Confused Sleepy Joe Wants To Do His Own Daily Coronavirus Updates…Really?

(Tea Party 247) – Oh, Joe.

The confused, corrupt, and creepy former Vice President Joe Biden has no idea what to do with himself now that he’s being kept inside as the elderly person that he is, forced to campaign from awkward live streams during which he appears to still believe he’s addressing a live crowd.

Now, he’s decided he’s going to do his own daily press briefings to rival President Donald Trump’s. Even though he’s not, you know, the president or anything.

On Friday, Biden criticized Trump’s handling of the coronavirus, telling him to “stop swerving between overpromising, buck-passing, and start delivering protection to our people.”

In a conference call with political reporters, Biden went on to announce his own plans to pretend he’s actually running the country (while the rest of us breathe collective sighs of releif that he’s not).

“I want to be in daily or least in significant contact with the American people and communicate what I would be doing, what I think we should be doing, and how we should be doing it,” Biden declared.

“Hopefully by Monday we’re going to be in a very different place in terms of the ability to be in communications with all of you,” he continued.

In response to Biden’s little plan, the president’s reelection team shot back, with campaign communications director Tim Murtaugh saying that Trump “is leading an unprecedented mobilization of America against the coronavirus and all Joe Biden can offer is ineffective partisan sniping from the sidelines.”

Biden also told reporters that he and his team have “been coordinating with House and Senate leadership in the Democratic Party. We’ve been in contact with the governors.” And he praised New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo — whose state has been hit hard by the pandemic – for “doing one hell of a job.”

He also bragged to have been on the phone with officials and aides “probably an average of seven hours a day” and that “my whole focus is basically been how we deal with this crisis and quite frankly thus far it’s been less about how we campaign or make stark differences between the president and I.”

He’s taking up the time of officials during this crisis so he can campaign on this? Are you kidding?

Fox News has more from the press conference:

Biden then argued that the president “switched to falsely telling us that he’s taking action he has not taken, promising results he’s not delivered and announcing actions that he not even ordered. And people are scared. They’re worried. They don’t know quite what to do. The president has been behind the curves throughout this whole response.”

Speaking directly to Trump, Biden said: “President Trump, stop saying false things, will you? People are worried. They are really frightened. And when these things don’t come true, you just exacerbate their concern. Stop saying false things [you] think make you sound like a hero.”

Biden specifically criticized the president on numerous fronts including not immediately implementing and using the Defense Production Act – which mobilizes private industry to produce and distribute the necessary medical supplies to fight the crisis – including ventilator and personal protective equipment for medical personnel. The president signed the act on Wednesday but said a day later he hadn’t invoked it yet. On Friday Trump said the act had kicked into “high gear.”

Biden charged that Trump “was all over the map.”

And the former vice president stressed that “perhaps nothing is more outrageous than the Trump administration’s abject failure on testing — its refusal to accept responsibility.”

“President Trump just claimed this month anybody who wants a test can get it. Let me repeat that. On March 6 he said that anybody who wants a test can get it. I’m sorry to say that was simply a lie and it’s still not true today. The United States has been far behind the rest of the advanced world when it comes to testing,” he added.


  1. I believe Biden is a blessing … in this time of worry and woe, Joe brings entertainment, laughter, and sometimes even an “Are You Kidding Me?!?!?” from anyone who watches or listens to him.

  2. Give this guy a break. He is talking daily with Dr Jonas Salk about coming up with a polio vaccine. He has plans to eradicate polio in this country after he is elected Kprez.

  3. Biden, who normally doesn’t know where he is, or where he is going will be giving answers and advice for the pandemic – may we all be thankful for what we are about to receive.

  4. When he and his boss Barrack Obama were in charge during the N1H1 pandemic, they never got behind the curve. They simply ignored the problem and let 13,000 or so American’s die. Just what does this clown think he can do that President Trump and his professional team of advisors working 16 hours a day are not doing?

  5. Hey! Let him. based upon his performance thus far….he will crash and burn after the first

    presentation. Instead of hearing nothing but news of the coronavirus… I’m sure Bite-in will provide some comic relief.


  6. I think this is a wonderful idea! These will be like campaign ads for Trump to anyone with a functioning brain. Biden is obviously suffering from early stages of dementia, so I want the American people see him talk as much as possible.

  7. This idiot has no idea what is going on in our country and he wants to brief me?????I don’t think so Joe,,,,,you can’t even remember the state you’re in,,,the day,,,you are so far gone that you trying to brief this country on anything is a bizarre friggin joke,,,,,stay away from the media Joe,,,,you will end up looking more ridiculous than you already are,,,,

  8. Sounds like Creepy Old Joe’s Alzheimer’s is kicking up. He proves he has lost the last 3 and some months of time acting like he is in power as VP not as a candidate with NO CHANCE of ever winning the White House.

  9. Joe, Kindly shut up and let the President do his job. No one really cares what you have to say. Do something constructive. Donate food to a local food bank and maybe work on a food line serving meals to those street people who need it. Get out of your bubble. If not then stop the partisan sniping. It gets old. At least the President, with all his faults, and Gov Cuomo. along with his faults, and their staffs are stepping up to the plate big time and are doing something. Both the Govs of NY and CA are praising the President for the job he is doing. Joe, you are doling squat nada nothing zilch. So keep your mouth shut. You are getting old and it shows

    • We should be so lucky!!!
      No Joe is sitting in an Oxygen tent with armed secret service agents surrounding him stroking a Barbies hair. They take him out in Level A to do his speeches in a sterile room then put him back when done using him. Here is your Barbie Joe. Be quiet now. I think if he had Balls he would be out shaking hands and insulting people just to show leadership. This virus would be Joe Biden’s Corn POP Alamo

  10. In Biden’s recent appearances he seems to be more alert and answers questions much better. Is his dementia getting better? No! He discovered amphetamines. A wonderful drug that enables “C” students to become “Straight “A” students!” They will work for Joe until he has a heart attack!

    • Dementia does not always look the same. As someone is in the early stages, they can look more “normal” at times, and then be more confused at others. I worked in the mental health field for years, and Joe is definitely exhibiting many signs. Also, just a few weeks ago there were more demands on him with debates, rallies, appearances and such. Now, he has been able to decompress and de-stress. That can help help in the short term for someone with early stage dementia.

  11. This reminds me
    of when the Democrats want the President -elect Barack Obama to take over and run the country before January 20,2009 while Bush43 was still the President and Bush 43 was trying to the Democrat run Congress to pass some type economics stimulus legislation before he left office but noooooooo the D-rats would not doing .

  12. how about daily updates on your corruption, your son’s corruption and your penchant for inappropriately fondling children and women, you pervert.

  13. We all know what Biden’s afflictions are, and we also know that he would last about as long as a fart in a whirlwind as President! Hillary is the one to watch out for if she should somehow get selected as his running mate. Whether she is selected or not, she needs to be taken out, Jimmy Hoffa style, and “disappeared.” The National Security threat she represents to the country can NOT be underestimated, and her termination will soon be a necessity for our survival as a free country!

    • As soon as Biden started to pull away in the delegate count, I started to get that uncomfortable feeling that Hillary would be picked as his running mate.

    • Hillary lost for a variety of reasons, but her unlikability was a major one. She is still unlikable and will not add anything positive to the Democrat ticket. If they pick her, they’ll be deader than dead.

  14. The tragedy is that he has no idea that he is totally out of touch with reality. Apparently he has imagined an irresponsible opponent, created or plagiarized derogatory inapplicable phrases and is spewing them into a microphone. He makes no sense, yet, his facial expression indicates pride and pleasure in his synthetic intellect. His brain cells are dissipating before our eyes. Can he last another seven months? Is it fair to pit him against President Trump in a debate? In a word, Biden’s progressive dementia is sadly pathetic.

    Whoever is his running mate will succeed to the office of President almost immediately upon his taking office. I truly think it will be Hillary who does not care whom she hurts physically or emotionally to achieve her desires. In this case, she will muse her twisted selfish mentality by standing on the body of a totally broken man.

  15. Come on already this is Biden’s way of campaigning to make himself look like he cares. This is such bullshit about what he would do, Joe you had 45+ years to “do something” and you chose to ride on the shirts tails of everyone up and including Oblama!! This man does not know what he is doing and him being president will not only bring our country down but it will be totally destroyed. He wouldn’t be able to make a decision and whoever he picks for Vice President, we all know that wouldn’t be a good pick. But whoever it will be will be making ALL the decisions, he will be president in name only so he can go down in history books. For Biden it’s only for this to be made a title he has been wanting for decades. Our country is being run by the best person the best patriot leader there is, President Donald J. Trump. He is and has been making sure our people in the USA are being taken care of. No one should be criticizing him at every turn of the fence. You people who hate our president know nothing about what exactly you would do in this horrible crisis. You would stand there with your finger up your ass and look like a doofus!! Joe Biden is being used by his party and we all know it. Biden just doesn’t know it. Democrats have been against our president from day one and they vowed to take him out of office no matter what it takes. So even if our country goes down so be it to them. Is that what we need for our beautiful country? The USA is the best country to be in and we need to keep it that way!! President Trump will keep it that way!!! 👍🇺🇸❤️🙏 Trump/Pence 2020. God Bless them and the USA!!!!

  16. Biden is an idiot.. he will completely confuse the American people and will have them not believing the facts… Biden has ONE agenda and that is to Cause trouble for Trump… he cares nothing about the American people and their struggles…
    God help us all ….
    Biden needs to shut his mouth and back off… ENOUGH IS ENOUGH of these lying hateful democRATS

  17. I would love to see Joe have a press conference every day and answer reporters questions! It would be the funniest thing EVER on television!

    • Not sure his handlers would allow press conference after Joe’s presentation. I have a feeling they would try and keep it tightly scripted knowing how clownish he becomes when speaking off the cuff.

  18. Yes uncle dizzy Joe, your ‘I have a dream’ speech is in fact, a dream conjured up in the dead space between your ears. Your family is doing you a major disservice by allowing to stay conscious.
    Heavy medication is needed here as you drift farther and farther into never-never land.

    Sleep Joe, sleep……….with the fishes asap.

  19. A Monday morning quarterback who never threw a pass.
    He was a bench warmer in the Obama administration. Thank God he
    wasn’t President. Between Biden and Kerry and their sons they would have
    sold the entire country for their personal enrichment,

  20. If anyone has ever been in any kind of leadership role, they know that you will be criticized for anything that you do. Shut up China Joe and let the true president do his work.

  21. Yeah…yeah…your full of shit! Wanna go outside…do push-ups…c’mon man, you need an Ar14 with a hundred bulletts….what’ the Chinese virus….? Where am I?…oh, here’s my sister…no..there she, my wife…you switched on me! Call 33033…I’m joe obama and I’m running for senate….

    Sure, we want this guy to be the most powerful man in the world!

  22. Poor little Joey is a lost ball in high weeds someone please put him in a padded cell and give him some wooden blocks to play with !!!Damn Joey don’t you know you are not with your bro Obama lol lol

  23. Why do Democrats like Biden and Kerry and Hillary think that they are still in charge? There was this whole thing called an ELECTION, where the Democrats were put aside and Hillary lost and Kerry and Biden were no longer working for the government. Joe has no idea what is happening behind closed doors. Just shut up and let President Trump do his job. If you hadn’t had him under investigation for 3 years, who knows where we would be. Biden, like all of the Dems are wasting time and money and resources by sticking their neck in where they’re not wanted and causing more confusion. I see a whole team of leaders on tv, everyday, briefing us. Trump isn’t the only one speaking. You have doctors and economists and scientists all speaking and leading.

  24. President Trump May be “all over the map”, but at least he’s on the board! Biden couldn’t find the map if his entire team pointed the direction and lead him to it! Nothing like pretending you have have when you can’t even remember your own name!

    • Plus who cares what Biden has to say!….if I recall he isn’t even a part of our government…stay out of it Joe the adults are taking care of the flu this year….yes the flu!!!!

    • To think that Biden might become our next President is an absolute nightmare. This guy does not even know who he is, where he is,who is his wife, what is he running for,what primary he is on,what state he is in, he is a real disaster. America wake up. There are no two choices. Only one. The best of them all since Washington. That person is Donald Trump. He is the man of the hour. Only he ,can deliver us from that virus and only he can save America from a recession/depression. Biden schmiden never accomplished anything after 44 years in politics. Same goes for Hillary,Schummer,Feinstein,Pelosi,Nadler and the rest of those miserable Democrats. Vote Republican across the board if an election would be held.


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