“Conservative” Writer Says Virginians Should Yield To Dems Gun-Grabbing Efforts

(Tea Party 247) – Virginia has officially found themselves in the middle of a Constitutional crisis, a term the Dems have loved throwing around nonsensically for the last four years. Perhaps Dems thought if they nonchalantly throw around the term “Constitutional crisis” Americans won’t know how to recognize a real one when it occurs. Luckily, Virginians aren’t fools and see exactly what the Democrats in control of the Virginia state government are trying to do.

Upon taking control of the state, Virginia lawmakers immediately set their sights on the Second Amendment and have been gearing up to start a gun-grabbing campaign since the beginning of their reign of power.

Red State reports:

Shortly after taking power, Virginia Democrats passed a bill that would require owners of modern sporting rifles to either give them up or risk becoming felons. From areas outside Fairfax and Arlington and other leftwing strongholds the reaction was swift. The Culpeper County Sheriff Scott Jenkins said he would create a new class of deputy sheriffs that would be open anyone with a modern sporting rifle. Since then the gun grab has been nearly universal, 91 out of 95 counties, 13 out of 38 independent cities, and 24 towns have adopted Second Amendment sanctuary resolutions which would effectively bar local law enforcement from enforcing the gun grab.

You’d be hard-pressed to find any conservative willing to support the Dems efforts to disarm their constituents in Virginia. Virginians have been forced to take measures to protect themselves from the Dem-controlled government and one would think conservatives everywhere would support their efforts. Turns out, as difficult as it would be to find a nay-saying conservative, it isn’t impossible. The Washington Examiner happens to have one on the payroll and he was more than happy to put freedom-loving Virginians in their place.

In an article for the Washington Examiner, Brad Polumbo wrote:

I’m pro-gun, pro-Second Amendment, and completely opposed to Virginia Democrats’ gun control agenda. But the “Second Amendment sanctuaries” cropping up around rural Virginia in response to pending anti-gun legislation in the state Senate are an affront to the rule of law and threaten the viability of our entire electoral system.

The right way to fight anti-gun laws is in the courts. If they really do violate the Second Amendment — and I sure think they do — then the courts will eventually rule as much, even if the issue must go all the way to the conservative-majority Supreme Court. I sincerely doubt most of this anti-gun agenda would survive legal scrutiny if properly challenged by Second Amendment supporters in the judicial system.

If, however, these laws somehow are upheld by judges even after appeal, then local government officials have no right to defy them. Refusal to abide by laws properly passed through our electoral system and then upheld by the judiciary … well, that’s just anarchy. It’s an affront to the rule of law and would turn our system upside down.

What an idiot. Obviously Virginian lawmakers have no right to make these kinds of anti-Second Amendment laws that are in direct opposition of the Constitution, both US and Virginia state. Why would anyone reasonably think this would be a matter best suited for the court system when the left is already so adamant about tearing down the laws that currently exist? Sure, they could take it all the way up to the Supreme Court but how many years would that take? Virginians need to take action now and let their government officials, who are supposed to serve at the will of the people, know what they want when it comes to their Second Amendment rights.

Polumbo says it’s anarchy but fails to acknowledge the tyranny that is taking place on the part of the Governor and Democrat lawmakers in the first place. Make no mistake, what they are attempting to do is tyranny and the entire reason our founding fathers wrote the Second Amendment. Seems fitting that this is the amendment the tyrannical and power-hungry Democrats have chosen to target first.

Polumbo seems wildly out of touch with American history, in which people have fought for our constitutionally granted rights since the beginning, instead of sitting around waiting on the courts to approve their petitions. Our rights do not come from the courts or politicians. They come from the Constitution and Virginia lawmakers are blatantly usurping that for the progressive, tyrannical agenda of the left.

The entire nation is watching. Virginians must stand their ground and fight.


  1. Another wolf in sheep’s clothing. No true conservative will continue to sit back any longer and allow the left to ripnaway our constitutional rights.


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