CONFIRMED! The New York Times ADMITS Obama Admin Spied on Trump Campaign in 2016!


(Liberty Horn) – IMAGINE THAT!

President Trump was telling the truth ALL ALONG when he said people had spied on him.

The truth is coming out and Democrats have NOWHERE TO HIDE!

The New York Times FINALLY admitted the Obama Administration and his goons spied on Trump campaign officials.

According to news reports, back in September 2016, Trump’s campaign foreign policy advisor, George Papadopoulos, met with Stefan Halper’s assistant, “Azra Turk,” (alias) who was actually an FBI investigator POSING as Halper’s sexy assistant.


In a nutshell, Stefan Halper is a Cambridge professor with CIA connections. He’s had ties to the Nixon, Ford and Reagan administrations as well as having a history of operating in gray areas between academia and espionage.

According to reports, Halper was asked by the FBI, (who by the way considered and referred to him as an “informant”) to gather information George Papadopoulos.

Halper sent Papadopoulos an email offering him $3,000 to travel to London and write a policy paper about Cyprus, Turkey and Israel. At the time, Papadopoulos was working in the Israeli energy business and had a lot of knowledge in that field.

Enter Halper’s assistant or should we say, “SEXY” FBI spy, Azra Turk…

Papadopoulos referred to her as a “honeypot” and said she would flirt with him and ask if Trump was working with Russia.

Folks, we can make this stuff up…

The New York Times came out and opened a can of worms, admitting to the world that Azra Turk was spying on Papadopoulos and the Trump campaign.

Here’s what the Trump campaign had to say about Obama Spygate:

Keep in mind that AG Barr also believes spying “DID OCCUR.” Here’s what he said:

Should President Obama be investigated for spying on the Trump campaign back in 2016?

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~To Justice and Liberty For All!

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