Columbine Survivor Says He Wishes There Had Been A Good Guy With A Gun Back In 1999

(Tea Party 247) – The left will find a way to ruin anything. Instead of just acknowledging that armed law-abiding citizens are a good thing in active shooter situations, leftist media outlets have attempted to demonize good people just to carry their narrative that “guns are bad.”

While the general consensus from the left has been that Jack Wilson, the Freeway Church of Christ shooting hero, was qualified to carry a gun given his past as a sheriff’s deputy and firearms instructor, the other church members who were carrying were not qualified to the public’s knowledge and therefore the fact that they were is “terrifying.”

Of course, this criticism comes from people who have never lived through anything as traumatic and actually terrifying as a mass shooting. One mass shooting survivor is speaking out in response to this criticism of armed, law-abiding citizens.

Big League Politics reports:

One of the survivors of the Columbine High School Massacre in 1999 wished there had been a law-abiding gun owner on the scene who could have neutralized the two assailants.

The survivor, Evan Todd, cited the example of Jack Wilson’s heroics at the Freeway Church of Christ near Fort Worth, Texas, where he stopped a potential mass shooting from taking place.

Todd was the first student to be wounded during this shooting rampage that claimed the lives of 13 people. He was allegedly the last person to speak to the two Columbine murderers before they committed suicide.

This experience taught Todd the importance of having school security in order to protect students, teachers, and staff.

“I stared down the barrel of a gun at Columbine, where 13 people were murdered and almost 30 wounded,” Todd tweeted.  “I wished then and now that we had a Jack Wilson that fateful day. The world would be a better place if there were more men and women like Jack Wilson.”

Todd commented in response to an article in USA Today which declared it “terrifying” that several attendees at West Freeway Church of Christ were armed that day.

In other words, [Wilson is] exactly the kind of man you want around with a firearm,” the article highlighted. “But we know nothing about the at least six other parishioners who also appeared to draw their handguns at West Freeway Church of Christ in White Settlement, Texas. And that’s terrifying.”

In other words, the writer of the USA Today article is saying that we should be concerned with gun owners who aren’t “qualified,” at least not qualified to their standards. Yet, for actual mass shooting survivors like Todd, these trivial qualifications are irrelevant when it comes to being able to potentially prevent or end a mass shooting and save human lives.

Unfortunately, thanks to liberals and their completely flawed logic on gun control, gun-free zones end up making sitting ducks of law-abiding citizens who are unfortunate enough to get caught in an active shooter situation. As Big League Politics puts it, gun-free zones are essentially “criminal safety zones,” and this could not be truer.

The perspective of those who have survived mass shootings should be invaluable but the left will always find a way to demonize guns and those who are brave enough to legally carry them. We need more armed law-abiding citizens who are willing to step-up and save lives regardless of their “qualifications” to do so.


  1. Hey…Truth Drafter, please stand by in one of the “gun free zones” near you. It won’t be too long before some friendly criminal comes along and you can tell him “oh sir, sir you can’t have a gun here. This is a gun free zone””…really like to see how that works out for you. The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a GOOD GUY OR GAL WITH A GUN.

  2. “But we know nothing about the at least six other parishioners who also appeared to draw their handguns at West Freeway Church of Christ in White Settlement, Texas. And that’s terrifying.”

    You don’t know because you don’t WANT to know.

    You are a reporter. Your JOB is to investigate and report. You chose not to and instead infer without ANY EVIDENCE that there is cause to be terrified.

    With the evidence you had and a simple Google search you’d learn that the #1 most law abiding demographic is conceal carry gun owners. Even more law abiding than the police, whom even you said were “qualified”. You could have learned of the extensive screening and training people go through to become conceal carry gun owners. The fact that NONE of these five made a mistake in this pressure packed incident is further proof that these gun owners knew what they were doing and followed their training.

    But you couldn’t be bothered with a simple Google search–much less any more significant investigation, because quite simply this isn’t the story you WANTED to write. So, you wrote your story. Fear-mongering and attacking the reputation of people you do not know without an iota of evidence. In fact, in spite of the evidence.

  3. Too bad ALL the dem/libs can’t be put in one of those horrible situations and then see how their responses would be. Its alright to ban guns if you have ARMED guards making sure you’re safe. Police try really hard and do a fine job but they can’t be everywhere soon enough. Well trained willing public needs to be allowed to step up & make a difference.

  4. I’m a Senior woman who is wondering at my age should I get a gun and learn how to protect myself and others, or not. Either way, it is getting frightful to say the least. I hope I can be smart enough to attempt the unthinkable. This is definitely an eye opener!


    • Who do you think is the most responsible for you? How long does it take to respond to a emergency? Answer those two questions and you will know you need some hardware and training.

  5. Contrary to the statements from the hoplophobic individuals critical of the other six armed parishioners, we do know a lot about them. To a person they all had the TRAINING, SELF control and Presence of mind not to fire without a clear shot in front of and beyond the target.
    We also know the death toll would have been much higher limited only by the shooter or the le response time or chance without this team of volunteers!

  6. What part of “Shall NOT be Infringed” do these Dumb Ass Liberals NOT understand??? If hey don’t like our Constitution, then they should LEAVE!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. To those who were scared of the ‘other armed church-goer’s’, they were showing you GUN CONTROL, you nit-wits. Be glad they were covering the good shooters back. God help you if you’re ever in the same situation. Gutless wonders!

  8. Many people who have carry permits are required to take a class and are tested in live fire before receiving their licenses. Each person is advised to continue to practice and increase their proficiency

  9. He is absolutely correct. I grew up with guns and there is nothing wrong with guns. It’s the people who have been able to think that nobody matters but them. Which our government and our educational system has taught them, that are the problem. Which is the cause of the rest of us having to protect ourselves and our families from the whack jobs that are being raised in a society that has been raised to think nothing and no one has value or feelings but them. Babies are just a piece of meat, animals are tortured and killed for kicks or anger. Women are thought of and treated like they are of no value. If women REALLY had rights or value in our society, no male would be allowed in women’s rest rooms or showers, because they think they are woman. If our government feels they need to help these men, then either get them mental help or build them separate bathrooms. There is NO EXCUSE FOR PUTTING YOUNG GIRLS AND WOMEN IN HARM’S WAY. THAT CANNOT BE CONCIDERED WOMEN’S RIGHTS. That really means WOMEN HAVE NO RIGHTS.

  10. And what happens when those “law abiding citizen heroes,” who have guns turn on the innocent and start massacring them? Mental problems or not, there’s no sure way to tell if they’ll do the same thing the shooter did. THIS, is flawed logic. Guns are the problem, bottom line. Left or right, it doesn’t matter. Get rid of guns, no more shootings, period. You’re completely stupid if you think otherwise.

    • I am sorry that you are so stupid yourself. The other gun carriers in Texas withheld their fire because of their training.

    • just a teensy detail in your happy theory.

      With well over 100 MILLION known LAW ABIDING GUN OWNERS in America, AND most owning MORE THAN ONE firearm, IF guns were the problem the population of this country would be cut in half every year.

      Another little, hardly worth mentioning….

      Here’s some pleasant details to chew on.

      The top Twenty MURDER CAPITOLS in America all have the STRONGEST GUN CONTROL LAWS they have figured out how to write.

      Guns are Outlawed to the point where ONLY OUTLAWS HAVE GUNS.

      THAT one detail tells me there is EXTREMELY LAX ENFORCEMENT against OUTLAWS HAVING GUNS.

      THAT indicates the governments DO NOT HAVE PROBLEMS when outlaws have guns.

      Every one of those cities have been democrat party CONTROLLED for more than 5 DECADES.


      Does the government work HAND IN HAND with the outlaws?


      Is the question moot because there is no difference between the two?

    • Your’re right, Truth Daffy, GET RID OF THOSE DAMN GUNS! And while you’re at it get rid of Meth, Crack, Opiods, PCP, and all those other child chillers

    • Are you going to tell the bad guy he can’t have a gun…….and enforce it? As long as there are evil mean people out there we neen MORE well trained brave souls out there to stand up to evil!!

    • What about bombs, knives, swords, garden tools, trucks, buses, cars and a whole host of things I could mass murder with? Why was this not a problem when I was young taking a gun to school everyday along with many of my class mates? We had target practice in the basement of the gymnasium.

  11. This young man has survived a violent ordeal and came out with insight that none of the liberal media folks writing on the subject have. By definition criminals don’t obey laws. The other armed citizens in that church did a very good job of covering Mr Wilson’s back. In situations like that,in those split seconds of violent action there could very easily been a “lay off” or backup to this killer. These citizens DID NOT indiscriminately fire rounds but COVERED in case of other bad actors. These media and anti gun people are actually clueless. They just think that disarming the good guys will solve the problem. It just won’t do that.

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