Communist China Is Praising Hillary Clinton For Her Take On The Coronavirus. No, Really.

(Tea Party 247) – You may have noticed something completely disgusting about the commentary on the Trump administration’s handling of the coronavirus outbreak.

While normal people soberly follow the guidance of the federal and state governments and pay attention to the news and the numbers, the Democrats and their mouthpieces in the media are spewing lies and slander about President Donald Trump.

They can’t set aside their stupid differences for five seconds?

The dumbest trope they’re hurling at our commander-in-cheif is that it is “racist” of Trump to call the coronavirus the “Chinese virus”.

The virus originated in China.

How is it racist to refer to it as the nation of its origin? It’s literally the most fitting adjective you could find.

And Hillary Clinton, as if anyone asked her, has gotten on this bandwagon, accusing Trump of “racist rhetoric” for using the phrase “China Coronavirus.”

She wrote on Twitter, “The president is turning to racist rhetoric to distract from his failures to take the coronavirus seriously early on, make tests widely available, and adequately prepare the country for a period of crisis.”

Right, because the media would totally ignore any other opportunity to focus on anything else Trump is doing because he said something “racist”? Ha! They call him, and any other conservative, “racist” whenever they’re trying to distract from a stellar job performance.

If Trump was really doing a bad job handling this, they wouldn’t have to resort to picking apart his words as he briefs the nation daily on the latest efforts to keep us all safe?

Well, it sure caught the attention of the Communist Chinese, who have been pushing this narrative themselves through their state-run media outlets.

“Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Wednesday critiqued President Donald Trump’s recent usage of ‘Chinese Virus’ to refer to the #COVID19 as ‘racist rhetoric,’ which is an attempt to eclipse his poor response in curbing the virus outbreak,” China News tweeted after the former Secretary of State’s absurd comments.

The Chinese Ambassador to South Africa also joined in, “It’s true. Justice always speak loudly.”

Congressman Paul Gosar (R-AZ) called out the famously corrupt failed presidential candidate:


  1. Why do all these women Hillary, Pelosi , Omar, AOC, Maxine any the rest just chant HATE HATE HATE ? They cannot stand the fact they are not in control as they think they should be . And the road they are taking right now , they NEVER will. AS for Hillary herself you are a self destructive loser and remain that way.

  2. Out of the mouth of fools like Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and the usless democrats come the biggest lies ever. All the democrats should leave the USA and go directly to Communist China and live there. It is time to bring all our jobs out of China, where the virus began, and have them in the USA for our people. So much hatred by the left has me telling the IBEW my union that I will never vote democratic again. Schumer and Gillibrand in NY are liar’s and fools. The govenor, Andrew Cuomo, is a mouthpiece for hatred and bigotry. In 2020 its Republicans all the way.

  3. Not even that. But if you listen to mass media and propaganda, that’s Armageddon!
    Anyway, after Benghazi I’m happy she’s not in charge today!

  4. TWO LIARS in SYMPHONY . . . And HARMONY. Couldn’t trust EITHER one – Especially HILLARY. One Concerned Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  5. Always looking for a chance to get TRUMP…… Hahaha. German measles, Ebola, Zika and the likes are called for the same reason…. The name of the place where the virus or the ailment ORIGINATED…. GOT IT???? Not RACIST AT ALL….. NOTTTTT…..

  6. There is a very simple solution here.Whenever a socialist/communist/progressive/liberal democrat politician, wannabe, or has been slithers out from under a rock or hidey-hole to spew hatred, racism, and/or stupidity,
    just walk away, pay no attention to then. All they want to do is stir up problems, after wards they slither away.

    • And why you think those on the right won’t do it? After all, they are politicians too, and just wanting to be one, proves you suffer from an incurable mental disease…
      Idiots leading sheep’s over the cliff! Nice feeling, if you have a parachute!…

  7. Support Trump 100%. He needs to finish the job of draining the swamp, especially seeing Hillary is tried for her crimes , she should NOT be allowed to run for Any office anywhere yet we hear rumors of her possible running for office again. Its unacceptible how her and many others with her have slid by getting off on major crimes. After Trumps 2nd term over. I would like to see JFK jr run for office now that known their plan to kill him off was foiled & hes out of hiding.

  8. Why does a Communist Dictatorship respond favorably to HiLIARy. Because she is a Trump enemy so they want to join forces. Choose your friends carefully China and HiLIARy your both dangerous to each other.

    • Maybe because ALL politicians have the same desire and purpose!…
      Trumpolini is not different! Xi? Maduro? Putin? What they have in common? Surely not only the communist ideology!…

  9. This just proves Hillary Clinton and the liberal democrats are in CCP deep pockets not the people of America. Vote Trump2020 and put these traitors to rest for good!

  10. Who cares what Hillary thinks, the key word here is thinks. In my opinion she doesn’t think, she just runs her big, and ever increasing in size, mouth. Kind of reminds you of big mouth Nancy Pelosi.

  11. Well, if she’s ever eaten or ordered “Chinese” food, I guess she’s a racist too. If the Chinese had been more up front with us back in January, chances are a good portion of what’s going on now wouldn’t have happened. Maybe she should just move over there if they like her so much.

  12. Send HRC to China where she will be loved to the end of her days, send Bill too and all that lovely money she accumulated (stole) during her time as Secretary of State. When the communists strip her off it she might have a change of mind about them

  13. As a child I remember how my uncles went serve in WWII to help save the Chinese people from the invasion of Japan. We helped China survive, and saved their country. Then for many years we have grown their economy into the most prosperous in the world, even beyond ours. Today almost everything here in our beautiful America is made in China. They complain about America.. SHUT THE H… UP CHINA.. Bring everything back home to Our Country.. The Drugs. The Furniture. The Car Industry…Everything.. I also remember after Katrina, here in Mississippi … They wanted to help us rebuild.. Right??? … They sent us Chinese Dry Wall that infected anyone that used it in rebuilding during that terrible time.. Sorry I say.. Bring all of America out of China and back home to our Amazing country. God Bless America and all our great citizens.

  14. evidently it is racist to eat Chinese food. Too bad. It was a main staple of my diet but no longer. I don’t want to be politically incorrect.

  15. When the Coronavirus entered most Americans’ radars, the deadly pandemic was largely contained to China. To try to keep the virus from entering America, President Trump on January 31st announced a ban on travel from China to the U.S. The move was almost reflexively panned as “racist,” “xenophobic,” and not in line with science. More than a month and a half later, it’s now widely acknowledged that limiting travel from “cluster” regions is one of the only ways to slow the virus’ rapid spread, and that this travel ban helped the United States gain time to prepare its defenses. Americans themselves quickly began practicing “social distancing,” limiting their exposure to large groups of people where the virus can quickly spread exponentially. These common-sense measures were likewise derided as “racist.” On the day the travel ban was announced, Joe Biden said: “The American people need to have a president who they can trust what he says about it, that he is going to act rationally about it. In moments like this, this is where the credibility of the president is most needed as he explains what we should and should not do. This is no time for Donald Trump’s record of hysteria xenophobia — hysterical xenophobia and fear-mongering. When Americans began practicing “social distancing,” Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) accused them of racism. Honestly, it sounds almost so silly to say, but there’s a lot of restaurants that are feeling the pain of racism, where people are literally not patroning [sic] Chinese restaurants, they’re not patroning [sic] Asian restaurants because of just straight up racism around the Coronavirus,” she said on Instagram Live. Her Democratic colleague, Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D-Mass.) likewise accused Americans of being “racist” for practicing what are now widely accepted as the best practices to prevent Coronavirus’ spread. You know, since the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, we’ve seen not only the spreading of the virus but also a rapid spreading of racism and xenophobia,” the lawmaker said during a congressional oversight hearing. “We have witnessed it at the highest levels and, in fact, the Republican Party fanning, irresponsibly, these flames. One colleague tweeted that, ‘Everything you need to know about the Chinese Coronavirus.’ My district is home to nearly 32 percent foreign-born residents, with more than a quarter immigrating from Asia. This painful rhetoric has consequences. Restaurants across Boston’s Chinatown have seen up to an 80% drop in business. And I believe this has everything to do with the rapid spread of misinformation and paranoia.” Americans, and Trump, were likewise attacked in the media. On CNN, contributor Jeff Yang said Americans were being racist for avoiding crowds and especially those sneezing and coughing.“A lot of Asian-Americans and Asians in other countries, who are experiencing I guess you could say a metaphorically cold shoulder when it comes to being in public and simply being, you know, Chinese in a crowded space,” Yang said. “It’s something that causes people to part like the red sea, daring to cough or sneeze causes people to actually shy away from you. There is a sense in which people feel very much like there’s a kind of racial profiling occurring, simply because the disease so is far has been primarily limited in terms of fatalities.”
    Yang additionally attacked Americans for connecting the spread of the Coronavirus to Chinese eating habits, even as scientists and China’s communist government agree that the virus can be traced back to “wet markets” where wild animals are sold for human consumption. “It is simply just beyond extreme and not held up by scientific data,” Yang said. TV talking heads also claimed Trump’s Chinese travel ban is oppositional to science. The founding dean of the National School of Tropical Medicine and frequent MSNBC guest, Peter Hotez, said: “Historically travel bans tend not to work very well, they tend to be counter productive.”

    • Hey, do you really have something to say, or you’re just constipated, sitting on a shitter and playing with your smart phone hoping you crap at some point?

  16. I’ve always heard in name calling, like racist. It takes one to know one. So if Hillary thinks someone is racist, perhaps she is just as racist as the one she is calling racist.

  17. When will Hillary learn to keep her big mouth shut. This is a time for unity in the country and the bitter partisan vitriol we see coming from the press and DEM is not helping the situation. Hillary is a washed up totally irrelevant DEM who is trying to still stay in the game. Stay home Hillary and enjoy your millions from your foundation. At least for the moment we don’t have Bill making any untoward remarkes to the President. If she feels so strong about China, go there. Help them out. Go find an organization that is providing food and help and pitch in. Your have the funds the time and everything to do some good. But no. You sit on the sideline and criticize. Any doofus can do that. She is willing to sell anything down a rat hole if it benefits her and her money.

    • You noticed that too?!! … Well that makes us two…
      …billions?… ( sorry, but cannot keep a clown confined inside the tent) …
      Anyway, what I was saying?
      Ah!… Uh !… Oh, that was funny! Ha, ha!… But where were we?
      Shhht! Don’t ever say that was a live interview with Hilary Clinton in State Department building

  18. She just never ‘goes away’ and the
    Fake News plays right into her hands ~
    ONLY, the American people are not
    taken in easily ~ we see ‘right through
    her and the ‘deplorable’ fake news
    outlets !!!!

  19. In 2016, I’m sure every American communist voted for Hillary, even some dead ones. She’s, you know, the People’s choice.

  20. Of course , because birds of a feather clock together ! She couldn’t handle a secure server or Benghazi, so she really needs to shut up.

  21. Hillary is as brain dead as Biden. Dummies flock together right? Besides, both the Clintons and the Bidens have made fortunes off the Chinese! The lesson here…never again vote for a Democrat. They do not know how to be an American!

  22. Gordon Chang, who’s Chinese-American, is a bestselling author and senior fellow at the Gatestone Institute. He previously lived and worked in mainland China and Hong Kong for 20 years.

    Chang says the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is running a global propaganda campaign to sink the U.S. economy and to get the world to blame the United States for causing the coronavirus, which originated in Wuhan, China.

  23. This she devil lives in her own insane world. Her “original” thoughts are aired long after President Trump has implemented the plans. This is also true of Bernie and Biden. No matter the subject, they plagiarize his every action while looking smugly foolish behind the microphone. They have no original thoughts. Did you see poor Joe on his home “stage” just saying “thanks” and standing there befuddled like a stage frightened little boy. His wife had to guide him away from the camera. no one wrote his script. This is leading up to the hypothesis: Joe has Hillary as running mate, wins the election, is diagnosed with advanced stage of dementia and unfit to serve and wallah Hillary advances to the position. VERY SCAREY! in her mind she will be praised for her “Clinton system” and “Mexican standoff” not to mention it will be absolutely correct for her to refer to the pandemic as the “Chinese coronavirus” because that’s what it is!

  24. Hillary will NEVER learn! Her time has come and gone, except for the time she’s going to serve in prison when she’s tried, convicted and sentenced for treason, sedition, unlawful use of a private email server for official government business, unlawful disclosure of classified information, destruction of evidence, and obstruction of justice! I figure that life in federal prison without the possibility of parole will probably be the best outcome she can hope for. There is one other possibility, and we all know what that is, don’t we?

    • What? Mr. Wynne, don’t you use over 30,000 emails to plan for your daughter’s wedding? Everybody does. And then deletes all of them. NOT! I agree. It does not matter what Trump does, Hillary will find fault with it. She claims he did not respond quick enough. Then when he responds she refuses to praise him for good leadership. She would have made a horrible President!

  25. When will she realize that after nearly thirty yrs in the public spotlight that people are tired of her? She should’ve taken the hint after twice losing the presidency that she’s another establishment relic, just like Biden and the socialist Sanders. Someone should slip odor eaters in her shoes so she could just disappear.

  26. I don’t see her or any of the fake lying news media or any the the socialist trash democraps talking about how China knew in December about this virus but never did anything about it. I never heard anything about obuma doing anything when the swine flu hit us. President Trump hit the road running when he found out about this virus. God bless President Trump.

  27. It is time to hold this witch responsible for all of her sins, including this dumbest expression alluding to racism by our President. These people are criminals and now with the blessings of a most dangerous nation, they continue to make asinine statements to undermine our nation.

  28. Of course it’s ok for her to call many people in her own country a bunch of deplorables and then win support of communist. The good thing is she will never be president


  30. Yea yea yea the president is doing a great job trying to combat this virus so you numb ass Dems rats just need to let him do his job and you asswipes get back to doing your job correctly

    • Yes, and even worse when they wipe their asses good luck trying to find toilet paper to wipe with because the Democrat controlled media created panic that cleaned store shelves out of TP!

  31. Hillary should be in hiding. Her being out in the open and voicing her opinions shows how criminal and corrupt the President Hussein and Biden tenure was. She has no fears of prosecution despite breaking so many laws including high treason. America is in real bad shape when the worst criminals won’t be prosecuted

  32. Hillary Clinton will do or say anything against the person who turned her into a sore loser and against whom she put our country in utter chaos for 3 1/2 years because she so resented the fact that he won the election. Nothing racist about telling the truth. Since the virus originated in China it should be dubbed the China virus. Hillary’s pandering is empty rhetoric full of hot air. As she defends China, China will continue to praise her. But that praise is not worth a hill of beans.

  33. Good laugh to start my day. Why doesn’t Hillary go to China or just plain go AWAY!!! I feel President Trump is doing a great job and it is the people who do not listen and spread the virus. There is no way any country was prepared for such a disaster. America is doing the best that can possible be done for its people.

  34. clinton is a POS! communist china is also not trustworthy! I’ve been to china several times and my girlfriend of nine years lives in Shanghai. China would like nothing better then to,see Trump loose in 2020! China cannot take advantage of our president. Trump had china over a barrel with the trade agreement! The likes of uncle joe and blomberg would rather make money selling America down the drain, than to see America prosper! This is the deep state, and, this is why we must have term limits!

  35. I wonder how much China had to contribute to the Clinton Foundation, for Killary to come out and make this statement?
    During the 2016 election, China was a big contributor to Killary’s bid for the office of President. Who knows, maybe the are requiring her to pay for that contribution by making this statement against our duly elected President Donald J. Trump, WHO WAS ELECTED, BY THE PEOPLE,FOR THE PEOPLE.
    I guess we will never know, because Killary could not tell the truth, even if it right in front of her. We should all be weary, why she has made this statement. SORE LOOSER!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Hillary dotes no have a moral standing to critize. Remember that she used her position of Secretary of State to get donations for the Clinton Foundation.


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