CNN’s Jim Acosta Mocks MyPillow’s Mike Lindell For Mentioning God; His Response Is Absolute Truth

(Tea Party 247) – Every single day we have to hear from liberals in the mainstream media and on social media platforms about how intolerant Christians and conservatives are and all this nonsense, all the while these same folks on the left are constantly trashing religious individuals for actually being faithful to their beliefs, which is the worst form of hypocrisy.

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell just experienced this wonderful “tolerance” first-hand after the media, CNN’s Jim Acosta specifically, mocked him for mentioning God during an appearance he made alongside President Trump during his coronavirus task force briefing on Monday.

However, Lindell has fired a few shots back of his own, and they are absolutely the perfect responses to these folks.

Here’s more from TheBlaze:

Lindell announced with the president that his company has committed to producing 50,000 masks per day, along with a host of other essential items during the COVID-19 outbreak. Dozens of prominent Democrats and media figures bashed Lindell, who pleaded with America to turn toward God during the crisis.

For example, MSNBC host Chris Hayes opined the daily briefings are “bad for the country” because Trump gave Lindell a platform to mention God, and CNN reporter Jim Acosta characterized Lindell’s appearance as a “PR stunt.”

Lindell made a stop by Lou Dobb’s Fox News program where he took an opportunity to respond to the criticism he was receiving from folks in the media.

“I’ll tell you what, I heard Jim Acosta attack me too, and he was 10 feet from me in the Rose Garden,” Lindell said. “This is just evil, Lou. This is evil.”

“I’m appalled by the journalists that I see there,” Lindell added. “I used to think that, they are not really that evil. Well, yes, they are.”

However, while a lot of folks were acting like braindead morons and insulting a man who is clearly trying to help by doing his part during this awful pandemic, there were a few folks who were actually taking an opportunity to praise Lindell for his efforts.

MSNBC host Joe Scarborough was one such individual.

“I’m not making 50,000 masks. If I had the capability of making 50,000 masks, I’d like to make 50,000 masks. I can’t. That guy can. I salute him,” Scarborough said Tuesday.

The mainstream media is doing what they do best during crisis situations like this, which is to boost up the fears of the American people so they can suck folks into watching their idiotic programming and make more money off of their advertisers. It’s a sick and twisted thing to do, but that shouldn’t be surprising from the same industry that is working hard to overthrow the very capitalist system that allows them to be successful in the first place.

News outlets, particularly CNN, have gone to the extreme to politicize anything and everything as a means of attacking Donald Trump and this coronavirus stuff is no different. It’s the ultimate political weapon for them and they aren’t going to miss an opportunity to employ it, regardless of what it does to the American people.

This, folks, is a rather eye-opening look at what the media really thinks of the average American. Never let them forget it.



  1. Jim Acosta is a second rate journalist at best. He should be working for some rag like the National Enquirer,
    He can’t make a legitimate point to report on so he tries to find something to sensationalize to make himself relevant.

  2. Criticizing a person helping others to fight this terrible pandemic is heroic because it is non-partisan. It does not draw a line in the sand to distinguish if you are a liberal or a conservative. This extends to an atheist or a religious person. These masks could help those you care for and can hit home. Even atheist have known to cry for mercy in their last hour on earth or for a loved one.

  3. Jim Acosta is and always has been a pig. He thinks his looks will get
    him everywhere, however, he hasn’t the brains to even make that work.
    Arrogance and Ego may appeal to some but they are as shallow as he is.

  4. I love how this trash MUST INSULT AND DEMEAN others to make themselves.feel better about themselves and impress their friends. JUSTICE must’ve served upon them.

    • You mean like the way the author of this piece insults and demeans liberals and democrats to make himself feel better??

    • He is more than Scum. He talks to his god every day and his god is Satan. Along with the rest of the despicable democrats, they get their talking points from Pelosi who is the patriot of Satan. They will all be given a shove to use when the get in Hell. Keep it up Dems, hell is full of you disdained followers.

    • Jim Acosta should be deported to his homeland of Cuba. He should be deal with Raul Castro for sure. The first time that Jim has an argument with Raul Castro, he will be in prison on he will be on the shooting wall where most of people like him end up in Cuba. I have talked to many Cubans who hated him so much.

  5. CNN would be in the septic tank if it weren’t for the communist ruling elite propping them up, you know people like Bloomberg and Sorros And their pills of the one world order billionaires. Their tongue will be what destroys them!

    • And people need too ignore this media bs . If people would just stop giving them attention they would disappear .

  6. He’s an arrogant fool—blinded by hatred and bias. Mike is a wonderful Christian patriot—he is doing what he can to help our country in our time of need and giving Christ the glory. His biggest mistake is that he shared his faith and praised our President—both are unforgivable in Jim Acosta’s opinion.

  7. Acosta you are a lowlife , worthless POS , take the vaseline out of your hair , who have you accosted lately , young boys

  8. Jim Acosta is a worthless piece of Shit scumbag! He can’t be relevant so he try’s to belittle the President. An Obama hold over like the rest of the Dinosaurs on CNN
    Commie News Network!

  9. Jim you should take this mans advise and read your bible if you have one and maybe you would not be such an evil person. The way your treat anyone that doesn’t agree with your lies you treat badly like all liberals do. You guys in the liberal fake news should all be reading their bibles to become better people not so evil and maybe you guys will stop lying about things.and stop all the hate. You guys treated Odumma like God and he was evil and destroying this country. You evil hateful journalists in the liberal world really need to read the bible now more than ever. Stop panicing the public with all your lies and report the number of people surviving this virus and talk about the good instead of the bad you guys create.

    • True, Jery. How is this applying to what Acosta did? l agree to pray for all of them. But it’s also ok to call them out.

  10. JA is nothing more than a hypocritical leftist moron and when he shows up I change the channel. I can’t stand this arrogant and vile nobody who just wants his 15 seconds of fame and will do anything to get it.


  11. CNN is so far off the path of human dignity; That group of reporters is instructed to puke out what their bosses tell them, they really need to watch Fox News and take a lesson in reporting and replace the unattractive females with some women of class and intelligence as has Fox News

    • May God bless Mr. Lindell for his beautiful words and praise to God. I pray that our Father blesses and protects Mr. Lindell and all business companies that have created a way to help our health providers. ACOSTA should be ashamed of himself.

  12. Acosta is all about putting himself in the spotlight. He is not a Journalist, he is a self promoter and snake oil salesman.

  13. I saw Lindell selling his pillows on the Jim Bakker show, while Jim was selling his Silver Solution virus cure. Surely, both have been blessed by God, Jesus, and all them.

  14. See you in Hell Acosta, oh wait, I believe in God, so I won’t see you there but at least you will have all of your friends to keep you company.

  15. And in those days, they will say to the mountain cover us, and to the seas bury us for they will know their sins before God and be ashamed! The Acostas of the world puffed up with pride will have no where to hide when God’s wrath is let loose upon the earth for the people persist in their sin and offend God greatly. The coming chastisement will wipe away 2/3 of humanity mainly the enemies of the faith and these evil doers but the innocent shall also perish with the wicked. When it is over the living will envy the dead! Pray , Pray , Pray our blessed Mother pleads to her children. Only through the prayers and sacrifices of the faithful can these trials be mitigated!

    • And the Assovass shall pass foul gas and bury Acosta and others of his ilk in a mountain of God given phartings

  16. Jim I am so sorry for you to mock the man n GOD really I believe you are the worst journalist around your trying to be famous NEVER HAPPEN

  17. Poor old Jim Acosta is trying so hard to become a STAR. But sorry, Jim, you have chosen the wrong side. When CNN finally implodes, you will go down with the ship. Then I cannot imagine who will hire you. Here is a tip for you. Don’t fight against God. You cannot win.

  18. Lindell is a saint and I am buying pillows when I don’t even need them. He and others have stepped up while the others are just trying to tear shit down in a crisis. The left is hell-bent on trying to take away our rights during this. Don’t let them do it! This is the scariest time ever. Our gov (JB the Hutt, toilets Pritzger) is happy as a pig in shit. It’s like a new toy for the boy that never worked. He orders you to stay at home? Hmmm, what’s next?? Power for the elites, that’s what. Be wary, my friends. I smell a power grab. We are the only nation spending trillions that we don’t have, now they are back for more.

  19. Mike Lindell’s story is a beautiful testimony of God at work in peoples lives! ANYONE who speaks negatively about his story, anything he says regarding God, who changed his life & blesses us with his good deeds, will surely get their just deserves.

    The mass media is controlled by people, either knowingly or unknowingly, by a force largely against God & His Son.. Jesus Christ! Why? They have a deep rooted issue with knowing there actually is a standard, that’s been around for HUNDREDS of years, by which we judge our decisions.. moral conscience. EVERYONE knows the difference between right & wrong .. as laid out YEARS ago via The 10 Commandments. Anyone who denies the existence of the ONE & ONLY God, is only trying to justify their immoral actions.

    Shame on you media representatives listed above, and those not listed above, outwardly speaking against us, who definitively believe in the One true Creator. Fret not.. judgement day is coming quicker than you think 😉

    Mike Lindell & anyone else, openly speaking about God.. Thank you! Thank you using the opportunity to spread the LOVE to the masses 💙😇

  20. DO NOT ask to be present when Acosta has his final judgement and he faces his Creator and is told about his insults to Mr. Lindell. DO NOT be there because the punishment that Acosta will receive will put fear into your eternity.

  21. Mike… the people of the nation and the Lord of Hosts salute you. “Well done!”

    Mr. Acosta… when you get your taste of the Corona… you are on your own. No masks for you. No prayers for you. You don’t need them. You are on your own.

    In other words, straight from the Bible… “you are a fool.”

    Got it?

    • The alphabet fake news, serve the the god of molech, kill babies , kill people, Assassinate character and they are all together abominable no fear of God the Lord but they were realize their arms are too short to box with God


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