Coronavirus Researcher Found Dead…Here’s What He Was “On The Verge” Of Finding Out

(Tea Party 247) – This sounds like it was ripped from the pages of a spy novel, not current events. But then again, when have current events been more explosive?

A medical researcher who is said to have been on the “verge of making very significant” coronavirus findings was found dead over the weekend, officials said, after being shot to death.

The man was Bing Liu, a 37-year-old researcher for the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, and according to the Allegheny County Medical Examiner, he was found dead in a home in Ross Township, north of Pittsburgh.

The agency said he had been shot in the head and neck, according to Yahoo News.

Less than an hour after Liu’s body was discovered, Hao Gu, 46, was found dead inside a vehicle less than a mile away.

Ross Township Police Detective Sgt. Brian Kohlhepp told the Associated Press that the men “appeared to be connected beyond their proximity to each other.”

However, and highly suspiciously, a motive for the murder-suicide remains unknown, as well as the relationship between the two men.

So how on earth do they figure it was even connected?

Yahoo News notes that “Liu, who earned a PhD in computational science from the National University of Singapore, worked as a postdoctoral fellow at Carnegie Mellon University before becoming a research associate at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine.”

The University of Pittsburgh described the scientist in a statement as an excellent mentor, prolific researcher, and the co-author of over 30 papers. He focused on systems biology, a field of study which uses a holistic approach to studying the complex interactions within biological systems.

“Bing was on the verge of making very significant findings toward understanding the cellular mechanisms that underlie SARS-CoV-2 infection and the cellular basis of the following complications,” the school said. “We will make an effort to complete what he started in an effort to pay homage to his scientific excellence.”


  1. Cops always look for the fast out. So they can move to something different. But this sound like some one don’t want covid – 19 stopped. I wonder who in the government that maybe.

  2. Having had quite a bit of experience with the Chinese Government, I would bet my life that the CCP had one of their “moles” accomplish both of the murders. The CCP works very similar to the Democorrupts in this country. The Clintons were involved in numerous illegal or unlawful acts, but if there was anyone who knew too much or had evidence about the Clintons’ crimes, there were deaths which were declared by Democorrupt medical examinators to be “suicide”. These “suicides” involved everything from dying on railroad tracks to jumping out of high-rise buildings to hanging (Jeffries case), and the list goes on. Some of these “suicides” or “accidents” were questioned by experts, but the Democorrupts saw to it that no one was ever charged with having anything to do with the mysterious deaths. The Chinese CCP works a bit different; they simply kill anyone who may be a problem to them or they have the person completely disappear from the face of the Earth. The Democorrupts are just not as blatantly blunt about their crimes.

  3. I think possibly these (this) researcher was about to fully reveal the viral or biological characteristics of the coronavirus that would implicate way too much about what the Chinese government was involved and engaged in using the virus for. In other words reveal its true composition and purpose! Just my simple opinion!

    • I agree with you. China couldn’t afford for that to come out, IMO. They kill their own, and doctors there wanting to warn about this, haven’t been heard from again. I don’t rule out the fact that the China deal wasn’t to their liking, and perhaps their politics may have been involved too. Our President wasn’t going easy on them, THANK GOD, and I’m sure that didn’t sit well. They were used to administrations like some past ones.

  4. A more dangerous strain of the Corona Virus…really…the Democrats are at it again !!!

    Hasn’t anyone thought that the Virus could be a conspiracy between China and the Democrats. After all, Trump has been putting pressure on China lately and the Coronavirus is supposedly worse for the aged (senior citizens). They are supposed to be more vulnerable and generally speaking would likely be the more conservative and Trump voters. Think about that pertaining to the upcoming November election !

    • It’s the Cabal and China. The cabal includes Obamas, George Soros, Bill Gates, the Clintons, many congressmen and congresswomen and their associates and friends, and many others around the world (leaders included), who want to destroy our country and rid the world of its massive population that is keeping them from enjoying it to their exclusivity.

  5. Most likely the guy found in a car about a mile away was the researchers murderer and he was then killed to keep this whole matter shut down. I hope this researcher’s great work is completed by his colleagues.

  6. Two necessary questions to this are, times of death… who died first… and were they both killed with the same gun. Until these are known the two events can not be connected… until these facts are established this story is a fanciful fabrication. ~JT

  7. Dr. Liu’s research might have helped with a discovery of a vaccine for the corona virus for the world.

  8. Anybody who still doesn’t get it, that this whole corona thing is a huge conspiracy against our country, brought on by communist China, with the help of the WHO, and others, is someone who has their head where it shouldn’t be!

  9. This information Dr. Liu was working on might have speeded a discovery of a vaccine for the world.

  10. Murder-suicide? Maybe, but knowing a little about how the Communists operate I’d say a double homicide is more likely. The killer was offed by parties unknown AFTER he did the deed in order to keep him quiet! It’s called “tying up loose ends,” and it long ago generated the quotation that “Dead men tell no tales.”

  11. It is VERY suspicious, that this man was murdered, BEFORE he could disclose important information about this Corona virus ! This happens FAR TOO OFTEN, to people that are going to reveal information, that OTHER people, do NOT want revealed. I am thinking right now for instance, about Jeffrey Epstein. He was SO obviously murdered, because he was about to reveal the names of some VERY well known people ! This should definitely be investigated, and if they do, I believe they will come up with some very interesting information !

  12. When if eve, will all Americans understand the Communist Party has no regards for human life. Call them out for what they are, murders.

  13. Unfortunately, these may not be the only deaths of this nature (in America) related to the China Wuhan Virus. We do not know how many “deaths” have occurred in China to cover up what the Chinese Communist Government does not want exposed. Lately, I have wondered if the virus was not a planned action by Communist controlled China as a test of their biological warfare capability, but that is something we may never know – especially if they “kill” off people around the world that might expose them. And these are the people the Democrats want to protect, but there are a lot of other “deaths” in the U.S., related to high ranking Dem politicians, that have gone unexplained as well. Dems (those that are hard working voters), is this what you want to be a “party” too? Walk away, take your vote away from this people, I did years ago and you can do so today – it just takes a single step in the right direction!

  14. FBI, investigate this, leave the deep swamp Wray out of it, and only the good FBI agents get involved, the FBI is still got many corrupt Hussain Obama leftovers

  15. @Diane, Are you seriously that paranoid to believe that the Chinese and/or Democrats had him killed to prevent him from finding a cure to something that can kill any of us??? You’ve been watching too much Fox News, step back and take a deep breath.


  17. I couldn’t care less what you are making nor the mother of a friend is either. These two (Liu and Gu) seem to have a connection and my guess is that Liu was going to expose not only the WHO but China as well. There are lots of people responsible for this plague we are fighting and years from now we will be able to piece it all together. Why years? Because anyone who gets close will be taken out. Too much at stake here. Lots of money changing hands. To bad that this is only the tip of the iceberg.

  18. Just reading about Bing Liu , a 37 yr. old researcher on Corona virus for the university of Pittsburg was found murdered with a bullet hole through the head and neck’
    Reading personal comment section, there were more people posting on how to make money at home than comments on Mr. Liu. and his findings on the virus…. Why is this happening.?????

  19. The robo trolls are the article must be close to the truth. Wish the CCP communist trolls would stop with the efforts to get people infected with computer virus with their links..Emma, AmandDWirth, Nataha are fakes.

  20. Murder/Suicide … more than likely they were close to ratting out the Chinese Communist WHO organization who are aligned with the Democrat Communist Party in this country.

    • Exactly! There are over 400,000 Chinese students living amongst us in this country. In order to come “study” in this country they must make a vow to their communist government to report back to them any secretive data or technology that they might happen across! Add that to all the dedicated Chinese spies in this country plus all the Chinese hacking of our technology and this is the kind of subterfuge we must deal with!

    • I’ll bet you were a pay for fun grl in college…graduated, then became a frigging know-it-all !!


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