Cory Booker Lying About Big Pharma Money

(Tea Party 247) – The Democratic Party is a hot mess. The debates last month proved just how insane these people really are. Free healthcare for illegal aliens, abortions for men who suffer from gender dysphoria and think they are women, doing away with ICE and the border, some candidates attempting to speak Spanish, and free college, free healthcare, free this, and free that! Among the hilarious, empty promises was Cory Booker and his vow to take on Big Pharma. The only problem is, Big Pharma has their hands in Booker’s pockets, despite his claims that he does not accept donations from them.

In a report by Natural News,

In case you missed it, Booker was adamantly defiant when pressed about Big Pharma, claiming that he believes pharmaceutical companies should be “held criminally liable” for epidemics like the opioid crisis. The former Newark mayor went on to state, on record, that his campaign does not take contributions from the drug industry’s corporate PACs and executives.

An investigation by ABC News, revealed that Booker has actually accepted not one, but several donations from Big Pharma. This was evident once Booker’s campaign disclosure reports with the Federal Election Commission were looked into.

After Booker’s bluff was called, his campaign sheepishly announced they were planning to return a donation of $2,800 from Eagle Pharmaceutical Executive Vice President and Chief Compliance Officer Michael Cordera. This was supposed to make us all believe he isn’t full of it and that he really does want to go up against Big Pharma and doesn’t actually take donations from them. He is a typical lying Democrat.

The good news is, he doesn’t stand a chance at actually becoming the next President of the United States. “According to the Associated Press (AP), Booker was just about ’30,000 donors away from the threshold’ required to be invited to future debates.”(Natural News) This is great news for anyone who cringed uncontrollably when Booker attempted to speak in Spanish on the debate stage. He’s pretty much out of the race at this point due to lack of funding. Naturally, his campaign asserts this is because of racism. Of course! There is literally no other possible explanation.

“His campaign insists he will hit polling and fundraising marks, but his allies are concerned by what they see as an inherent bias among online donors who traditionally skew white … Steve Phillips, an African American donor, activist and civil rights lawyer, said the fundraising requirements are unfair to black voters,” the AP is reporting, citing claims by Booker’s campaign that the candidate isn’t doing as well as planned because voters are racist.

These are the same voters who likely voted for Barack Obama. Maybe at that time, the racist voters weren’t fully clear that he was a black man. Or maybe because Barack Obama is only half black he was able to get the racist voters. It does appear, however, that racism transcends party lines. Just when we thought only conservatives were racists, it turns out Dems are too! This is wonderful news! It proves there is equality in racism, something liberals should be celebrating.

Do Dems even hear how stupid they sound? It is painstakingly obvious they do not.


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