nation are due for a national medical holiday! Lets say, 04/15 tax day for every American to submit a form from their Doctor with their taxes proving: SUCCESSFUL COMPLETION OF THEIR MEDICALLY PERFORMED – – -> CRANIAL COLON OSCOPY PROCEDURE!

  8. Johnny Kay is either INSANE, or a complete idiot ! For ANY person today, to say that the Pandemic is “Fake”, after so many people have DIED from this virus, is MIND BLOWING to say the least ! Wake up, Johnny Kay, and smell the coffee !

  9. You are TOTAL BS. Obviously, you are a DEMONRAT who likes being in a police state. NO ancestors who ever went through the HOLOCAUST, Mr. Cohen???

  10. What is really sad here is the number of people that will buy this crap. Especially the younger brainwashed students coming out of colleges today.,

  11. Well, we all have opinions, Johnny. Your’s indicates your age. I remember a lovely Jewish victim of the holocaust who lived in our town. She was invited by schools and Sunday schools of all denominations to give programs on her experience. Of course her teachings were based on the age of her audiences which ranged from grades K-12. When she showed me her number tattooed on her wrist, I was only 5 but I remember crying and asking her if it hurt. I enjoyed 15 more assemblies before she passed. Each time I learned more how horrific the treatment was. Human beings do not deserve “branding”. If a person wants a tat or to wear an ID, that’s their choice.

    The CHINESE virus is real. I agree with those who think it was being developed over a period of years. This is germ welfare and it is not going away. It will eventually be controlled with a vaccine but it will be years before it is irradicated. Most of you will not remember smallpox or polio. They were real, too.

    What Ballard is suggesting is insidious. HIPPA would have to be repealed. As long as a person is no longer contageous, it’s nobody’s business. While we are experiencing Orwell’s world to a degree, we don’t want it to become full-fledged.

    Only Trump lead get us through this event.

  12. Johnny Kay, a little bit of twisted truth mixed in with a whole lot of disinformation–are you about finished writing your to be self-published weak little Big Brother chapbook?

  13. Greetings, I was a kid then … whoever suggested this surely did not think it through … one could be fine at any time yet be catching anything a moment later. Besides, labeling people ! ? We shall check on each other’s label before we’d care to interact ! ? Yes, I remember the uncertainty and uneasy feelings well when asking “why do they have a star, what’s different, they look the same to me …” while my mother trying to reassure and remind us “one can go to heaven any ol’way one
    likes to …” she was devout catholic and I am forever grateful for her fearless tolerance. Just really consider whom you vote for. Not easy.

  14. Liberal BS from Cohen . old people getting sick & dying from virus’s . Everything with the libs is EMOTIONAL not logical .
    Conversely > let Dems make crappy policy decisions that put millions out of work & adversely affect their lives for YEARS , some may never recover financially . This is how libturds make decisions , everything is an emotional cauldron of complete BS .

    • Don’t forget the millions killed by the leftist favorite – pp. THOSE lives do not matter, even though pp was started by old white women with the express purpose of controlling/lowering the black population. It still serves that purpose yet the leftists who REALLY care about minorities are all in when it comes to killing minority babies. I can never understand how this theology happened and when.

  15. This man made fake pandemic is once again a way for the powers that be to take away more American’s freedoms!!!

  16. The coronavirus “pandemic” is fake. The corporate elite that runs things behind the scenes has turned an illness no worse than the common flu into a pretext for an enormous expansion of government power and an enormous transfer of money from the citizens to the corporate elite. We are being lied to, every step of the way.

    The goals of the coronavirus charade include conditioning us to accept more government intrusion and control, providing an excuse for the transfer of money from citizens to the corporate elite, providing an excuse for mandatory vaccinations, and facilitating the change to a cashless society (cash can transmit germs!) so that the government can automatically track everything that we buy and where we are when we buy it, and instantly tax and fine us.

    Most people still believe — despite so much evidence to the contrary — that the government and the corporate media do not lie, especially about the big things. In reality, the government and the corporate media lie about everything, especially the big things.

    Step back and look at the big picture — at how the world really works. The government is the enforcement division of the international corporate elite, and the corporate media is the propaganda division. The government can create any fictional story it wants, and the corporate media will back it up completely.

    Sadly, We, the People, are buying it — hook, line, and sinker, like a herd of cows spooked by lightning.

    • Either you are a fool or a Russian bot. If you do not believe it’s real, volunteer to work in the covid wards of any local hospital without full protection. We will see if the imaginary virus can kill you.

    • johnny kay I will say this…The virus is real “IT IS KILLING THOUSANDS” but not as much as the one did for obozo. obozo: H1N1 Virus U.S. cases: 60.8 MILLION u.s. deaths: 12,469 Panic Level: None. No this is about Pres Trump. The Democrats/Liberals were facing certain defeat in November with the strong economy that Trump had built up but now they are using this panic to destroy that economy and use it to accomplish what three and a half years of investigations couldn’t do, have a chance of ousting President Trump. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if the demoRATS China connection didn’t have a hand in getting this Wuhan virus leaked into the public knowing full well it would go worldwide and causing massive problems.According to the CDC, the number of flu cases confirmed in the US since September currently stand at 222,552 cases with 22,000 deaths. Do you see how the media can manipulate your life? The media is creating an all-out panic. They are destroying small businesses, crushing 401 (k)s, and worst yet, terrifying people. They are rooting for recession, destruction, and death. They are the enemy of the people and “ALL OF THEM” must be ERADICATED!! The Democrats/Liberals were facing certain defeat in November with the strong economy that Trump had built up but now they are using this panic to destroy that economy and use it to accomplish what three and a half years of investigations couldn’t do, have a chance of ousting President Trump. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if the demoRATS China connection didn’t have a hand in getting this Wuhan virus leaked into the public knowing full well it would go worldwide and causing massive problems.

    • I could not agree more with you, and there are people out there feeling this same sentiment. You’re not alone…we have to be so incredibly wise right now and question everything with pure logic cause this is not logic what has happened…it is planned by the most sinister and powerful people in the world! Wake up peeps!


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