Conservative Professor Raised By Lesbians Warns America About Dangers Of Equality Act

(Tea Party 247) – Those that have escaped the death grip of the left and the LGBT militia know the darkness and deception that the liberal ideology really represents. Once you see the proverbial light, there’s no going back. As was the case for Robert Oscar Lopez, a social conservative professor who was raised by his mom and her lesbian partner.

Lopez has been speaking out over the last several years against the dangers of the LGBT agenda. His most notable work was an article, published in 2012, in which he discussed what it was like being raised by a same-sex couple. Now his focus is on getting conservatives to speak up against the Equality Act which he believes poses a threat to pro-life laws and the segregation of bathrooms based on biological gender.

Last month Lopez went on the Van Maren Show to discuss these issues, as reported by LifeSiteNews:

In this week’s episode of The Van Maren Show, Lopez begins by sharing his experiences after he published his article speaking out about the dangers of growing up in a homosexual household. Using the best available research at the time, Lopez expanded on the high rates of suicide, sexual abuse, and dependence on government assistance in those who had been raised by a parent in a same-sex relationship. The response after it was first published was more respectful than anything. However, as it gained popularity, Lopez quickly had to switch to defense.

It’s really telling how the leftist media is not interested in Lopez’s perspective on this subject. Someone who has lived the life. Someone who can give us a glimpse of what it’s like for children growing up with same-sex “parents.” You would think what he has to bring to the table would be invaluable but it’s not so. The left is only concerned with whatever fits into their narrative and supports their perverted lifestyles. If you buck against that, you risk harassment, doxing, and death threats.

Van Maren used the second half of this episode to ask Lopez about his opinion on the Equality Act. For a while now, most Conservatives have taken a back seat on this issue, not wanting to be seen as a bigot or too old-fashioned. However, Lopez postulates that this act will essentially “nullify all of the anti-abortion laws because of the whole section in there on pregnancy.”

Lopez also said that, in addition, the act might move us toward abolishing all sex-segregation in bathrooms, based on the language in the Equality Act.

It’s time for conservatives to stop being afraid of the leftist labels. They mean nothing. They use them as an intimidation tactic and quite effectively, I might add. Now that the left has exposed themselves for being totally anti-love, anti-tolerant, and anti-inclusive, maybe conservatives will stop being so afraid of these bullies. They can’t even label themselves correctly!

He ends the podcast on an uplifting note, by reminding listeners to “surround ourselves with people who are like-minded and we need to be strategic, and just very, very forward. Just go do something. Doing something is better than doing nothing.”

Now is the time to stick together and collectively stand up to the intolerant left. If there are activists groups in your area, connect up with them. If there isn’t, look into starting one. There are always fights worth going up against nowadays and we can no longer sit idly by and allow the left to dictate the parameters of society.


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