Climate Change Alarmists Predicted Major Global Catastrophe By 2020 – There’s Still Time!

(Tea Party 247) – The left has a miserable track record when it comes to climate change predictions. They are literally never correct and none of their wild, outlandish doomsday predictions ever come to fruition. It’s a vicious cycle.

If we are to believe climate change “experts” we should be bracing for major global catastrophe to occur within the next 5 days. In 2004, these “experts” warned that by 2020 climate change would lead to “‘millions’ of deaths, major European cities being sunken nuclear war and global environmental riots,” as Paul Joseph Watson reports.

“Climate change over the next 20 years could result in a global catastrophe costing millions of lives in wars and natural disasters,” claimed the left-wing newspaper the Guardian on February 22, 2004.

“A secret report, suppressed by US defence chiefs and obtained by The Observer, warns that major European cities will be sunk beneath rising seas as Britain is plunged into a ‘Siberian’ climate by 2020. Nuclear conflict, mega-droughts, famine and widespread rioting will erupt across the world,” the Guardian added.

Watson points out that the report goes on “to claim that nations would resort to using nuclear weapons to protect dwindling food supplies, a situation that would ‘bring the planet to the edge of anarchy.’”

Watson continues:

The authors of the report, Peter Schwartz and Doug Randall, also asserted that “By 2020 ‘catastrophic’ shortages of water and energy supply will become increasingly harder to overcome, plunging the planet into war,” causing widespread “crop failure” and “famine.”

So apparently, the UK is just 5 days away from being plunged into a “Siberian climate” and millions of people are about to die in a giant nuclear carnage caused by global food shortages and monster droughts.

Or alternatively, so-called “climate experts” have been proven spectacularly wrong on absolutely everything, from Paul Ehrlich’s prediction of millions of deaths from famine by the 80’s, to Al Gore’s absurd claim that the Arctic would have “ice free” summers by 2013.

These people are nothing more than insane climate change alarmists. They are not operating in any kind of logical capacity. Here we are, on the edge of 2020 and yet the world is still going round just like it always has.

The biggest problem with this entire climate change movement, aside from it not being based in reality, is the total lack of honesty. There is never any discussion or acknowledgement from those on the left that past predictions have been way wrong but we’re just supposed to believe them now.

They want us to spend billions of dollars to combat this “imminent” danger but yet their own track record proves they are bogus. Now, they’ve resorted to using a child to tug at heart strings and give a face to the movement. If they can’t win on facts and reality, they turn to emotional tactics and bullying.

The climate change crisis is a farce. Just like the impeachment of Donald Trump, it has no merit and is completely baseless. How many more years do we have to be forced to listen to leftist climate change alarmists rattle on and spread lies and fear?


  1. climate change is just a natural cycle of nature. It started at the end of the first Ice Age. We had global warming. It was defiantly a major change. Since then the earth has bee cycling from mini ice ages to global warming. They are now claiming global warming accept this year we are are having minimum solar. That means things are going to be colder. (i wonder how they are going to spin that into global warming) It is funny how these alarmist never factor the Suns activity into the equation. After all it is just our furnace. They never factor in volcanic activity. There are only over a thousand active volcanoes on the planet, 900 hundred on the ocean floor.(oops I just told you where El Nino originates and that it is the warmer water that warms the air)The alarmist never mentions how the earth changes its tilt which changes the poles exposure to the sun.they never talk about the tectonic plate movement and how it affects our climate change.In fact the alarmist don’t supply much of any real scientific information about the natural flow of things on this planet. I wonder what they are afraid of.

    • That is not possible lava and hot fire under water??? Oh crap that is how the Earth was formed and humans crawled up on the beach. Sorry Where is the warming we are in Steamboat most snow in 50 years almost Glacial .Gore I bought this thinking i would be on the beach once more, you need to give the $ back

  2. How fortunate that you are not one of the people who are starving in drought ridden countries. And you do not live on an island where the residents are planning where they can move to, because the ocean levels are rising. And, last I heard Venice was flooded, not just at high tide; and in the U.S., Miami has to deal with inundations on a regular basis not just during the ever expanding hurricane season. And just ask Californians and Australians about the extended fire season due to extremely dry vegetation caused by extended droughts. Be thankful that we are not yet feeling the pinch and rioting. You’ve pointed out the extreme scenario of the United Nations’ and other reports. Scenario minimum and intermediate may seem more real.

    • Ever study tree rings in grade school. The scientist taught us that spread between ring indicates years of drought to years of plenty.All natural. East coast appears to be sinking while the west coast is rising. Look at the movement of the tectonic plate. The west coast is climbing over the top of another tectonic plate. Take a board lift one end and see what happens to the other end.Look what happens to the poles as the earth changes its tilt. Right now the north pole is getting more exposure to the sun and is shrinking while the south pole less exposure is growing.These are all scientific studies that have and are going on. Before passing judgement a person needs to study all the natural sciences that involved that evolve all the natural functions this planet. Study history to get a feel of all the climate changes that have occurred in the past and how they effected us.Example the plague happen during a mini ice age and the renaissance happened during global warming. History. Good Luck

    • It is called CHANGE or EVOLUTION!!!! it use to be a few large land masses than Water. Was Hawaii always there? Oh land is being created maybe NYC will sink So buy a boat

  3. When are these Doom Sayers going to learn there is only one who know and that is God almighty and he is not sharing. In the bible says he will come like a theft in the night. How many time have we had people say the world is ending only to wake the next day to taking the next breath of life.

  4. It is quite obvious that the Earth is reaching it’s human carrying capacity, the number of humans that can live without artificial means of support. The liberals have been trying to keep the human population down by using their own form of human population control. That would be killing babies before they have a chance to live. I suggest an alternative scenario. If you are a Climate Change Liberal that believes in this bullShiite. Reduce the population one at a time by doing away with yourselves. Your welcome.

    • Would you believe that the worlds total population would fit into Texas? Well, it’s a TRUE fact! Hunanity is nothing more than an anthill to mother nature! The climate IS changing, just as it has FOREVER, and mankind has ZIP to do with it, PERIOD!

  5. What? Is a large enough meteor going to hit the earth that it buts a lot of debris into the atmosphere to block the sun? Or is the earth suddenly going to tilt on its axes and disrupt the climate?

  6. Well people if you all believe that then all i have to say is you better bend over and kiss you butt goodbye because its to late to change it now. If you had lived two or three million years ago you could have started then. Bye nuts.

  7. Dave : my mom had a way to explain all those letters behind folks names Cause frequently those letters appear to erase common sense . She said : BS= basis S….er, MS = master at it and Phd usually meant they could pile it higher and deeper.

  8. If Greta had sny sense she wouldn’t have posed for the Time Magazine photo wearing athletic shoes. Without petroleum there is no Nike, no cell phones no sails for sailboats no shampoo to wash your long hair (or about 1,900) other products derived from petroleum. Greta is a fraud.

  9. The political powers that be back in the 1970’s declared the Earth was going to Freeze. Now, the political
    powers now say it is global warming to end everything alive, when? they cannot tell you. AOC says 12 years, I guess just to be safe to change her predication. It is mostly all hype to get the public up in arms and the uninformed youth to support a cause they really do not fully understand the ramifications of legislations like we had in the 1970’s and to what end of success? None.

  10. The KlimateKrauts are NUTS.

    They need to go hug their trees and learn to keep their stupidity UNVOICED.


    • “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt!” I believe this was a quote by Abraham Lincoln.

  11. Spot on Shelley. One of those scientific institutes where the actual scientists are is the Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine. At last count, there were close to 35,000 (actual scientists) who have signed the petition for the United States to NOT sign the Kyoto Treaty. Facts, they are stubborn little things aren’t they?

    • The Kyoto Protocol was signed in 1997 and included the USA. We pulled out in 2001. It became international law in 2005. It has since expired, it has been extended by the Doha Amendment to 2020. The Paris Climate Agreement was signed in 2015 by a number of nations including USA however it favored what has become the largest CO2 emitting country on earth. That country, China, as of 2017, emitted about 10 million tons of CO2. The USA emitted about 5 million tons. President Trump pulled out of the “agreement” because there was no longer agreement. If CO2 emissions were truly a concern, it is hard to imagine giving China most favored nation type status. The reason China gets special treatment is complicated by the fact that it now seems to make everything in the world and because so many people live there. Are those good reasons? Not really. The international accords are in limbo now. That is because the whole notion of international accords has been replaced by twitter.


  13. Don’t believe that what this and other “minority groups” are doing is not well orchestrated. Democrats, and all the special interest groups that believe the Democrat (Socialist) agenda is behind them, are purposely breaking ALL rules and precedents and at the same time holding Republicans feet to the floor on ALL rules and precedents. Don’t underestimate these types of behavior by Democrats (Socialists). Please take some time and watch Glenn Beck’s YouTube video, The Democrat Hydra and it will be clearer why Democrats continue to act the way they do. It is intentional and it is dangerous. Bold Republican politicians know, the Dems are not going to stop, even after the impeachment fiasco is over. There are still millions of other US citizens that WE need to reach so the 2020 election is a landslide.

  14. Climate change is just that. Yet another cycle that the earth is going through as countless times before recorded history. There has been an Ice Age, a Mini Ice Age, etc. Climate change has nothing to do with what humans do or don’t. It’s a cycle of the earth in which we find ourselves in that is beyond the capacity of humans to influence. The earth isn’t going anywhere. A time could come when the earth will no longer support human life as we know it, but the planet will still be here long after we’re gone.

    Climate change is quite real, but there is nothing the human race can do about it. To believe that we can is an expression of arrogant ignorance. Live with it! In time it will change yet again, be it centuries or eons from now. The only thing to be done for the present is to learn to live with it. Climate change has happened before and will again. Stop worrying about it. There’s nothing within our power to change it. To believe otherwise is foolish.

    • Do pay attention…CO2 output seems to have played a role in past climate changes and the consequences were significant. The geochemistry is very compelling. The timing is not. I can still find a few ways to dispute man made climate change but it is a no-win position. I put my faith in supplying raw materials. There is a bit of a “rush” for battery metals and electrification materials… Just like oil rushes going on all the time. Buy copper! I have 300,000 pounds and am trying for more. Mine it and spread it around…copper for climate change.

  15. wow is this like that awful movie where the whole world was destroyed and we had to build massive enclosed arks for survivors to survive>>>???? should we reinstigate the green tax again so the money can go to the bilderbergs acct’s in the marshall islands..and does nothing but line their pockets??/…how about we tell them to screw themselves instead

    • Will we like the next one? Here in the upper Mississippi Valley, probably yes. Will we get more rain and better crops? Some say yes. I bet on it.

  16. The Democrats/ Left Wings/Socialists/Communist. Should just get a dose of REALITY!!!! I can STAND ANY of YOU!!!!!!!!! Just DIE OFF and leave the World ALONE!!!!!!!!!

  17. Lets recognize that Climate Change (or Global Warming) is part of the Left’s push for goverment to control energy and industry as a stepping stone towards global government. The 60s left-over activists thrive on having some pet peeve to complain about so climate change checks all their boxes.

    But here’s the problem for them, global temperature has only increased 1.0 degree in 130 years. And all of the hysterical predictions for our civilization’s demise (by 2020, 2024, 2030 etc.) seem unlikely to occur.
    The Left seems to believe that if they cry out with great hyperbole and ridiculous scenarios, citizens will be frightened into demanding drastic government action. Instead the average, sensible and street-wise citizen perceives it as “the boy who cried wolf” and just ignores the increasingly shrill cries of climate doom!

    As to the scientific consensus, that’s nonsense. Yes, most people with credible scientific credentials acknowledge that the Earth is undergoing a modest level of warming (based on real data) but not all believe that it is due to man’s activity. If we have another 1.0 degree rise over the next 130 years it will not be catastrophic and the rate of change is sufficintly slow that humanity will be able to adapt to the changes. I suspect those in Northern climes will welcome the warming, overall the Earth’s vegetation will thrive on slightly higher levels of CO2.

    If the left had it’s way we would invest trillions of dollars in an arrogant and ill conceived effort to ward off additional warming which many credible scientists say will have little or no chance of success other than to enrich companies and organizations that are favored by the left, to enrich the leaders of 3rd world countries in the name of social justice and assuage the guilt complex of those who want to punish the United States for the success of free-market capitalism.

    • The only climate panic that will occur is the one that happens when CHRIST returns and that will be a real DOOZIE

    • Yes…there will be ways to deal with energy issues…sadly, outfits like VW and others tried to trick Europeans into buying diesel vehicles. It was a mistake. Diesel sales are reportedly down big time thus year because they made the air over many European cities worse than before. Small particle emissions are a health problem. I know the issue personally and professionally. I retired and moved to a previously cold part of USA. The cold seems less now and my asthma has improved a bit. It was all those buss fumes in big cities…or so I think. Meanwhile look into silver phosphates as potential CO2 transformative agents to recycle “fossil fuels” through novel attempts at syngas formation at coal power plants etc. See Nature publication listed in my posts.

  18. Climate change is just an unproven theory of ones own misguided thinking of nature! So please civil society don’t fall for their lies and madness! Believe me climate change is nothing more than a hoax period! All these countries Aunt the world just want USA to pay out the biggest money donations so they can suck right in their own GREEDY POCKETS!!

    • Just wondering, how come they did not predict the zombie apocalypse also? It would go along nicely with the other predictions. I am predicting that the sun will set today, I must be a climate genius.

  19. Consider this: When you have been brainwashed to think HUMANOIDS have produced everything we see in the world, that there is NONE greater than MAN himself. It is easy to believe ONLY MAN controls the planet. They are so enamoured with SELF that they simply cannot see themselves as a miniscule entity on the planet! Faith in a higher entity is absent from the minds of the ” it’s all here thanks to me crowd” God, nature, Providence , or whatever you choose to call a higher power is non existent for the “ME” crowd. Sadly we have slipped into an abass of self worth , one in which , those of no faith will evetually learn not to be so puffed up with self but to learn there truly things man cannot control . That this world will continue to exist just as it has for 50 thousand plus years previously ,assuming that is that our ” wisdom” doesn’t actually CAUSE an inescapable disaster at some point in the future. God grant us to someday accept the things we cannot change, the actual to change what we can, and most importantly the WISDOM to know the differece!

  20. For years they have been talking about global warming. An everything going on in society. The bible says in revelation 16:9 and men were scorched with great heat, and blasphemed the name of God, which hath power over these plagues: and they repented not to give him glory. So while they are trying to figure out what’s going on. An when disaster hits what is the 1st thing we hear is pray they dont want to believe in God so who are they praying to? Oh my bad the bible says in the book of John 10:31 that God heareth not sinners: but If any man be a worshipper of God, and doeth his will, him he heareth.
    If people would just wake up an read the word it is the book of life, an tells us what we need to know about his coming. An what I have read in the paper an watched on the news it is inline with the book of life. The word says if we ask an believe it shall be done so I’m believing that everyone will ask Jesus to forgive them of ther sins. I’m nobody special I just believe what the word says an try to win as many to Christ as I can, it says that we can ask an believe we can be saved.

    • Satan is a cunning adversary. He will inspire “rational” explanations for God’s actions so people will believe end time events have nothing to do with God. If God punishes a nation with extreme weather events it will be explained away as “climate change” or “global warming.”

    • Amen. All that is going on in this country and in the world today is ultimately because of unbelief in our Creator and Savior. It saddens me to see what has become of our country in just my lifetime. Not just things like Climate change nonsense, but the morals of people and bitterness towards each other. The covetness, on and on…

  21. I read just the other day about a group in Japan that checked every name on the “list of climatologists” that signed on to the climate hoax. Of the 11,278 signatures, only 5 (five) were actual climate scientists and only one hundred some odd had science degrees of some sort. There were several hundred fictitious names ranging from Mickey Mouse to made up names. The rest were tracked to normal citizens with no knowledge of science.
    This entire hoax is a design by the globalists to rob from the wealthy nations to the benefit of the poorer nations and to usher in the one world Marxist rule.

  22. They better hurry and get the plastic straws off the street. only two more days. I agree plastic is bad but I don’t think it is going to cause a catastrophic melt down. Lets see does the earth not go in cycles What about the ice age?

    • Recycling has become a large part of the problem. Plastic bags were invented because they were re-useable and therefore better than brown paper bags. Not very many plastic bags are actually re-used.

      Straws? I worry more about drug cartels.

      What’s this about “the” ice age? Do be aware that there have been many discovered since the 1960’s.

  23. Maybe the left has secret information from Nostradamus or something!! LOL, the left would know the weather if they didn’t watch CNN. Trust me these alarmist are few right now but the real problem is the powerful few that carry the agenda message. Evil walks among us the these liberals are proof!!

  24. I concur, the climate does change but the cycles are fairly long and not well understood. Once we understand the climate well enough to make accurate predictions of the future then we can start planning better but for now we are quite capable of adapting to whatever small changes of climate occur.
    If the Global Warming crowd was serious they would embrace Nuclear Power as it is the only practical method of making our economy less fossil fuel dependent. Instead they are pushing wind and solar or “bio-mass” which are less efficient and more costly and impractical.
    We have enough oil and gas to last a long time so there is no reason to give up our fossil fuel economy that is working well for a less efficient and more costly “Green” alternative.
    All of the “Green New Deal” options appear to just increase cost to the consumer, limit choices and freedom, and increase Big Government control.
    I would rather be a Jetson than a Flintstone!

    • We probably have enough fossil fuels available to match the CO2 production of a Large Igneous Province and melt the polar caps. How long will it take to melt the polar caps? Probably in hundreds to thousands of years Antarctica does seem to be “thinning”. We have time to switch over but it will take another generation or two before nuclear energy is considered politically acceptable. Which is worse….thermal uncertainty or fear of radioactivity?

      We can limp along with thermal uncertainty for a while but it seems like a “ticking time bomb”….if you will

  25. These idots should take their clue from the Biblical prophets- when prophesizing you make it vague, general and very very far into the unspecified distant future!
    Well at some point anyway- sooner or later we will be right…So listen to us fools!

    • LOL. just another person that “MAN” can cure his own problems. PLEASE tell me HOW HAS THAT WORKED FOR ANY OF YOU SO FAR??????????????????????????????

    • when you see HIM coming in the clouds then you will believe but it will be too late, Not a fantasy, CHRIST has been here before and gave man kind a preview so go ahead and make fun of your only salvation. It may be closer than you realize, :Only a fool says “THERE IS NO GOD”

    • FOOLS ?????? You as well as myself will be held accountable reguardless of how long it may take! GOD is timeless and man is mortal. Do you actually think EARTH just happened to be in the right place for man to exist??? How arrogant and foolhardy

  26. OMG….what a bunch of idiots. Well, 1st off Mr. Doom and Gloom John Smith, a global “consensus” of scientists agree….whatever the current assinine, we are all going to die, prediction…is exactly just that…a prediction. Garbage into the computer model = garbage scientific “consensus”. A global consensus of color-blind Ph.D. candidates agreeing on the sky is mauve…doesn’t make it fact. That doesn’t change the fact that our climate goes through many periodic changes. That is an undisputed fact. This could be one of those periods. Also a fact. However, in no way is there anything even approaching a fact….that man has, in any way, caused this possible change. Nor is there any evidence that man in any way could stop or change this climate phenomenon. One major volcano eruption is potentially equal to the entire ozone-destroying noxious compounds created by man since the beginning of mankind. Yet after millions of such eruptions, including several hundred in just the past 100 years, here we are. Planet earth is intact. Water is wet, the sun is bright, the sky is blue, human and animal alike have adapted, all is going as well as flawed life can go. Freeking left-wing liberals are just the latest incarnation of socialists that will say or do anything to get power/control….and I’m afraid you John Smith and your entire ilk are the useful idiots that are just brainwashed/poorly educated enough to go along.

    • you didnt mention anything about a man who was here and gave promises about the thing that will happen. I CHOOSE TO BELIEVE THAT PERSON WHO CAME HERE TO HELP THE HUMAN RACE. Will education save you punny ass??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    • No. Volcanoes are “small”. The CO2 output of just Pakistan is supposedly equivalent to the entire equilibrium output of silicate-dissolved CO2 in the reasonably maximal amount of magmatic production. There is a 10-15 year old USGS report out on that calculation. The only reasonable natural alternative is a disequilibrium source or a source that is unknown. There are deep sources of CO2 that are not well known. They include such things as komatiites, serpentines, and other wierd subcrustal ultramafic ricks. There are no known examples of very large CO2 sources…only small ones. The small ones are volcanoes that produce rock called carbonatites. The rock consists of sodium bicarbonate. They occur in rift zones. The best known active ones are in Africa. it is possible there is an unknown active ancient CO2 source but it seems like a stretch.

    • Natural ancient CO2 in amounts comparable to the amount produced by industrial activity is relatively hard to imagine much less find. Isotope studies are hard to contradict. Do so at risk of your credibility.

  27. Yup… climate changes. In fact, it gets cooler every night and it gets warmer in the morning. It’s so disturbing. I’m so scared.

    What fools…..

  28. I believe there is a climate change but not as the alarmists would have us believe. I believe the earth has its own cycle just as there is a cycle of 12 months.

  29. I guess we all should bend over and just kiss our butts good-bye. We the Democrats, climate change or global warming is all about gaining control and power to further their agenda. What garbage. They need to clean up the messes they have in the cities they run-NYC, Atl. Chicago, Balt, KC, STL, NO, LA, DC, SF, Houston, …. by taking care of the homeless and all the murders of minorities in those places. These are all run by Democraps.

  30. You sir and ignorant. Go check out all of the papers written by scientists at NASA proving this is all a farce. It is a waste of our hard earned tax payer money to find any of this agenda.

    • There are not very many. The arguments are interesting but hard to understand. Given the explosion of independent work on geochemistry and stratigraphy concerning the interrelation of CO2 and paleoclimatology I am predisposed to buy into the CO2 argument, increasingly because of the great improvement in radiological timing of events and big changes in the fossil record. NASA scientists are not well prepared to argue geological issues and it is not at all clear what environmental scientists are prepared for. I know because I worked with many of them. I find they so weak at geochemistry that they will believe almost anything.

  31. There is still “time”! . . . 51 years later. This “climate change crisis” (so called) is a LIE and a HOAX. Every “12 years or it’s over” has been claimed TOO MANY TIMES, and . . . CRICKETS!. The boy cried wolf TOO many times. Team Trump and his allies 2020

    • In the early 70s it was we were going to freeze to death. Now we are going to roast to death. According to AOC we only had 12 years when she was running. Now there are less. Maybe she is only going to have 12 years but I figure on about another 15 to 20. And by the way, if you study sun spots, they should start increasing again soon which means cooler climate and maybe a new Ice Age.

    • In response to D.A.N….no when sun spots go away things get cold. That is why we study such things as the “Mauder Minimum”. The relationship between sunspots and global temperatures seems strong. When we get more sunspots the temperature goes up. Why is that? I think it has to do with high elevation “noctilucent” clouds. Those clouds can apparently be formed several ways and were first reported after “Krakatoa”. It is very likely there is a “cloud chamber” effect at work and that noctilucent-like clouds may form as a result of bombardment by charged particles and or ionizing radiation. Sunspots are intimately related with production of charged particles. Exactly how high elevation clouds play into the global heat budget is not a topic of polite conversation.

  32. Has anyone noticed the unusual and very deep floods they have been having. Maybe all of the disappearing ice bergs mean nothing. Maybe carbon emissions don’t impact the earth’s atmosphere. Maybe their timing is off, but not the logic.

    • Spot on, Paul. But you will not find an audience here because they all think that man has nothing to do with any change and that it is all in God’s hands. I worry about my granddaughter and her progeny. Record droughts in some places, record flooding in others, Alaskans having the warmest weather ever, Austailia suffering huge forest fires and record temps in the 120s and our own California fires which appear to get worse in the recent past. Tangiers Island, Venice Italy and other low-lying places are experiencing record flooding but to them, 97% of climate scientists are ‘just out to profit’ by scaring the rest of us. Instead of reporting what I have above, they complain that the predictions from 2004 are off the mark and therefore, nothing it happening. Couldn’t be further from the truth.

  33. How crazy do you have to be to keep believing the same people predicting the same thing over and over and are never right? “Oh but this time it’s different” crowd just refuses to live with reality.

  34. The left needs global warming alarms to justify their new green economy. It’ll work next time. Just like socialism will work next time. If at first you don’t succeed, lie, lie again!

    • Ah…but if you truly believe…is it a lie? In the 1950’s there were many who truly believed nuclear energy would “set us all free” because it would be “too cheap to monitor”. Those sentiments led to quite a few nuclear reactors being built and for me to enter into the nuclear geology field. It did not play out as I expected.

      Now we have the “green leap forward”. Funny those political movements. I distinctly recall a certain “great leap forward” coming from the People’s Republic of China. They melted their plowshares into pig iron during the great “pig iron” rush. It did not go well for the people of china.

      What next? Are we to enter “the great electrification”. OK by me…buy electrons…I will gladly help you move them around on a “copperbrick road”.

  35. They shouldn’t set a date, just issue warnings. Remember back in 1984 everyone was laughing about Orwell’s “1984”. I don’t see many laughing now. Orwell warned, he didn’t predict. Oops, gotta run, the Ministry of Truth is at the door.

  36. Climate change Armageddon has been forecasted by these so called “experts” since the 1920’s. We are still here and in no danger of dying off in 10 or 12 or how many years these B/S artists come up with. This is nothing more then another attempt by various government morons to exert their stupid idea of global domination over all of us.

  37. The sky is falling ! The sky is falling !
    But don’t worry “science” will save you!
    Give up your freedom, sovereignty, money, food, heat, transportation and weapons, and everything will be fine! Trust me, and will make everything better!

    • Hahaha I can only presume those are the words straight from Al Gore’s mouth. There is no climate change issue…climate will always change and has nothing to do with us. Don’t pay the hoaxers anything. It is all a lie . Buy your seaside mansions just like the Obama’s did. The shoreline will be the same for many years to come.

  38. So when are the dinosaurs going to make a comeback. If you are going to make stories, at least make them fun and interesting. Quit blowing smoke up our backsides and telling us it is going to:freeze, boil, a comet is going to strike the earth. At least try to be creative, Godzilla, King Kong, Gamora, something we can sink our teeth into. Oh and this might help, use some actual facts that can be researched and replicated, not made up BS that no one else can find.

    • They never really went away…check your bird feeder AND a kid’s book on dino’s. Interestingly…last time the dinos took over it was during the great CPE….Carnian Pluvial Event. Some 1 million years or so of rain likely caused by CO2 production from a Large Igneous Province. Two footed dino tracks were rare at the start….they were common at the end of the CPE. It took roughly 4 million yrs for two footers to proliferate and show up in the fossil record as two foot and four foot trackways plus assorted skeletons scattered about the earth from Argentina to Canada and all over the place…reduced somewhat as a result of the great “fireball earth” event which left them astonished but non-the-less pesky.

  39. Back in the 50s we were told another ice age was coming. Then into the 60s we were told if it wasn’t for global warming we would already be in an ice age. Then comes Al Gore and the poles will melt and drown us. By the way Al Gore made a fortune off failed “green energy” projects. Now we have a ridicules child pushing more climate gloom and doom. Hope this stupidity ends soon. Probably won’t as there is, in the words of PT Barnum, “there’s a sucker born every minute”.

  40. The Global warming scare is the Leftists of this country and Europe to get a Global One World
    Government where the UN will control ALL aspects of the World’s economy and eventually
    Political control over ALL OF US.

  41. I find it useful to remember that these leftists are like children, who do not use language the way adults do.
    We use language to communicate what we believe to be true; they use language to get their way. BTW, Jesus explains this in Matthew 11:16-19.)

    • Right, but you make the assumption 1 you are right about global warming BS, 2 if it’s true we puny humans can stop it, and 3 mankind cannot get off this rock with the right insentives lol the end of the world would be a good one, unfortunately the Omens your prophets point to are not that convincing!

      But good for you for having a passionate beleife in something. 🙂

    • Seriously? If you really believe this then convince China, India & Russia. Over 1/3 of world’s population and they are not going to change!

    • Exactly WHAT are you talking about, Scott? How do you plan to “save” the planet? Grow your own food, stay in your home with no electrcity (no heat, no computer, no phone, etc)? Your leftist talking points impress no one since you, and the left, never offer feasible solutions? btw, did you bother to read the article stating all the terrible climate actions that were going to happen and yet NEVER DID?

  42. How many of these “Hollywood Elites” actually have a degree in anything? A few my have an MFA (Master of Fine Arts), but how valuable is that in all this “Global Warming/Climate Change” garbage?
    Actual scientists with funny little things like PhD’s and MS degrees in real science don’t agree with all the garbage. Thousands have signed a petition to show they refute the “Global Warming” garbage put out there by Al Gore years ago. They bullied scientists into jumping on board years ago, but now they see they are just being used for political purposes. They are abandoning the sinking ship of “Climate Change.”
    Recently, there was a study that showed “Global Warming” was actually about 0.05°, I forget the exact amount. However, mankind was responsible for 0.01° of that change (I do remember that amount). Most of the change is NOT mankind’s doing!! Just natural changes. Was mankind responsible for the previous ice age? The previous warming? Really silly propaganda. Just to distract us from what the liberals are really trying to do. They are trying to take over the world with their “One World Order.” They thing they can run our lives better than we can. They want to shift all the wealth to themselves and rule the world the way THEY think it should be done. How did that work out for USSR, East Germany, Cuba, Venezuela, and many others?

    • You lying turd. Scientists and the data clearly show that global warming is ALREADY a major problem. Sorry that it will interfere with your selfish materialism and waste of finite resources. Check out the animal extinction rates, loss of cattle and other animals in Australia, sea rise effects planet wise, melting glaciers.

      You aer just an ill informed scientifically illiterate right wing idiot,.

    • Shelly, you forgot one thing, back in the ice age it was dinosaur farts that melted the ice,now it’s cow farts.Have any of these people ever read the Bible, God controls everything. Whether they believe it or not.

    • OMG….what a bunch of idiots. Well, 1st off Mr. Doom and Gloom John Smith, a global “consensus” of scientists agree….whatever the current assinine, we are all going to die, prediction…is exactly just that…a prediction. Garbage into the computer model = garbage scientific “consensus”. A global consensus of color-blind Ph.D. candidates agreeing on the sky is mauve…doesn’t make it fact. That doesn’t change the fact that our climate goes through many periodic changes. That is an undisputed fact. This could be one of those periods. Also a fact. However, in no way is there anything even approaching a fact….that man has, in any way, caused this possible change. Nor is there any evidence that man in any way could stop or change this climate phenomenon. One major volcano eruption is potentially equal to the entire ozone-destroying noxious compounds created by man since the beginning of mankind. Yet after millions of such eruptions, including several hundred in just the past 100 years, here we are. Planet earth is intact. Water is wet, the sun is bright, the sky is blue, human and animal alike have adapted, all is going as well as flawed life can go. Freeking left-wing liberals are just the latest incarnation of socialists that will say or do anything to get power/control….and I’m afraid you John Smith and your entire ilk are the useful idiots that are just brainwashed/poorly educated enough to go along.

    • It is virtually impossible to argue against significant man-released carbon. The isotope signature of the atmosphere indicates a huge amount of “ancient” carbon has been added. We are supposedly adding a lot more ancient carbon than any volcanic system, volcanic ridge system or combination can provide. Only a “large igneous province” (LIP) exceeds man-released carbon. There have been some in the past. The “Wrangelia” LIP is one example. It is said to have caused rain…lots of it…read “Carnian Pluvial Event”.

      We don’t know how long it took for Wrangelia volcanic CO2 contributions to affect global climates but probably on the order of thousands of years. Human emanations matching estimated Wrangellia CO2 emanations have been going on for decades. The science is just beginning to grasp the whole issue reliably. Engineering politics and finance will probably take another decade to reliably and significantly figure out how to reuse the CO2. My bet is that silver phosphates might help create synthetic biogas out of CO2 and Hydrogen. Where do we get H2? Not sure…New area of industrial economic chemistry needed.


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