Christian Priest Imprisoned By Communist Chinese Government. Here’s Why.

(Tea Party 247) – A Christian priest has been sentenced to prison for nine years after the religious leader called the Chinese Communist Party “morally incompatible with the Christian faith.”

46-year-old Pastor Wang Yi (pictured above), leader of the Protestant Early Rain Covenant Church in Chengdu, China, was sentenced for indictment of subversion of state power and for illegal business operations, the Wall Street Journal reported.

These are common charges against religious leaders or those who challenge the Communist government in China, WSJ notes.

In a 2018 essay entitled “Meditations on the Religious War,” Wang wrote that the ideology of the Chinese Communist Party is “morally incompatible with the Christian faith and with all those who uphold freedom of the mind and thought.”

It certainly seems like no coincidence that Wang’s church was also one of the most politically active churches in the nation for years, and also held a service every year to commemorate the 1989 massacre at Tiananmen Square.

The Chinese government strictly prohibits observation of the massacre.

Wang’s church was closed last year, when the government launched a crackdown on religious sites of worship.

On Monday morning, Early Rain Covenant Church released a statement which is not dated but is phrased as though it is from before Want’s trial.

“Regardless of what crime the government charges me with … it is merely a lie and temptation of demons,” Wang wrote, according to the WSJ. “I categorically deny it. I will serve my sentence, but I will not serve the law.”

Newswars notes that:

News of Wang’s sentence comes after 403 pages of leaked documents obtained by The New York Times showing that top Chinese officials’ demands led to the creation of mass indoctrination camps of groups like Uyghurs Muslims and Kazakhs. The secretive camps originated at the demands of officials including Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Remember, this is the government that the left would have us believe is perfectly entitled to rob our economy dry and should be treated with the utmost respect and prostration by the Trump administration.


  1. China is accepted as the most repressive surveillance state in the world. No Freedom of Thought, Emotions, or actions. Definitely Fearful of God.

  2. Ok. I read that China is going to allow Catholic churches in China, but only if the government can choose the priests. So how could they imprison a cleric if they are allowing Christian churches in their country. Or it that a false news story. Or does it say something about the Catholic Church? All serious questions.

    • There have been Catholic Churches for decades in China. There was the underground Church faithful to Rome and the church controlled by the government. In 2018 the Catholic Church allowed the Chinese government to choose Bishops which hadn’t happened before. The persecutions have increased since then.

  3. This is what the socialist party in the democrats wants for U.S.A. They want to suppress all religions except Muslims. The stupid ass democrats are falling right in tow. I’m sure they’re going to try to take that amendment away too because it “offends” people. Just like our 2nd amendment because of these crazy people with guns. It’s not the guns it’s the people controlling them. Help these mentally impaired people by giving them healthcare that will pay for treatment not just 30 days. Just like the democrats think they can impeach any president that’s not their candidate. Get rid of them all or we will become communist like China.

  4. We need to get our trade equalized with them but we should also address their human rights abuses. They have no semblance of religious freedom where the state is considered the only religion permitted. They will never truly be a member of the community of nations as long as they continue this practice and they need to be constantly reminded of this. One of our members served a year-long Christian internship there recently and experienced first-hand what is going on.

  5. We are so fortunate in the US to have our 1st Amendment rights . These rights Of religious freedom and freedom of speech should exist everywhere just as American technology has spread round the globe .

    • Just remember, the Socialist Democrats will only allow their way of thinking, their flags, their beliefs. If they gain national power, there will be a revolution – that’s a fact. While the revolution is going on, The invasion of illegals will begin. While this mess is happening, the USA will be easy prey for our enemies abroad. THANK YOU SOCIALIST DEMOCRATS!

  6. This is what the Democratic Party has planned for us, total control by a corrupt Democratic Party machine putting us in poverty while stealing millions and never being indicted by our corrupt federal government agencies.

  7. Send Schitt, Nadler, Pelosi, Schumer and all the other Demoncraps, who speak against our President and government to China and let them run their mouths like this man did. I lived in China for 2.5 years. This is minor compared to what they would have done, if they would say things about President Xi, as they have President Trump. You would never see them again.

  8. We must work very very hard to stop the CPP from infiltrating the rights of Americans to religious freedom, our Bill of Rights and the Constitution. Untold millions have died and continue to risk their lives defending our hard won freedoms in the western world, and we have to be vigilant in this silent take over of our justice system, our congress and the MSM that is insidious, vile and reprehensible! Wake up America! Be patriots! Be proud of our flag, sing the national anthem, say prayers daily and repeat the pledge of allegiance with meaning. Sing it gleefully as we once did in school daily and gladly. Let’s get back to being patriots. If you don’t like America, then move out of the USS because we are a proud nation and truly you are not welcome here any more!

  9. Socialism/Communism at WORK, at it’s “finest”, but not for the people. This Tyranny has NO business for it’s existence. It’s HORRIBLE. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

    • Oh Mellie: This guy has guts and he has given everything he has to serve God, even his freedom. Just because he’s not Roman Catholic doesn’t mean he’s not a priest. For example, in the Episcopal Church they have bishops, priests, and deacons, just like their Roman counterparts. The whole idea of having different denominations is so that they can complement each other for the good of the body of Christ as a whole. This my Jesus is better than your Jesus stuff is counterproductive. Remember the blood (churches that emphasize the sacraments, like the Catholics, the Lutherans, and the Episcopalians), water (“to be washed with the water of the word”, i.e. churches that emphasize education, like the Baptists, for example); and the Spirit (churches that emphasize the spiritual supernatural gifts, faith, healing, miracles prophecy, discernment, etc., the Pentecostal churches, for example) Christ’s message is one of unity, not division, and to be defensive about a particular church’s exclusionary practices is not a good thing.

    • He’s neither a priest or a pastor, he is a community fellowship facilitator. There is a huge difference. The guy may have guts and God help him to keep being brave, that doesn’t change the FACT that he is NOT a priest.

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