Corrupt California Doctors Run Back Surgery Scam For 15 Years – Receive Minimal Prison Sentences Meanwhile Countless Patients Suffer

(Tea Party 247) – There are some great doctors out there that genuinely care about people and researching the truth. Sadly, most doctors just follow along with whatever Big Pharma tells them, unknowingly harming people. Then there are doctors who are just downright awful people. Such is the California case of the massive back surgery scam that went on for 15 years.

As reported by DC Clothesline:

“Operation Spinal Cap” has exposed a network of greedy doctors and a California State Senator who have taken illegal kickbacks in exchange for referring thousands of patients for needless surgeries. To make matters worse, these unnecessary surgeries were used to implant counterfeit hardware into the spines of hundreds, if not thousands, of unsuspecting patients.

Greedy, corrupt doctors took in more than $40 million in illegal kickbacks to prey on patients who had pain in their backs. The doctors targeted people who had back problems from work-related injuries. Once the patients were convinced they needed spinal surgery, they were committed to surgery and implanted with counterfeit spinal hardware. The scheme has netted approximately $950 million over fifteen years. The doctors took advantage of legal loophole that allowed reimbursements for the counterfeit spinal hardware.

The former owner of Pacific Hospital in Long Beach, California, Michael Drobot, is one of the masterminds behind the scam. He is currently only serving five years in a federal prison. He should be serving a lot longer than that. Former doctor, Paul Randall, is already out of jail from spending less than a year inside. His sentence was so short because he cooperated with federal authorities during the investigation.

The fact that Randall cooperated is fine and well, but less than 1 year in prison for installing counterfeit pieces of metal into other human’s bodies? How on earth is that justice? Drobot gets off with a five year prison sentence? Really feels like government connections pay off whether a person is a corrupt, convicted criminal or not.

The scheme even involved the California State Senate where Senator Ron Calderon was accepting bribes in exchange “for convincing the California legislature to allow the corrupt doctors to receive reimbursements for performing the counterfeit spinal hardware surgeries.” Of course, Calderon got off with a slap on the wrists and is serving less than 2 years in federal prison. He actually admitted to knowing about the criminal surgeries the doctors were performing and still got off with less than 2 years in prison.

These “doctors” put the health of countless patients at risk by implanting these counterfeit pieces of hardware. The hardware, because it is junk, could break down in people’s bodies causing infections and letting off toxins. Not to mention the fact that the surgeries were not even medically necessary to begin with. As if things couldn’t get worse, the only way for patients to determine if they were a victim of the scheme is by having the hardware removed, through another surgery, and examined.

According to one patient’s experience:

“After surgery, it was nothing but pain-filled days,” said patient Derika Moses. “I couldn’t sit, I couldn’t walk. I couldn’t be a parent.” “The pain has traveled up to my neck, to my shoulders,” Moses said. “I’m positive it is because of the counterfeit hardware that was placed in my back.”

Yet these doctors got off with minimal prison sentences. Seems fair.

In today’s world you can’t trust that doctors will do no harm. Whether through ignorance of facts or nefarious intentions, you can be seriously injured by medical professionals who are counting on your trust. When your doctor talks surgery or other major medical decisions, always seek several other opinions. The inconvenience of having to see numerous doctors far outweighs being possibly maimed and conned. You cannot be too careful nowadays.


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