CNN’s Brian Stelter Humiliates Himself With This Absurd Fact-Check (Must-See!)

(Tea Party 247) – There has never been a more poorly-named show than CNN’s “Reliable Sources” With Brian Stelter.

In a flurry of slander and attacks against President Donald Trump that shows the left is in way over their heads this election cycle (they just can’t pick an October surprise!), a new fuss is being made over Trump tax returns.

Because of course.

Their claims are being questioned by conservatives like Charlie Kirk, who addressed recent claims on Twitter over the weekend.

“Who leaked Trump’s tax returns to The New York Times? 26 U.S. Code § 7213 makes it illegal to disclose unauthorized information, including tax returns. If true—there should be felony charges leveled,” Kirk tweeted. “RT if DOJ should immediately investigate the Times and their sources!”

Enter Stelter.

“Kirk might’ve missed this line in the story: ‘All of the information The Times obtained was provided by sources with legal access to it,” he condescendingly wrote in a retweet of Kirk’s comments.

As many on Twitter would go on to point out, as Twitchy reported, just because someone has access to the tax returns does not make it legal to leak them.


Some even had previous legal cases to point to:

In short, Stelter’s pathetic attempt to “fact-check” Charlie fell flat on its face.

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  1. Investigations and arrests. If the investigation proves it was in fact false information, then a class action lawsuit by the public for being misled with blatantly false Information from News sources!

  2. Leakers like Comey should be indicted. Whoever leaked any tax info to NYT has done a felonious act. Trying to remain anonymous might not work. Knowing the penalty of the law is what prompts these sneaky person(s) to try to remain unknown. When they are found out the cowards are apt to cry and beg for mercy. Not one of them deserves to be forgiven.

  3. Stelter is simply another Democrat. He knows CNN will come to his aid should he get into real deep shit. He is simply a fat, loudmouth, communist-inspired yes-man to George Soros. Why pay attention to what he says? Stelter fits “hand-in-glove” with all of the CNN staff — just a pile of shit waiting to be flushed.

  4. The person who leaked the information about Trump’s taxes should be investigated, charged, tried, and then convicted to a minimum of 15 years in prison without a possibility of parole. Furthermore, the DOJ should investigate to see if the New York Times isn’t also guilty of publishing the private taxes of Trump. That slimy shit rag of a newspaper should be fined several million dollars for their efforts to please the Democrats. The Republicans have not enquired about the millions Biden and his family have received illegally. The DOJ should also investigate the entire Biden family. The Democrats would then realize the shit they stir up with lies and corruption. Finally, what about the DOJ investigating some of the billionaires that are living the luxury life in the USA — how are their tax records?

  5. It is not legal to put fake news on people out there to the public.
    There use to be a time when UPSTANDING reporters
    Were held accountable for the reporting they did.
    If and when they reported false or fake news they had to(required) to print or report they were wrong and print the truth!
    Why do the news papers today not have this up standing policy , to report truth.
    Where is the honor that a news reporter should and use to have?!
    I no longer listen to fake news stations that put one half truth or out right LIE about a subject.
    The person that matters most to judge false reporting
    Looks on a persons heart as to their les.
    God placed within the heart of EVERY man to know there is a GOD Almighty so at the end time they can not say to GOD they did not know!
    It does not matter what you say ,GOD knows that you in your heart KNOW there IS God
    The truth will set you free
    Choose Truth!

  6. When are you going to stop giving this jackass play, that is the only reason he still has a show. This person is not as astute as he thinks he is. He has a size ten mouth from all the shoes he has eaten.

  7. Release of tax returns are not a requirement to run for POTUS.

    I had legal access to TS information but I would be in jail had I released it.

  8. You fat Tub of S**t. You don’t know your ass from your elbow. Not only should the leaker be prosecuted so should you for more fake news from a fake reporter. You’re so in the tank, there’s not an objective bone in that disgusting blob body. Your head is so far up your ass it’s brown!! Go get another bag if donuts to share with your twin the round mound Nadler! Then GFY and then do us a favor and slit your throat!


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