Coronavirus Can’t Stop UK Gay Pride Parade…This Is A Bad Idea

(Tea Party 247) – Even though the whole world is on virtual lockdown, the United Kingdom’s gay community is a bit concerned their pride won’t be heard loudly and clearly enough if they practice that whole “social distancing” thing.

Organizers of a gay pride parade in Brighton say that the event is still scheduled to go ahead despite several other similar events being canceled over concerns of the global coronavirus pandemic.

“More than 100 major Pride events round the world, including London, Birmingham and EuroPride, have abandoned this year’s events but with just 18 weeks to go, Brighton – worth around £20 million to the city – has not yet said it will cancel,” the Mirror reports.

Any large-scale event like a Pride parade would be a bad idea but remember, these people tend to dance around in speedos and bondage gear, making it probably even more unsanitary.

The parade is scheduled for August 1st and 2nd and marks the 30th anniversary of the event. It will feature performances by Mariah Carey and the Pussycat Dolls, according to Summit News.

“With the current situation regarding Covid-19 changing at a rapid pace, we will continue contingency planning and working with our partner agencies to deliver a safe and successful event,” a statement from organizers reads.

As you can imagine, this has caught quite a bit of attention.

“Every large event worldwide has been cancelled due to this horrible virus and potential for massive loss of life. Get a grip and do the right thing!!” wrote one Twitter user.

There were also other concerns, as Summit News notes, and some argued that “emergency services who may still be embroiled with or recovering from the coronavirus pandemic shouldn’t be forced to cover the parade.”

While some expect the lockdown should be over by August, such as England’s deputy chief medical officer Dr. Jenny Harries who said this week that we could expect restrictions to continue for another six months.

As of Tuesday morning, there were 826,222 confirmed cases of the coronavirus globally with 40,708 dead.

In the UK, there were 25,474 cases and 1,793 deaths.


  1. Why are they allowed to parade thru the city when everyone else is arrested for breaking stay at home orders. If they get the virus they should all be locked up together and keep it among themselves. If they aren’t arrested, then others should start leaving their homes, can’t arrest some and not arrest them all even the weirdos think they are special.

    • They are very mentally ill to begin with! But now having a parade during a worldwide pandemic makes them morons too!

  2. Their braking the LAW….. OF COMMON SENSE….! DDUUHHAAA, I’m as dumb as a box of ROCKS’ Why can they have THEIR parade, and I can’t… OH, I forgot…I’m a straight person, you know, 1 man, 1 woman. Maybe I should BOO HOO have a fit, and call others names to get MY WAY.!!!, GET A LIFE PEOPLE.!!!


  4. Any group that violates the order should be quarantined as they leave the event. No one’s pride is worth more than life. If something like that was to happen here, it would be wise to have the National Guard ready to quarantine.

  5. By August, we shall all see how important
    laughter, life and the pursuit of happiness are. Humans that clearly obeyed will experience death just as those that did not.

  6. This is one of the many reasons why Corona V is here !!!! I so heartbroken the world and the US is reviving the Roman Empire , dont they see this is breaking God’s Heart. Sad Man.

    • Communist a.k.a. Democrats always preach democracy what democracy means the majority rules and we don’t want this kind of nonsense going on in this world if you want to do it go behind closed doors and do it. I don’t screw my wife out in public, nor should I be able to, so these idiots if they want to act like the idiots that they are we can do it in the private of their own home

  7. Often, the spread of STUPID is reduced by 1. Vasectomies, 2. Tubal ligations!
    In the world of the majority: stupid 1. Votes and 2. Stupid procreates!
    Tena again, an alternative might be – – ->SPERM BANKS
    Who knows the history, mentality, morality of depositors at/into receptacles?
    Who knows the quality, morality, ethics of someone making a “withdrawal” from the “DEPOSITORY?”
    Is interest paid to the depositor at a sperm bank?
    Is there a penalty for early withdrawal?

  8. STAY HOME, and forget about your “Pride Parade” ! What good will it do you if you catch the Coronavirus, and wind up DEAD !

  9. I wonder who they are going to blame when the people start getting sick. I am sure
    it will someone else’s fault. They will be responsible for nothing, pure as the driven
    snow. Stupid is as stupid does. Except for those out their marching, I doubt there
    will be many paying any attention to them.

  10. If an individual wants to participate make them sign an affidavit reflecting that they are doing it contrary to guidelines. Also, they give up any right to medical care should they get the Corona virus.
    Harsh yes, maybe they will think twice.
    It’s kind of like NY and NYC wasting money on frivolous projects like the light bulb factory and solar power plant instead of buying PPE, N95 masks, and ventilators.
    God bless President Trump and the USA.
    MAGA/KAG 2020

    • I thought a specific super bacterial meningitis was enough reason for 6′ distancing that the the GBTQ carry & not the L.

      Oh how quickly that was forgotten in the peak of liberal fascism.

      It’s not within them not to celebrate themselves so there’s no use holding them back.

      I’m not kidding about the meningitis – only 2 antibiotics can fight this type.

      I hope they can be realistic/practical about their health considering the healthcare stigma they BGTQ continue to suffer. The PC police have done a fine job at redacting social diseases.

  11. This is a kind of unnecessary news. If this was still being held later this month, that’d be one thing. Who knows what exactly is going to be the state of the virus come August. We can only predict but until we have actual concrete evidence that it is still in the same boat or worse as it is now, we can’t say they should be canceling out August or later events.

  12. Let them do it.Don’t force anyone to cover nor force restaurants and other non essential services to be open. Advise parade watchers or participates there will be no special treatment for them. It is their choice to ignore CDC guide lines.

  13. Just shows to go ya evil is always willing to be stupid. How much more will this cause in spreading this virus and killing other folks? Stupid is as stupid does. Ya kan’t kure stupid. stupid is forverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

  14. You can’t cure STUPIDITY!!!! There are consequences for your actions, sometimes dire!!!! If they insist, let nature take it’s course!!!! That is their choice!!!! Grief and sympathy for the innocent ones effected!!!!


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